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Web Development

Web development has become quite commonplace these days.

What does this mean? The answer is absolutely simple. This means that if you seriously want to start your own business or want to scale an existing one, you will certainly come to a request for web development.

Most part of our clients, that already run an offline business told us, that the main mistake was not to start the online version of their business at the same time that they have started offline.

If you would like to create a high-level one you will need professional web development services. The website is the best way if you would like to put your business at the next level, or even start it for the first time.

Rondesign isn’t only web design company, we also provide web development services.

If you would like to create the right vision of your company or business, show it in right way, in that way how you position it and help your clients to find you without any problems, the website is only one decision for such request.

When our clients have a huge scope of business goals, marketing requirements or need one-place for all types of content – our team could deal with this task.

We have a really polish step-by-step workflow, that permits our full-service agency to save resources and time for each project.

Full Cycle
Development of the

Full Cycle Development of the Task
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Our web development agency has the resources to cover any creative or business goal. We always support our projects after the launch. We help to scale it. We create and implement new features in accordance with the brand requirements.

We do everything to ensure that your clients will succeed in this niche. Rondesign has awards not only for website design but the website development as well. With the help of website development services, we make your vision alive in a digital world.


Their eye for visual composition and motion in support of the established UX was very impressive.

Websites Manager, Avenues | New York, NY
Dmitry Terner

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The Main Stages for
Such Project

In a word, our development capabilities a strict workflow to help our clients to be sure about timeline, deliverables, and price.

We combine our custom achievement following client and project needs.

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At the Bottom Line
You Will Have

  1. Responsive design
  2. Quality content
  3. Search-engine friendly
  4. Quality control
  5. Real-time features
  6. Infrastructure and architecture
  7. Integration with thirt-party services
  8. Security
  9. Work with legace code
  10. Detailed estimation
  11. Intergration with your team
  12. Creative concept and ideas
  13. Project managment
  14. Time reports
  15. Customer support