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How to Create
a Mobile App

It is your guide to the world of a mobile app. If you know what Play Market and iStore lack, you should create it. And while the world is waiting, we’ll teach you to develop the best app ever.

  • Rondesignlab Team

If you want to know how to build an app, you should also learn how to be patient. Because it won’t be quick. Be ready for a long wonderful journey. If you want to build a mobile app you also should be purposeful. A lot of people have a special app idea. But mostly these ideas remain ideas. This is a common case. But it’s not about you, right?

To achieve any goal, you should split it to some short goals. In this way, it will be easy for you to complete it because you can control every single step, check the progress, and even reward yourself for the work done. This method works in many areas and of course, it works when we talk about creating a mobile app.


Step 1. To make technology better,
step away from it

It’s always hard to start, but these are just rumors.

Every app idea pops up in someone’s head as a series of associations. But every serious work of a project starts from a sketch. You don’t need to be an amazing artist do draw some lines that depict your app idea on a piece of paper. You just need to have a pen, a notebook or something, and a bit of free time. That’s all. Don’t think a lot. Draw whatever you want. Try to depict every single association that popped up in your head. Try it because it is the best way to breathe life into your app idea.


Step 2. Ask the right questions

It could sound silly, but it really makes sense. When people ask yourself wrong questions they usually quickly give up.

There is an example of the wrong question:

Will people like my application?

And there is an example of the right question about the same point:

What exactly makes my application useful?

Any doubts, people like an app idea that can be useful for them. It isn’t a secret but you have to be able not only develop a useful mobile app but also tell about your app in such a way that people want to download it. That’s why you’d better work in a team.

Anyway, even if you are going to assemble a team, to determine the right number of people, you need to be able to ask yourself the right question. How many members of the team do you need? How to distribute responsibilities? And so on.



Step 3. Look around

Have you already known what led your competitors to success? If the answer is no, you should make some research. Figure out what did they do to make their app better than it was. Maybe the word they have done will inspire you. Anyway, their experience can help you to avoid the most common mistakes in this area. And of course, comparing other apps will teach you how to keep your app competitive, modern, fresh.


Step 4. A glorified storyboard

The wireframe is the next level of drawing your idea. It is a powerful tool. Maybe it isn’t so convenient as a notebook and a pen… just kidding. The wireframe is the best way to turn your app idea into a great app. At this stage your idea becomes clear. It is going to be the first version of your significant app. Design and functionality become tangible.

You can find a lot of wireframing websites that help you to bring your sketch to digital. But your goal is to find only one website that you will like. The more convenient this website is for you, the more convenient your application will be for the future user.


Step 5. Make some tests

At this stage, you should have the visual representation of your idea. And that is why it’s high time to test your mobile app wireframes. Also, you should do some analytics that will help you to improve your app.

Is it user-friendly? Your target is to find any bugs that could be possible. Errors at this stage are considered normal. The more mistakes you find during the testing period, the less worry you will have later. So, rejoice at every mistake found, because it’s a good sign. Your application is getting better and better. So why not reward yourself and your team for it? 



Step 6. Collect feedback and make conclusions

Group your feedback by similarities. If two people told you that one of your app’s option isn’t fit here, group it together. Analyze every reaction on your app. Does it comfortable in using? What would users add to your app? What would they remove? Did they like your design? Revise your app after all these comments. 

Communication with your target audience is the best way to define the better way to develop your app.


Step 7. The app developing path

At this stage, you usually have only two core variants. You can choose a programming language or mobile app building platform. But mostly it depends on your budget.

If your budget is lower than 10.000$ choose an app building platform or mobile app framework. But if your budget about 50.000$ it means you are able to afford build native iOS or Android app from a sketch. But you should know that in this way the maintenance will be high in cost.


Step 8. You are ready to build your application!

Congrats! You are one step away from achieving your goal! It has been a long trip, but the most interesting things are still waiting for you in the near future. Usually, app development takes about 6 months. You will communicate with your developer and designer. Your target is to build a good-working team. It’s not a hard task. Because when people like what do they do, they work well. That’s why better to hire people who have a passion for their job.

Programmers and designers can help you realize your idea. But the idea is yours. Therefore, only you able to make decisions in difficult situations. Because only you have a complete vision of the workflow. Of course, members of your team can help you, but decision making is only your responsibility.

But we are all human. And people can be wrong. And if you do not want to make a mistake while developing your application, then you can contact our specialists for advice. Our team has enough experience to give your application a confident future. We know how to create experience that keeps the consumers come back again and again.


Step 9. Test it again

You probably ask why should you test your app again. But there is a big difference between testing an app wireframe and test your live app. At this stage, you still can find some bugs, but it’s better to fix them now than when your app will be downloaded thousands of times.

Only when you are convinced that the application is working fine you can proceed to the final step.


Step 10. Launch your app

It was a huge work but you have done it! Your app is ready to be shown to the real users. For this target choose an app store. Read their guidelines because they can be very deferent. Promote your app. There are a lot of ways to promote it, but the most common way you can follow at the beginning looks like this:

  • Email your users;
  • Update your website;
  • Advertise your app on social networks.





It was 10 steps on the way to getting your product from sketch to the public. And finally, your app is done. Some users have already downloaded it. Very soon you will get the first real feedback. Your application will definitely succeed if, of course, you made a good job asking and answering the questions from the first step of this guide.

So, were you honest with yourself answering them?


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