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5 Biggest Reasons
Your Mobile App
is Slow
and How to Fix it

Do you have a problem with slow mobile app speed? What to solve it but don’t know how? In this article, you’ll find the greatest way to solve it. Let’s figure out how to make your mobile app better.

  • Ron E. Art Director

It’s high time to talk about a speed problem

Modern technology develops fast. Maybe even too fast. That’s why it’s not easy to be always a leader in this field. But if you want to get an advantage you should always create new features for your mobile app. Try to look at your app as if you are a user. This approach will help you to do your best. But what else you can improve?

Mobile app speed is more important you can think. If your app has a speed problem you’ll probably lose a big percentage of your potential users. But what does it mean? Of course, it means you’ll also lose a part of your potential income. But who really want to lose it? That’s why it’s high time to dive into this topic and define 5 biggest reasons your mobile app is slow.


Reason #1. Updates


Are you sure your app isn’t obsolete? Is it supportive? It doesn’t matter you are on an iOS or an Android system, you simply have to be sure that you use the latest version of the Operation System. This is the key point. A lot of developers face this issue. Sometimes it’s not so easy to change it but it’s absolutely worth to do it or at least try.

One of the most common reason of slow mobile app speed is a using of old frameworks. Don’t forget to optimize your app. Also, when you use old versions of some frameworks you can have some problems with supporting. Pay attention to this point to make your mobile app works faster.


Reason #2. Encrypted connections

Let’s talk about encrypted connections. This is also one of the most common reasons of speed issue. But there is not a problem to fix it, right?

Make sure that encrypted connections are optimized. Of course, if they are not, it could be a problem of your app speed. But you should know that sometimes it’s more than one problem you need to solve to get a result you really want to achieve.


Reason #3. Backend

Another reason of speed issue is server problem.  

Server is down. Server is not connected. Does it sound common to you and your team? If so you need to pay attention to your backend problems. Provide an extra reverse proxy server. This approach has a lot of benefits.


Reason #4. Overcrowded

There is also a chance your app could be overcrowded with data. Check it out to make your app work faster. Do you know how many servers are loaded? It also can be a reason of slowing sown your application.

The way to solve is pretty simple. You can compress your data. It’ll allow your app work faster. You even can notice it from the first sight.

Try to compress the size of videos, pics and audio files. It’ll be a big step to make your app user-friendly. All in all, not a big number of people will notice the difference after composing some files. Nevertheless, the most valuable part of any app is its functions and information you are deliver to your users.

Also, you can find different ways to solve this issue. Try few of them to make your result even better. If you read this article you know how important to solve this problem. So, there is good news. The solving process is only matter of time and different approaches you’ll get in your way to create the best possible app ever.


Reason #5. Network Latency

It’s not a secret that network speed can affect the speed of your mobile app. Even more they depend on each other too much. For example, if your network speed is pretty slow it means that your app speed will be slow also. So, make sure this point is under your control.

If you want to solve this issue, you should check the time when your network speed is down. Then you’ll be able to figure out when and why your app is down also.


The biggest problem of mobile app for user

Do you really think that design of your app is more important for users than content or functions of your application? Anyway, even if you have created an app that really valuable for your target audience, you need to make sure the speed of your mobile app. People don’t really like to wait. And especially if we talk about applications. It’s much easier to download some similar app than just wait. Keep it in mind when you create an app and you have a choice to get there a few cool features or make it work faster. Of course, the right choice is answer.

Remember there are a lot of different reasons why can you have such a problem. So, don’t be confused if you checked your network speed and found that there is not a problem. You should learn the art of fixing problem but sometimes much harder not to fix but find an issue.

In this article, you found the most common reasons. Also, now you know what to do if you found something from this list. But even if you think that your app works fast enough you should ask yourself maybe your app could work even faster? If you have an opportunity to make your app better you should do it. Your audience will really appreciate it.  


Keep in mind that…

…modern users can download any app they want. But if you want your app will be better than others you should always think how to make it better.


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