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Mobile / App Development

Rondesign agency usually provides mobile app development as well as design services. At our company, we have a separate department that provides all mobile app development services. For all projects, we combine our expertise and workflow – such an approach helps us speed up the process and save our client’s resources.

Rondesig is a custom app development company, but if our clients want to update their existing app with already-made solutions – we are happy to help.

Our expertise in mobile app development is pretty comprehensive; more than 100 projects are online now. iOS or android or app for smart accessories or smart home devices – we have expertise in every sphere.

Rondesign as the custom app development company always advises clients to test their app in the most reliable areas: London, New-York, and San Francisco – it helps grab the feedback from users of all around the world at one time. We have the list of steps, especially for the mobile app development process, that’s why it fits well for all requests.


The most common problems for the app development stage are lack of understanding of the size, scope of work, and budget.

A lot of companies could miss the Discovery stage at the beginning. They prefer to skip this step to save money, but endless changes in the future ultimately lead to an increase in value. The non-professional approach will only further complicate the situation – a mobile application won’t cover the business goals.


The answer is simple: we help you to save your money, time, and resources.

The mobile app isn’t like the phone background – you couldn’t change it in a couple of seconds. Our mobile app development company will consider your case individually. For all projects or PM and team-lead, choose guys with similar to your request expertise. It helps to speed up and increase the quality, especially on the acquaintance and discovery stage.

Our processes save up to 40% of our customers’ time and our employees, save time, therefore, and money spent on the creation of the project.

A well-structured process that relieves team pressure reduces misunderstandings and makes results predictable is our unique approach. There is no problem that we could not solve, unlike other companies. We provide mobile app development as a solution for your business, not a new problem.

The Main Stages for
Such Project

Rondesign team guides our customers through the professional mobile app development process. Each stage should be done step by step: discovery, acquaintance, research, strategy, the definition of key functions and functionality, frontend, backend.

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Full Cycle
Development of the

Full Cycle Development of the Task
Task Readiness Task Deadlines
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Some of Our
Services and Forces

  • Crossplatfrom development

    Our team always advise our client to create cross-platform mobile apps for their projects instead of the separate one for different mobile operating systems. Cross-Platform mobile development is the best answer when our clients don’t have enough information about their target audience and devices.

    Such type of mobile application will cover all business goals, no matter which devices are more convenient for the project’s target audience – iOS or android. If our clients already have data about which segment of users they would like to cover with such an app, our team will also help with the list of features for MVP or any other release.

    Rondesign team loves to create more profitable and convenient apps without any risk of losing quality. The interface of a cross-platform app is usually universal, so if our client has no design, it also helps to speed up not only the development but also the design process.

  • Legacy Code

    If the client comes to us with the Legacy code project, we are happy to help. Common problems with such projects are the lack and inaccessibility of the project description, business requirements, and detailed requirements.

    Our team solves such issues through a structured workflow. As part of such a project, we always advise starting with the custom Discovery phase. It helps us to provide all the necessary information that was requested, and also help to speed up the process of onboarding for the new team.

    As well as the update for such projects, our team could also provide support services. If there is a question about the system refining our team could work with the architecture as well.

  • Animations

    As a separate service, Rondesign also offers the Animations one. If our clients would like to update their mobile app static design or would like to have more new animations, we help create the most interactive app for their users.

    Animations should work in cooperation with the App interface and help users to navigate and use it correctly. Animations could also help cover business goals if needed, for example, animation of the call to action button could increase the sales or increase the conversion rate.

    Animations should be done following the project requirements and design style – not in the latest trends.

  • MVP App development

    MVP app development is the best solution not only for a startup but also for an active business that will bring obvious benefits and save decent money and time and effort.

    The MVP of the mobile app will allow reducing the risk of losing all money invested in app development. All results at the MVP stage give the green light the app development of the full version of the product.

    Our team always helps our client to select the right scope of work and list of features to cover the MVP stage to most relevant and essential requests.

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At the Bottom Line
You Will Have

  1. Responsive design
  2. Quality content
  3. Search-engine friendly
  4. Quality control
  5. Real-time features
  6. Infrastructure and architecture
  7. Integration with thirt-party services
  8. Security
  9. Work with legace code
  10. Detailed estimation
  11. Intergration with your team
  12. Creative concept and ideas
  13. Project managment
  14. Time reports
  15. Customer support