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Read this article before you start looking for a mobile app development company for your project. The tips you find here will help you make the right choice.

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How to create an application that everyone will like?

Obviously, it’s impossible to build a mobile app that will appeal to everyone and that will solve the problems of all users at the same time. Therefore, if you have set yourself such a goal, then you need to revise it, otherwise, bad news awaits you.

Mobile app development is what makes our lives better. That is why mobile app development is so popular nowadays. We all understand that mobile app development is not just an interesting topic, it is our future.

If you want to be a part of this future you should know that it’s necessary to set realistic goals. For example, if you want to start mobile application development and create an app that most users will like, it already sounds better. Most will like it hard, but still more real than everyone. Think about what tools you can use to achieve your goal. And yet, in this article, we will consider what without which you will not be able to achieve this goal. We will look at how to create an application in such a way that it is better than hundreds of other applications. Let’s dive into this topic to create a plan that will lead your application to success.


Does your team consist of the right people?


Every company wants to create an application that will become popular. Each company analyzes the audience, but does not often analyze itself. But the composition of the team is as important as the accurate knowledge of who your target audience is. Who do you think should be part of the app development team?

There are three key roles in any, even the largest project:

  • The person who understands how to create a product, in other words, has a problem and wants to find a solution to it;
  • The person who is responsible for technology, in other words, knows a lot about app development, and can make the idea work on the screen of any device;
  • The person who will attract users.

If your team or company consists of these 3 people, then luck will definitely await you. Don’t try to do everything yourself. Divide responsibilities to all members of your team. Let everyone do what he knows how to do best.

If you miss one of these people on the team, then you are in trouble. However, knowing the weak spot of your team, you can easily turn it into a virtue. For example, if your team does not have a person who could attract the attention of users to your mobile app, you can always find such a person on the Internet. Freelancers are a great way to find a qualified professional who is ready to share their experience. App development is not only a target, but it is also your way.


Do you know how to make money on your own application?

how to make money on your own application


Make sure that you don’t forget how to integrate advertising into your model at some point. If you are not going to embed advertising, then answer the question for yourself, how are you going to earn on your own application?

Ways to make money on the application have long been known to everyone. You can earn on advertising, on downloading, on paid content or paid subscription, on sales, etc.

Think about it before you even start app development, because how the application for a smartphone will develop depends on it. Allow time for this, because when your application becomes popular, you will need time and money in order to improve it. You will need to increase the staff. It will be necessary to constantly release updates. The more people will use this, the more expensive it will cost to maintain this application. Therefore, it is very important to have an earning plan for this application in advance.


Develop a prototype of your application



Each developer knows that app development is certainly a risk, it doesn’t matter if you are developing for Android or iOS, but this risk can be minimized.

Even if you don’t know how to program, there are tools like InVision and Proto.io that will help you during the prototype phase.

With some understanding of graphic design software, you can create a user interface. Think like a user to get great results. Try to do everything so that the user, and not you, is comfortable using your application. Thanks to the prototype, you can test your mobile application for strengths and weaknesses. You will learn what you need to improve, and what you can completely abandon.

Do not be afraid to spend more money on creating a prototype, because if you skip this step, you may have to pay more, correcting errors.


Use your own product

User reviews are important in understanding exactly what you are creating and for whom. But the most important tip is, of course, your own. Are you satisfied with the work of your product? Would you like to use this application if you accidentally downloaded it?

Make sure that you analyze the application because if you did not evaluate everything objectively, you can miss the point. That is why you need to become the most active user of your own application. Use it often. If you do not try to use it, being in a state of anger, joy, indifference, or on a daily basis, you will miss key points. You need to know how this works in practice, and not in theory, despite dozens of good or bad comments, you need to understand what exactly you would write as a user, and not as the owner of this application. Use your own product, and then you will really know what your application is capable of.


Who will use your application?


Yes, you need to know this in advance. And this is not about the target audience. Now you will understand everything.

Try to get a few hundred meticulous users. Let them look for flaws in your application and verbally admire the innovations that you and your team have implemented in your application. You need these desperate users in order to once again test what you eventually got. You need to find them and attract them to your project. The more there will be, the better.

Listen to their opinion. Don’t take their reviews to heart, but at the same time listen to what they write. Perhaps you really missed something important and did not notice it. We are all human and we all tend to make mistakes. And this is normal. But it’s not normal to ignore errors when they point to us.

Until you are convinced that the product is suitable for the existing market, and people like what you have created, it makes no sense to spend a lot of money on marketing.


A convenient application VS a beautiful application


Which application would you choose, convenient or beautiful? Of course, a beautiful application will immediately attract the attention of many, but will they be able to benefit from this if they decide to use it? On the other hand, does an application come down to functions only? After all, choosing a convenient but ugly application, we still lack something.

What application are you going to create? Perhaps you do not need to choose between beauty and convenience? Perhaps you need to make the application both beautiful and convenient at the same time? But can it be done? yes, in 2020 it is possible. All you have to do is create a new application to think about users. Users will appreciate it. If you create at the same time a beautiful and convenient application, then your competitors will be left behind. You will become one of the leaders. The marketing and its tools will do the rest for you. Do you believe in your strength? Are you able to create both a beautiful and convenient application at the same time? Such applications will be the trend in 2020.


Plan of raising funds


Of course, in the initial stages of mobile development, you will have to finance the project yourself. And especially if this is your first project. But as soon as it comes to expansion, you need to think about finding investments and investors. Then call it a startup and go look for money.

You’ll need to expand only if users liked the application. And if users liked it, then it makes sense to invest in it. Thus, your project will become financially profitable, at least in potential.

But do not console yourself with dreams of what will happen sometime in the distant future. Nothing will happen until you plan it. For this reason, at the very beginning, you need to have a business plan with the prescribed amounts that you need in order to expand your project. You need to think about how and where you can look for this money. The more carefully you think over these details, the easier it will be for you in the future when you have to expand.

Do not forget that for every successful project there is a lot of work that sometimes is not even paid. Each project hides many risks and the right decisions. Are you ready for this? Think about it carefully before you begin to take the first steps.


Test your app

test your app


Creating an application isn’t the whole task. The application still needs to be tested. Do not spare your time for this. Testing an application is a very important point. This will help you avoid mistakes, help minimize them. It is better to spend a little more time to fix these errors and modify the application than to pay twice for these errors. Pay special attention to this stage, even if you want to skip it.

Any experienced developer will tell you how important the testing phase is. If you have any questions about this, then ask them to our specialists. And we will advise you on this.


Think twice


Once again, think about what problem your application solves. It’s no secret that every successful application solves some kind of problem that the user has previously encountered. Using the application, the user either solves this problem or changes the approach to it.

Ask yourself, what problem does my application solve? 

Does it really solve it? 

Are there any similar applications on the market? 

How do similar mobile apps differ from my app? 

Why is my application better than others?

What is the feature of my mobile app?

Answers to these questions will show you how great your chances of success are.


Bottom line

Currently, there is a lot of competition in the application market. Thoughts about this competition prevent newcomers from acting, make you doubt your abilities, or indicate high risks of losing the money that you invest in mobile application development. If you have such doubts about mobile app development, then you can write to us, and our experienced specialists will advise you on this matter, help you understand how good your idea is and how it is better to implement it.

In any case, every year more and more mobile apps appear. And this is an obvious trend that will only increase. The adjoining area makes our life better, which means users will look forward to a new app. Without a doubt, if you have an idea for an application, you need to try to implement it. Mobile application development is your way to achieve your goal. Application development may take a little time, but then for a long time it will bring well-deserved results.


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