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Pitch Deck Design for Startups

Pitch Deck Design
for Startups

Pitch Deck Design for Startups is our usual request in Rondesign, as a pitch deck design agency, helps a young project or existing platform deal with any pitch deck design service. We create pitch deck designs, pitch deck templates, sales pitch deck, and cover investor pitch deck.

Our goals are your result after your business plan presentation.

Our design agency helps show your business, startup, or business plan to the investor with our work process, creative stuff, and expert opinion.

Most of our clients would like to have a custom approach, not the templates for pitch decks designs for the investors and VC from London, San Francisco, and New-York.


Pitch deck designs always have one goal – grab funding for the project. Such a goal couldn’t be covered if the pitch isn’t high-quality one and doesn’t show visually important moments for the investors.

Pitch deck designs that could be done as a powerpoint presentation won’t give the desired results. If you aren’t an expert and have no idea about the scope for presentation: slides, infographics, content – the pitch deck designs won’t fit your expectations and needs of your startup.


Our process saves up to 40% of time compared with Estimations from otheк pitch deck design agency or companies that provide Pitch Deck Design for Startups.

In Rondesign – pitch deck design agency, we use our expertise and best practices for each pitch deck designs. It helps us to visualize all information and data for the investor in a convenient way.

The result of our cooperation will be the investor pitch deck – that also could be used as a sales pitch deck that could bring income for the startup.

The Main Phases
for such project

For all types of pitch deck designs our team selects all necessary stages and combines it in following the startup goals.

Depending on the task, our team could help with Discovery phase, Sketching, content creation, Video and sound designs for more complicated pitch decks.

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Full Cycle of the

Full Cycle of the Task
Task Readiness Task Deadlines

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Some of Our
Services and Forces

  • Pitch Deck

    If you want to raise funds for your startup or new platform, you will need an investor pitch deck. Your first step should be the investor pitch deck creation. We have outstanding expertise in this sphere. We can provide the best overview of your business, your product showcasing, your plans or monetization strategy, and introduce your team.

    To help you deal with this task, we will take cues from top startups in your sphere who’ve raised money from angel investors and VCs with effective pitch decks.

  • Video Deck

    The Video Pitch Deck can be used to tell your audience about your products and services. This is the right decision for the startups to catch the investors’ attention with a nonstandard approach in a more creative way.
    We create such projects with the essential idea that they portray your business is unique.
    The video approach for pitch deck designs helps to use additional visual elements, so if our clients haven’t a lot of information to show – this is the answer.

    Our team can use materials or information that you already have or provide you with the best marketing decisions or elements you need.

  • Style creation

    Before the start of each new project, the needs of style creation appear.
    It is best practice to create the style before the start. The style for each element and other requirements will help make an impressive product, which will show the team’s level of professionalism.

    As well as for pitch deck, this style ( fonts, design elements, grid) could be used designs, emails, other marketing slides, or marketing materials – it helps to create the picture and perception of the brand.

  • Pitch Deck ( Sales edition)

    As well as pitch deck for the grabbing investments, pitch decks could be used for sales, especially for B2B products.
    Sales edition for presentations should have a call to actions and visualize all the project’s advantages in the right way.

    If our client needs such a type of presentation, we will be happy to create it according to all sales strategies.
    Sales presentations also offer a couple of services, so the structure should cover each particular one’s goals.
    Our team will be happy to find the reasonable solutions for such a task, our marketing and sales department will work closely, so in the end, your Pitch Deck will be a unique sales tool.

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At the bottom line
you will have

  1. Direct Research
  2. Content Creation
  3. Data Visualisation
  4. Compelling Story
  5. Brand Identity
  6. Structure Sources
  7. Detailed Estimation
  8. Intergration with your team
  9. Creative concept and ideas
  10. Project managment
  11. Time reports
  12. Customer support