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Great news! A customer has visited your website. But will he come back? Would he spend more money? Usability is the art of making your website user-friendly. But how does it work?

  • Rondesignlab Team

What websites do we like?

It doesn’t matter if you are the owner of the website or the user, we all spend a lot of time on the Internet. But why do we spend more time on one website than on another? It is very important to get an answer to this question to everyone. It’s important for website owners because this knowledge will help increase traffic. And along with the traffic will increase interest in its product. This is also important for users to make Internet surfing more conscious.

Of course, everyone likes simple websites with a convenient menu. We visit websites to get information, and it should be easy. But along with the simplicity, the website should have a great, modern web design. All of this is included in the concept of good website usability.

The user-friendly website is not just the guarantee everything is working correctly. Ease of use is one of the key points. But how to achieve this goal?


What websites does your audience need?

If you are the owner of the website, then you need to identify your target audience. Much will depend on it. For example, teenagers like colorful, bright websites. Adults prefer to visit websites with minimalist design. With teens, you can communicate an informal tone. But with older users, it is better to communicate in business language. The audience determines what our website will look like.


What is really matter?

But it doesn’t matter how old or young your audience is if the site does not have good usability. Obviously, no one likes websites that are difficult to use. Hard to find the menu? Unable to click to the link? Uh… it’s not about usability. By the way, a dead link means frustration. No, people do not like such websites. People try to avoid them. A positive experience is what really matters. If the user gets a positive experience, he will return to the website more likely. A well-designed website will help the user to get a positive experience. All parts of the website must be intuitive. Website content should be valuable. But what else do we need to consider?


Build mobile-first navigation for better usability

Remember, if your website is difficult to navigate, it will never become popular. Every modern website should have good navigation. The rules of good usability tell that the user must easily and intuitively find information on the website. If there are many items in your menu, make sub-items or redo the structure.


Everything should be simple and clear. Make it responsive. People began to use mobile phones more often than computers. It is really important that people can visit your site from any device. Therefore, the design development is better to start with mobile design.


Website architecture is an art

Plan out the menu structure and other sections of the website. Make the footer informative. Divide the menu into parts, if necessary. Highlight the titles correctly. Well-organized information influences a positive user experience. That is good usability because visitors will use the website without any stress.

Website usability means that the user can use the site without boredom. When designing a website architecture, think from the user’s point of view. Thinking from the perspective of potential users will help you make a user-friendly website.


Fast page loading is more important than good design

Be sure to test your site. Low download speed is one of the main reasons why users leave sites. Have you ever left a beautiful page of a website just because it took a long time to load? That’s the thing!

Of course, following website usability tips you will increase your conversion rates. But at first, think about how to speed up your page loading.


Make access for all kinds of users

Make your website comfortable for the elderly, the blind and disabled. Use for this purpose special design and functions. Pay attention to the texts. Blind people use a special feature to read from the screen.


What browser are you using?

Adapt your website for all browsers. You never guess which browser your potential customer uses. Even some large companies suffer from the fact that their websites are incorrectly displayed in some browsers. It is easy to fix, but also easy to overlook. Be attentive to the little things, because the little things make the company a brand. Of course, website usability will help the site achieve success, but for this, you need to make an effort.


Chrome, Firefox, and Opera are the most popular browsers. Watch at least for them. Also, check how your website is displayed in Internet Explorer. A large percentage of people still use it. Also, your website should work on the display of both the smallest and the largest size.


Follow design and code standards

Standards are designed to help us avoid mistakes. Have you ever wondered who comes up with the standards? They come up with experience. Many people have created websites before you. And they made the same type of mistakes. And when these errors became quite a lot, they became the rule. And these rules have become the standard. Therefore, it is important to comply with the standards.


Share what you have

It sounds like a line from the Bible, but it’s about something else. Today social networks are incredibly popular. And each social network has the function to share. It helps to advertise the product and make it recognizable. Therefore, it is important that the website also has a function to share content via social networks. If the user is satisfied, then the usability is at a good level.


Do you think error handling is
not so important?

In fact, this is a very important part of the work of any website. But often this item is overlooked. We strive for good usability, and therefore we must pay attention to everything. Error handling should take place in such a way as to further avoid errors at all. It is also important how the user is notified of the error. Remind you of the little things that make the company a brand.


Use web design rules

Remember the contrast rule. Black text on a white background is perfectly readable. Keep an eye on the contrast between the content and the background of the site. The smaller the contrast, the harder it is for users to read the content. Do not forget that our goal is to create a user-friendly website.


Find a balance between texts and photos16

Today’s audience is used to viewing content, but not reading it. More users read only the most interesting parts of an article, but you never guess what they find most interesting. Therefore, it is important to look for a balance between textual and visual content. This balance depends on the specifics of the website.


Create forms on the website correctly

Forms are very important on any website. They help a visitor of your website to register and order goods, as well as help the website owner to collect useful information about customers. But often the forms are uncomfortable or even do not work at all.

In order not to lose a client due to a broken form, follow special rules. For example, use labels for all fields. Create as few fields as possible. And of course, use correct validation.


Congratulations, you are now ready to create the best user-friendly website ever!

The more rules you use when creating a website, the better it will be. Usability is a very important item in the list of characteristics of the website. The higher the usability level, the more customers will visit your site and then return. Modern websites should be customer-oriented. This is the key to success for any business. The same rule applies to the Internet.


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