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Asked Questions

Here you can find some of the most common questions we’ve been asked and

our replies. If we didn’t answer to your question, please don’t hesitate to ContactUs.

  1. What could be the ball park cost / preliminary estimation and the timelines for our project?

    To start the project, it’s enough to fill out our brief, to hold the meeting or have a call. Agency can start a project at any stage, whether it’s the idea or an already formed vision. Ideally, but not necessarily if the customer has an idea of how the project should look like. The vision of the customer helps to understand the expectations. Usually, everything becomes clear after the first meeting

  2. What information do I need to provide before we start?

    Each Website/App/Interface has its own specific and scope of work, that’s why it’s hard to make the average estimate.

    Usually the agency creates a detailed estimation based on the brief that you will out and the interview.

    If we have projects that are similar to yours, we can send an example of the estimations for previous projects. So that you can see the scope of work and estimated time that we plan to spend on the project.

  3. I already have some materials ( wireframes / mockups / templates) can you use and improve them rather then to create from scratch?

    Sure — the more materials and information we receive from you, the less work we will need to do in the project.

    For example, we can take your wireframes and make the necessary improvements. And then create the UI design based on them.

  4. What does the Research Stage includes?

    You can read about the our Research in details on How We Work. And in a word, to give you the idea of this stage here’s what we do:

    • We explore your competitors, their fix logs (what was already fixed to avoid these issues in our new designs)
    • Look into the users feedback (what they like, what they dislike, what new features and functions they would like to see in the new version)
  5. What does the Research Stage includes?

    We have an extensive and structured process. It helps to close most of the needs our team has working on the project. Right after the wireframes stage, all project participants will clearly understand what the project would look like after the release. Our process is described in details on the page How We Work.

  6. I have a team, can you cooperate with them on the project?

    Of course. Depending on how you prefer, we can work on the design independently or in a close contact with your team.

  7. How long can take the development stage?

    Time for the development stage is strongly dependent on the type, complexity, and the number of specialists working on the project. Usually we create the estimation after the wireframing, when the developer can clearly understand the functionality and scope of work. If to say about the average time for development, the time for the design should be multiplied by 1 to 3 times.

  8. We count on the longterm relationships. Do you have post release support?

    Sure. It is exactly the way of cooperation we focus with all our customers. Because only in this case a truly high-quality product can be created. Even when the design is created according to all the rules, guidelines and recommendations of the UX and UI, we faced with the fact that users sometimes behave in completely unobvious ways. Therefore, based on their actions and analytics, we can make efficient changes.

  9. I have an in-house designer, can he or she work on the designs, after you finish the main stage?

    Of course. One of our deliverables is a detailed Style Guide. Your in-house designer can easily add the necessary elements, do tweaks, compose simple pages relying on our Style Guide. Also, in large or complex projects, we often create the Design System.

  10. What is the «Awwwards»?

    This is a platform with a huge community of high-quality audiences (CEOs, Technical Directors, Marketers, Art Directors and others) with an income above average. Awwwards daily audience is 1000 to 10 000 people. Participation on Awwwards will bring you an increase in your website attendance. For example, Site of the Day and Mobile of the Week gives from 1000 to 5000 unique visitors daily depending on the day of the week.

  11. Why is it important to prepare promo materials for my project?

    This will help you to enter the market and expose your product properly. Make the right first impression which you would like convey to your users. As a result, engage the audience and let them know about your product.

  12. What technologies and soft do you use?

    If to say about the design, we usually work in Sketchapp, Invisionapp, Adobe After Effects. In the development process, our full-stack team lead selects the technology that fits each specific project. If customer has any specific technology requirements, we are always flexible and adapt to them.

  13. What would be the deliverables I will get?

    If to day about the design, you can see the more thorough list is available on this page. We will send you all the source files for design and development (code). Also you’re always able to download all the files from our server using your personal link. And you can continue using the prototype we created during the project.

  14. Do you work on the Agile or Waterfall model?

    Thanks to our process we can easily work on Agile or Waterfall models.

  15. Can you create the design system?

    Sure, this is the final stage of our design process. The design system will help you easily edit, modify and supplement the existing design. And helps developers implement the design in the code properly.

  16. What is Look & Feel stage in the design creation process?

    These are preliminary sketches of the future design, its style, wich do not refer to the navigation brief and technical brief. Often the agency uses Look and Feel at the trial stage when it is important for the customer to be sure whether we can realize the project according to the formed vision.

  17. I feel unconfident going out my jurisdiction

    We are flexible in this question.

    For example we can indicate usage of EU jurisdiction in our contract to make you feel secure.