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If you would like to hire an android app developer, this is not a problem. If you like to hire an android app developer that will fit well for your project, this is a problem. We know how complicated this process is because we have a separate department for android development.

Rondesign is an android application development company, and we deliver apps that cover our client’s business goals to the market.

If our clients have the custom android app development request, our team starts to work with it following our polished workflow. We also help our clients to go through all requirements for such projects and help to understand all specifications and aspects of using Android OS.

Most of our clients come to us to cover their business goals with the help of custom android developments. In this case, as well as already made solutions, Rondesign realizes custom android app development services. Our agency always advise what best practices or integrations we could use as well; it helps to save the resources, time, and money and make the project more completed.

Our expertise allows us to use the information from the previous projects. For example, if you need an app for e-commerce in London or New-York, we could use information that we grab during the discovery stage for similar projects in San Francisco.


What problem can you face?

Honestly, there can be a lot of problems in the process of developing an application for Android. To know how to deal with them, you need to have a lot of experience.
Many companies offer custom android app development services, but the deliverables won’t be the same.

What problems can arise? For example, as a result, the cost of the entire development process may be twice as much as indicated at the very beginning. And then what to do? Either forget about your project or pay a considerable price.


The solution that our app development company offers you.

Rondesign, as a full-service Android app development company, has huge expertise with Android projects. The well-structured process that relieves team pressure reduces misunderstandings, and makes results predictable is our unique approach. There is no problem that we could not solve, unlike other companies. We know the best way to save money without compromising the project.

The Main Stages
for such

The Discovery phase is the usual first step. Most of our projects start with it. All information that our team will find on it could be used at all next stages. During the discovery stage, we grab all the necessary data. We could provide our client with the best technology and commercial proposal for the project.

Our developers work with clients as close as possible; we guide our customers through the web development process. Each stage should be done step by step, regardless of whether it is: discovery, research, strategy, the definition of key functions and functionality, or any other stage of Android app development.

See Our Work Process
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Full Cycle
Development of the

Full Cycle Development of the Task
Task Readiness Task Deadlines
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Some of Our

  • MVP Android
    App development

    When our clients would like to build your MVP on Android – it gives a huge amount of opportunities to realize all convenient for their project function s at once.

    Android OS is more flexible, especially for hardware, unlike the iOS one. When we agreed on the scope of work, list of features and functionality, we help our clients move forward with the right amount to provide their users with the first version and to test their product.

    The MVP of the mobile app will allow reducing the risk of losing all money invested in app development. All results at the MVP stage give the green light the app development of the full version of the product. MVP of Android app helps our client to grab a considerable amount of user feedback – cause the market of the Android devices is uncountable.

  • Instant Apps

    The instant app is the more profitable way to create the MVP or add the additional features and functions on the app form to your website.

    The instant app is a version to-go if you would like to test the hypotheses. It gives such an opportunity to check it without big money spends and huge timelines. This kind of app doesn’t have such a deep structure as the usual one. Still, it helps avoid useless features and extra flows that could confuse users when they install app for the first time and have no ideas about your product. Depending on the application, this may be a demo version or a fully functional version. We could do both.

    As for the design stage for the Instant App, we also could provide our client with it, if it is necessary- the gig plus if such type – it is a light version of the usual one.

  • Animations

    As a separate service, Rondesign also offers the Animations one. If our clients would like to update their mobile app’s already existing static design or would like to have more new animations, we help create the most interactive app for their users.

    Animations should work in cooperation with the App interface and help users to navigate and use it correctly. Animations could also help cover business goals if needed. For example, the animation of the call to action button could increase sales or increase the conversion rate.
    Animations should be done following the project requirements and design style – not in the latest trends.

  • Launch to the Market/Store

    Our team has already worked with Google Play Market and Apple store as well.

    If you like to ask us to publish your app following all necessary criteria, we will be happy to help. As well as such a typical request, we could provide code review and testing at the “before the launch” stage.

    Most parts of our clients met the difficulties at this stage because the app and their description didn’t fit the Market or Store rules. In this case, we advise starting with the Discovery stage and after we could fix all bugs and missings.

    Publishing an application in the App Store or Market includes a reasonably large number of steps and requirements that must be followed. Without 100% compliance, the application can’t be there.

Your idea realization is only one click away. Let’s Talk

At the Bottom Line
You Will Have

  1. Responsive design
  2. Quality content
  3. Search-engine friendly
  4. Quality control
  5. Real-time features
  6. Infrastructure and architecture
  7. Integration with thirt-party services
  8. Security
  9. Work with legace code
  10. Detailed estimation
  11. Intergration with your team
  12. Creative concept and ideas
  13. Project managment
  14. Time reports
  15. Customer support