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Every day we deal with UI via laptops, tablets, etc. But what is User interface design? Developers say that UI is the bridge between the user and his device. Sounds good, but what does it mean?

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What is UI design?

UI stands for User Interface. UI is a software-based system, that allows users to interact or connect with a given technology. Actually, a lot of things around us have its special User interface. For example, vehicles, household appliances, ATMs have it. But when we talk about interfaces designed for mobile phones or laptops, we mean graphical user interfaces.


Why is UI so important?

A good User interface is important because it helps your audience will see what your product is. The better UI you have, the more customers you’ll get. It will help you to keep the audience on the website or in the application. In any case, you need to think in advance about good UI design, because better spend some time on this purpose than to regret about lost customers and money.


What is the difference between
good and great design?

Good interface design is making your website or application comprehensible and memorable. But great design is making it memorable and valuable. Actually, this is a significant difference!


UI design is a combination of
such visual elements like:

  • Elements you can tap or click on;
  • Elements give you feedback.

Visitors want the User interface design to be predictable. They want all the elements of a website or application to be intuitive. Users prefer simplicity. But with simplicity, you need to be careful. Each element should be simple and clear, but not too simple. Too simple things also repel users, as well as difficult ones.

It will be good if your UI design will be predictable, consistent and concise.


What is user-centered design?

This is the kind of design with a direct goal to make the user’s interaction as efficient and convenient as possible. When you use this type of design, you first think about the needs of the user. In order to meet his needs, you must  explore your target audience. You need to know their preference and this way you will get perfect UI for your website or application. Put yourself in the shoes of your own buyers. That is what will help to establish a truly valuable and, of course, profitable contact.


How to make UI?

Simple tip. Always ask your team members and yourself, “Could we make things simpler? If the answer is yes, just re-do it”.

  • Aim for simplicity. The best Graphical user interface is almost invisible. They are so comfortable that the user almost doesn’t notice them. Just remember that simplicity is the key to good usability;
  • Explore the preferences of the target audience. Think about how you can satisfy their needs. Give them what they really want, and they will come back to you again and again;
  • Make sure that the buttons on the website or in the application work predictably. They must meet a specific function and be visible;
  • Pay attention to how readable your website is. Don’t use too many bright colors. Follow the newest trends of web design. Remember the formula: less is more. It really works! And especially it works when we talk about UI.
  • Check out the feedback. This is very important for many users. Feedback is trust. Don’t lose it.



The most common mistakes
of UI to avoid

  • Too frequent use of dynamic effects in your UI design. Remember about minimalism. The key rule: less is more. Intrusive animation, bouncing buttons, shaking forms – avoid it. All this is the antonym of good design;
  • You did not analyze the target audience but immediately began to develop the design. Alas, but this is a common mistake. Many entrepreneurs make it and in vain. Don’t create a site according to your preferences. Better learn about the preferences of your future buyers. All in all, by creating a website or application you probably want to create a profitable business, rather than a virtual diary for yourself;
  • Unwillingness to develop. You have already analyzed the target audience, but don’t want to analyze the changes in its needs. You don’t want to follow the market or new features that have already appeared on your competitors’ websites. This is exactly what you need to do all the time to stay among the best. This is exactly what distinguishes the leader from the mediocrity;
  • Don’t think everything depends only on the designer you chose for creating your website or application. Think about it in another dimension. The designer is your tool, you need only to learn how to use it in the right way. This is the way you will get perfect Graphic user interface for your online business;
  • Do you still remember what user-centered design is? It’s very important don’t forget about this, because it is one of the common mistakes. You need to think about users first, then your website or application will be successful.



Frankly speaking sometimes paper and a pen are much more useful than the best software. But at the same time, it is much easier to earn money creating a modern website with good UI design, then just using paper and a pen. Time flies, we cannot be left behind. Each modern entrepreneur should learn new technology because it’s the right path to success.


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