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Motion Graphic
Trends 2020

As you know graphic design is constantly and rapidly evolving. Every year there is something new in this area. Let’s check the major patterns of Motion Graphic Trends 2020 to stay up to date.

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What’s good in motion graphics?

Motion graphics are all the most advanced that can be found on the Internet in the field of advertising. Here everything comes alive and gets a new life through a new vision. All that graphic designers drew to decorate your website or advertise your product on a bright poster is now moving, thereby drawing attention to itself.

When you work with motion graphics, you give free rein to your imagination. Everything that motion graphics is capable of is used to enhance the effect. And the reason is simple. What motion graphics can do, no picture can and especially 3D motion graphics. Pictures are static, and this is their main difference. Motion graphics are mobile. This is always interesting to watch. This is its advantage.

But everything is developing, and especially in our time, it is developing at a tremendous rate. The fact that yesterday was popular, today no one needs. Modern users quickly lose interest in everything. Their attention is difficult to attract because they are filled with discoveries. But if you managed to get their attention, then surely it is not for long. So, what to do in this situation?


Why do we follow the trends?

Do you often find modern websites that advertise a good product or service? Even if the product or service is really good, such websites don’t cause much confidence in the mass user. These sites may have looked good in the past. But who cares? Time passes and everything changes. A good entrepreneur should always know when and how to change the strategy, design or branding company as a whole. To do this, you need to be aware of the trends and changes in them. This will help to be always in sight. This will ensure that your website is out of date.

No one wants an old-fashioned design or bad publicity to be the reason for the decline in conversion. But how many are willing to change something? How many are willing to invest money not in graphic design, but in motion graphics? Remember, you must do what others don’t. Only in this way, you will succeed in your business. And if others do the same, then you need to do it better than they do!

To be a modern brand and in demand at the same time, you need to follow the trends. And this article will help you with this task.


The most significant motion graphic
trends 2020

To make your brand looks brighter and more interesting for consumers, let’s look at the trends of 2020.

Even if you are not going to apply motion design, you will still be interested to know the reason why the advertising campaign and the websites of your competitors look more attractive than yours.

Well, let’s begin.


Seamless transitions

There is probably the brightest motion graphic trend. It looks as though the seamless transitions will be on the top for a long time because they have been at the top of popularity for several years now. The reason for this is simple. Seamless transitions look stylish, and so users like it.

The more this theme develops, the more elegant transitions become. These transitions have become almost invisible. Therefore, the video is perceived as a game in which viewers want to predict the course of events.

Seamless transitions attract the attention of completely different audiences. This will appeal to both children and adults. It all depends on the product or service that you are going to advertise. One thing is for sure. Whatever you advertise, seamless transitions will make it a bit more elegant.


Broken text

There is another motion graphic trend and it would look brilliant on your screen. The broken text has long declared itself as an important thing in typography. Therefore, this is not a new trend, but still, a lot has changed in it even since last year. Therefore, it is on the list. The way we see Broken text after some changes is a completely different level.


The main feature is that the text can be scattered as you like. And not just a text, even words can be split into letters and scatter in different directions. The text may look broken indeed, but in fact, it obeys some rules. And one of them is: the worse the better.

This format is suitable for advertising creative events or courses that teach thinking out of the box.

Also, broken text perfectly underlines the poetic component of what is happening. Everything in it seems to indicate something elusive, like images of a verse. Everything seems to hint at something, but it is never clear what exactly. In the end, this is a great way to convey information to the user in such a way as to leave a lot of open questions. And these questions will intrigue the user. But this is exactly what we need, right?


Kinetic typography

Designers always have a lot of limitations. They follow special rules when resizing images, don’t use photos from stocks. When they use fonts, they should not stretch them. But sometimes the rules can be broken. And this is the case!

Kinetic typography is an experiment with letters, their size, and shape. This is a game of designer who is tired of the rules. And it looks amazing. Of course, it attracts attention. Viewers want to look at such advertising and consider small details. It is modern and beautiful, so that is why kinetic typography is one of the trends of 2020.



The grain is used to make the image more atmospheric. This is done in contrast to the simplicity of the minimalism of geometric shapes. The monochrome geometric figure will always remain stylish. But if you add grain, you get an interesting effect. And modern graphic designers like this effect a lot. This is indicated by the fact that the amount of its use increases every year.


Thin lines

Previously, they were not given enough attention. The designers took thin lines several basic functions and forgot about it for years. Now thin lines are becoming a trend. Thin lines functionality expands. This becomes not just a stylish phenomenon, but also a multifunctional hack. Thin lines can suggest the direction, divide, shape, create a contour. But in motion, it looks amazing.

Since the line has the opportunity to become animated, it has changed. Now the line moves and dances. The line is no longer a static pointer, it is a digital waltz.


Liquid motion

Graphic design is rapidly evolving and that is why every year we have new trends. Liquid motion one of them. It takes its name from smooths motion. In this case, there are no sharp transitions.


Everything happens smoothly with the effect of water. Details overflow one to another and one scene soars into another. For this reason, this effect is very interesting to watch. The trajectory of movements is difficult to track. The boundaries change all the time. Viewers love it, and designers say that liquid motion makes their work more interesting. For this reason, liquid motion is in trend.


Combining 2D and 3D

We all remember the 2D images of Bugs Bunny and The Flintstones. We loved these games and cartoons. But nowadays, when modern technologies can revive their favorite characters, 2D doesn’t go away. People still like 2D images. It gives people a sense of nostalgia. And nostalgia is a good influence on sales.

For this reason, the combination of 2D and 3D is becoming more and more popular. It’s no secret that users themselves choose what will become a trend and what won’t. And in this case, nostalgia does its job.

It may seem that this kind of animation remains flat and boring. But it all depends on the angle. The tilt angle of the camera can profitably revive the image. Let’s see how this trend will develop in the future.


Big, bold typography

Big, bold typography is used everywhere lately. This style of motion graphic a really popular trick. We see big, bold typography on websites, on clothing, on posters, etc. This technique is often used because it is an easy way to convey information or simply to attract attention.

It’s hard not to notice the huge element, letter, number when it is everywhere. Of course, the important role played by the font, texture, and color. But in any case, it is very difficult to remain indifferent to this. Here are the roots of popularity.



Digital-surrealism is a fascinating phenomenon. Some people even call it kind of visual art. Thanks to this motion graphics style, we can see clearly objects that simultaneously seem familiar and imaginary. Everything that seems unreal to us in digital-surrealism becomes a given.

Also, objects can behave as they couldn’t in reality. The laws of physics are easily violated when designers themselves create the world pixel by pixel. Gravity doesn’t work anymore. Lines can burst and break. Objects fall up and land instantly. Any flight of thought can embody digital-surrealism.

It is whimsicality and the possibility of everything that makes digital-surrealism interesting for most of us. In digital-surrealism everything is possible. This means that by applying it as an integral part of your branding, the possibility of everything and the absence of borders is transferred to your business. The one who is not afraid to risk wins!



Of course, knowing the trends isn’t necessary at all, but it will be a great advantage. There are so many competitors around. The competition is too big in any field these days. And how to avoid it? You can only try to be the best. But for this, you need to be aware of everything that is happening around. And up to date with modern trends too.


Motion graphic promo video totally popular phenomenon. If you don’t have it, don’t dream of leadership. Top motion graphics trends of 2020 should have shown you that understanding trends can be entertaining. Don’t be lazy to check your product for the present. Is it out of date? Is everything good in your marketing strategy? And if something went wrong, don’t be afraid to change it. Change is something that allows you to constantly evolve. And since you know how to achieve this, it is strange not to try.


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