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UX/UI Design

UX/UI Design

UX and UI designers create the way how your customer or client will communicate and cooperate with your business. At this moment, each user, even without the specific education, has an own idea of how should the best UX for the website or app should look like.

Rondesign as user experience design agency could only create the UX from scratch, but also update the existing one, this is an usual service for us.

User experience is different for everyone. UX for the project should cover not only the business requirements and goals but also the user claims, and at the same time, it should be the standard decision that will work not only for your target audience but for new users. UI is not only about beautiful pictures. UI should be done following your vision, sphere, brand identity, and brand positioning. UI should help your target audience get everything you need on your side.

Custom UX And UI Design could cover project business requirements by 91%. Rondesign as UX design company, as well as UI, have a strong work process, that we have already tested and polish on more than 100 projects.

We understand that every application or website has its own target audience, that the UX and Ui should be done in accordance with absolutely different business requirements, that there are a few requirements to match – mobile-friendliness, usability, quality of content, color contrast, optimization, and first impression.

We resolve our client problem through our expertise, our work process, and quality that allows our design to stay relevant for 3-5 years.


Project budget often goes beyond the planned scope, because of the corrections that can take a lot of time on the project.

It often happens that during the project everything goes well, but when the executor can meet corrections, the project begins an uncontrollable fall from which it is very difficult to get out.


Our processes save up to 40% of clients time.

A well-structured process relieves pressure off the team, reducing misunderstanding and making the results predictable.

In Rondesign, all processes are clearly structured and aligned in such a way that the client and the performer don’t go beyond the timelines for the specified tasks.

The Main Stages for
such project

As the core stages, we provide: UI/UX Design Services, Discovery Stage, Research, Testing, Support, Development.

We always provide the person (account manager), which takes care only of your request. Custom made approach = 100% deliverables.

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Full Cycle
Development of the

Full Cycle Development of the Task
Task Readiness Task Deadlines

Types of Graphic
Design Everyone
Should Know

How many types of graphic design do you know? Are you sure that if you need to make a design of a book, you won’t contact a UX designer? It only sounds funny, but in real life, it happens all the time.
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Some of Our
Services and Forces

  • Prototype

    As well as full UX and UI services, we could provide our clients with low or high fidelity prototypes.

    The Prototype is the best decision when it is necessary to define how the product should look like.

    The Prototype, especially clickable one could give a comprehensive understanding of the idea, and could show all future functionality and flows.

    The main profit that Prototype gives is a clear structure and forecast for the next steps.
    As a particular service we also provide the Prototype that could be used with the Pitch deck, at the for the obtaining investment stage.

  • Pitch Deck

    We often provide our clients with a Pitch deck for startups or early-stage projects as well as all graphic design services. We could give the best overview of your future project, your product showcasing, your plans, monetization strategy, and also introduce your team in the right way.

    To help our client deal with such a crucial stage, we could take cues from top startups in your/pretty similar sphere, startups who’ve already raised money from angel investors, VCs, and most impressive Pitch decks.

    If your clients have a limited amount of information, we help show it with the infographic elements – it helps to visualize it more impressive. Our team has its own developments in the structure system of the Pitch deck sphere.

  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

    During the cooperation with most of our clients with the MVP projects, our team could watch how the MVP projects grow to the real ones.

    MVP is the best decision not only for the startup but for the existing businesses as well. Our team helps our clients realize their first version and helps to speed up the process. At this stage, there are no additional or secondary functions, but only the essence of the service.

    For our clients, MVP is a way to test an idea quickly. The customer often invests a lot of money on the web or app development of the project without really testing the hypotheses- this isn’t the right way.

    We will go through all these steps with you. Check everything before you act with all the strength.

  • Promo Materials

    When the product is on the stage – “More than two weeks before the launch” or even more, it is vital to start dealing with the promo materials, which will help to create and convert the traffic.

    Our design agency could provide a massive amount of promo materials for the different types of platforms ( local or international), for example, ads or banners for Instagram or Facebook.

    We provide such services for different target audiences in absolutely different cities, such as London, New-York, and San Francisco.

Your idea realization is only one click away. Let’s Talk

At the Bottom Line
You Will Have

  1. Detailed Estimation
  2. Beneficial Research
  3. Project strategy
  4. User flows
  5. Sitemap
  6. Wireframes
  7. Intergration with your team
  8. Creative concept and ideas
  9. Design directions
  10. Storytelling
  11. Web and mobile UI
  12. Live prototype
  13. Style guides
  14. Design system
  15. Promo materials
  16. Pitch for your project
  17. Custom development
  18. Project managment
  19. Customer supprot
  20. Time reports
  21. Customer support