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The Greatest
Content Marketing
Tools for 2020

Use the right digital marketing tools for productive work. Every year more and more tools appear in this area. But how to get which ones are right for you? Let’s find it out just right now!

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Why should you read it?

Nothing can replace a great team and a solid strategy. But the right tech stack is always going to be your little helper.

Using the right content marketing tools will make your job easier. You will achieve better results. The process will be more interesting. And to know how to get all of these advantages, you can spend your time to try all the content marketing tools first hand or just read this article where we share our experiences.

Save your time. Be smarter than your competitors. Read it and double your experience.


What is it going to be about?

It’s not so easy to choose the right content marketing tools for the job. Some content marketing tools are not suitable for everyone. Those who advise one tool may not know about the other.

Often, employees don’t want to spend a lot of time studying content marketing tools. Therefore, they use only a few of the most popular, not knowing about the existence of the rest. But if they knew about them, the working day could become more productive.

In this article, we will look at marketing tools that have proven themselves. They are really effective at work. Some of them even can make your working process totally different, of course, in a good way.

But the choice depends only on you.


Top 13 of the best content
marketing tools

Here is a list of the best content marketing tools. Each item in this list will potentially help your business achieve better results. Try to apply them to find out for sure!


1. Grammarly


Grammarly will save you from embarrassment. This application helps to correct your errors. This app does it efficiently. This is a paid app, but you can try it for free.

Grammarly is an intuitive application that is easy to understand. It is easy to get used to it, and therefore soon you will forget that you use it, so organically it fits into your daily routine.

The main color of this application is green. This color gives peace of mind and confidence. The same quality gives also the lack of errors in your posts or business letters.

You will always be confident in every word you write. This application won’t only give you literacy but will change your attitude to correspondence, content, etc. Writing has never been so easy as with Grammarly.

It works simply. Grammarly emphasizes misspelled words with a red line. When you click on a word, the application tells you the correct version. It is also capable of checking punctuation and does it excellently.

If you don’t have enough vocabulary, Grammarly will prompt you synonyms for the words you would like to replace. The world of content will be different with this app. Having tried Grammarly, you no longer want to go back to mistakes, even if the chance to make a mistake is minimal.


2. WordPress


WordPress is still very popular in 2020. It has been on the top of popularity for years. Having admired among developers, WordPress doesn’t concede its positions to competitors that appear every year. And even so, you need to be interested in this CMS.

WordPress isn’t so difficult to learn. You need to have only a little perseverance to master this CMS. It is a well-known fact that about 30% of the global Internet uses sites built on WordPress. Impressive, isn’t it? And since he is so popular, it has a reason. And it really is.

WordPress is convenient, simple and affordable. And these are important criteria for those who are just about to create their own website. It will be a pleasure to work with it. Learn more about WordPress if you are going to create your own website.


3. HubSpot


This is an irreplaceable content marketing platform. You will enjoy working with it. HubSpot has a lot of useful functions. It helps you to create amazing content and target your customers.

When you start using this wondrous platform, you will have many advantages over your competitors. Creating content has never been so easy and interesting. With this platform, it really became a fascinating task.

There is also a powerful form builder. HubSpot includes live chats and great chatbots. And as a huge bonus, you will find here all-in-one WordPress plugin for marketing.

Try HubSpot and you won’t be able to refuse it.


4. Google Docs


Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine a successful content manager without Google Docks. This tool provides the broadest possibilities. It is used by millions of people. Thanks to synchronization, this tool is indispensable, because it allows the whole team to work on one document remotely. It is convenient, and most importantly reliable.

There are a few significant pros of Google Docs:

  • Easy to figure out how doest it work;
  • Export flexibility
  • It’s free to use
  • Totally free
  • Absolutely free

And here are some cons:

  • A presentation program isn’t so good
  • It has no offline version

Do your math.


5. Airstory


This app has been made for content creators who want to work easier and faster. Airstory will be useful for copywriters, bloggers, SMM specialists, etc. And it will be a super useful app if you want to create content on the go. Simply put, it’s a drag-and-drop document builder.

If you decide to read the comments about this application on the Internet, you will find many positive reviews. But the brightest of them is: ‘While others teach you how to create content, Airstory helps you create it’. Airstory can inspire you start your blog.

Is it really true? Check it on your own experience!


6. Buzzsumo


Are you looking for a brilliant content marketing research tool? If so, you are in the right place.

Thanks to this content marketing tool, you can analyze what kind of content is better for a particular purpose. You will see such metrics as social shares, backlinks, etc.

These metrics will help you to get what type of content works effective and what isn’t. In this way, you can improve your site and get more chances to attract an audience, because if you use Buzzsumo, you have already known what people like and what they don’t like.

Buzzsumo helps you to make a marketing strategy. At least the process of making a strategy will be easier with Buzzsumo.


7. Yoast


Use Yoast if you need an amazing content marketing tool for writing SEO-optimized text. As written on their official website, their mission is SEO for everybody.

Simply put, they want to deliver an opportunity to rank in the search engines for each website owner. This is their goal and they successfully moving towards it.

Yoast is pretty similar to ‘all-in-one’ WP plugin for SEO. Yoast helps people to get the traffic they deserve. Using this content marketing tool, you will learn how to increase it.

Yoast will help you attract an audience if you have a really interesting product or service. This digital tool will help restore justice when small ideas are repressed with large ones. Thanks to Yoast, everyone will have a chance to be heard. No matter how large the volumes of your business. It’s important that you have a desire to develop, and the rest will receive in the process.

Yoast knows how it works. Yoast teaches this to others. This is the best tool that can help you to optimize your content.


8. Ahrefs


This content marketing tool is great for analyzing keywords of your competitors. Also, Ahrefs can analyze traffic. Ahrefs has so many features that it takes time to master everything. Anyway, most of these features are intuitive. Statistics are displayed beautifully and easy to understand. If you use Ahrefs, then every day you will find something new for yourself. And this is an obvious advantage. 

When you collect statistics from competitors’ sites, remember that your goal is to gain their experience. Competitor statistics may warn against common mistakes. It can say a lot about the work in your niche.

The target audience and keywords shouldn’t be turned into a table, but as an example of which approach you should choose. Experiment. Ahrefs has it all so that your experiments will be crowned with success.

So, now you know what to do if you need a keyword research.


9. Vidyard


Do you want to have a lead generation machine?

Vidyard knows in what way to transform your videos into it. There is one of the best video marketing platforms with a purpose to host and share your video content.

They have their unique system that really works. With their great features, you will have everything you need to successfully engage a new audience and increase your traffic.

They know how to turn your viewers into buyers. Isn’t it sound good? Check this content marketing tool before your competitors do it first.


10. Trello


When you produce a lot of content, you must manage it in the best way. Trello has everything you need for this target. Trello is a project management tool.

Simple but at the same time multi-functional. This tool will help you to coordinate the actions of your team, and plan your own day, week, year. You will be surprised how easy it is to plan with Trello.

Try to use it, to figure out how good it is.


11. Airtable


This is also a project management tool, but more complicated than Trello.

It’ll take more time to learn all its features, but at the same time, Airtable is much more customizable.

Definitely, this content marketing tool is made for those how really know what they want.


12. Canva


Stock images are a bad tone. No need to use them, because it undermines the user’s trust. You don’t want to lose a potential client just because of the wrong picture, do you? Now you will know better image source.

So, what if you aren’t a designer, and you still need a good image? If you do not know how to work in Photoshop at all, then Canva will help you.

To use Canva you don’t need to have experience of the designer. You just need to show a little imagination. An intuitive tool knows how to help you translate your graphic ideas.


13. Google Analytics


This is a digital analytics platform. You can track business metrics with this powerful content marketing tool. Also, this is one of the most widely used platforms online.

Using Google Analytics, you will know your business in detail. This will give you many benefits. You can increase traffic by learning what your audience responds to better and worse. Statistics is a very important component of any business. You can entrust your statistics to Google Analytics, and this step turns to your advantages.



Have you tried at least a couple of these powerful content marketing tools? If so, then this article has already paid off.

This top of the greatest content marketing tools will make your work more productive, and the process more pleasant. In our time, when everything is rapidly developing, very important to keep track of new features in our field. Perhaps someone has already solved a problem that bothers us now.

Anyway, in order for the content to become better, you need to improve the marketing tools with which the content is created.

This text was dedicated to just that.

I hope it worked.


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