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What’s the purpose of a landing page: to show everyone cool design or increase your conversion? How about sales? Do you know how to make users click the call-to-action button? So, you will.

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You probably have some troubles with a conversion of your landing page

And the first step to making solve this problem is collecting data. Do you really know who is your target audience? Check it one more time, maybe there is the root of your problem. But if it isn’t, let’s go deeper.

In this article, you will know about effective landing page optimization and increasing conversion. You will figure out how to identify the most common problems of landing pages and the way you can solve it. You will get some useful tips and tricks that help you increase your sales.


The Most Common Mistakes
of Landing Pages

Of course, you can find more mistakes that interfere with a good conversion. But if you notice and fix these few mistakes it will be enough to see a result. Nothing is perfect. But the more time you spend solving these issues the better conversion you will get.

There is a list of the most common mistakes you have to fix in the first place:


Design that isn’t intuitive

Even if you choose this design for a reason, it would be better to change it. Users like beautiful landing pages but they like even more that one could be called user-friendly. Your landing has to be simple and intuitive. But if it isn’t, you will get problems with conversion.


Weak headlines

Do you like your landing page’s headline? Are you interested in your product after reading it? If don’t, you’d better change it. Ask your team what they think about your headline?


Disconnections between ad copy and landing page copy

This is a big risk for your business because if there is really disconnection, your visitors can lose confidence in your brand. It is always easier to build trust than to restore it.


Confusion with call-to-action (CTA)

CTA should be simple and straightforward. Users of your landing pages should have no doubts they do everything right. Nothing can be worse than dead links or broken call-to-action buttons on your landing pages. Double-check CTA. Better spend some more time than lose clients because of this simple reason.


Tips for Better Landing
Page Conversion


Try to learn more about your users

As mentioned in the beginning you should know your visitors. You can start by collecting data about their age, sex, location, preferences, etc. You need it because it helps to interact with them. This knowledge is extremely important for any business. Don’t skip it in any case if you want to become a successful entrepreneur.

But what if you are only at the beginning of your way and you have no idea who is your potential customer? In this case, you need to look at your competitor’s websites. Do some research. It will help you won’t make the same mistakes as they did.


Change the headline of your landing page

A headline is the first thing on any landing page visitors focus on. That is why this is important and that is why you should make it benefit-orientated. Don’t put in your headline text about how good is your product. People don’t really care about this information. We all know there are a lot of amazing products around us, but users need reasons why they should choose yours.

So, better tell your visitors why your product is valuable for them. Tell them how they will change their home with your product or services. Have you told them about an awesome atmosphere your brilliant product will bring to them? That is what you need to write in your headline.


Is your content really valuable?

Obviously, one of the key elements of the landing page is the content you create for your visitors. It depends on the content whether the user presses the call-to-action button or not. So, if you want to increase the conversion of your landing pages you should provide your users with good written information.


When users read texts on your landing page they decided can they trust your brand or not. But it doesn’t mean you need to write too much. The rule ‘less is more’ works even in this case.

The same thing is true about visual elements as pictures, videos, etc. All kinds of content should be valuable for your potential clients. But if it isn’t you just lost them. To prevent this, you can test your content until you find your unique approach. Experiment with it. All you need is just remember that content is a key element of your landing page.


Improve your CTA button

Make your call-to-action button benefit-orientated. Look at your buttons right now. Think, what can you improve in them except its size, color, shape. What text can you see there? Do you like this text? Does this text push you to press this button? Change it if it doesn’t.

The perfect text for the CTA button doesn’t sound like ‘download’, but ‘get free colored instruction’. Don’t use boring ‘submit’, better change it to ‘get free tips’. A button with the text ‘buy now’ on it doesn’t look attractive anymore. That is why you’d better change it to ‘add to card with 30% discount’. So, would you click this button after our little changes? I would! 


Don’t stop working upon the design

Ok, you can have amazing products but if the design of your landing pages isn’t good, you’d probably fail. Even the best prices won’t help you in this situation. Why is it so? Simply put, 94% of the user’s first impression is related not to websites’ goods or something, but to design elements.

Web design is one of the fastest-growing areas nowadays. That is why you shouldn’t stop working on the design. If you don’t want to have an outdated website or landing page, continue to follow new trends of design and apply them to your website. Continue reading our useful tips for landing pages optimization. This is a good way to go!

Follow new trends. Apply for a fresh design. But if you don’t know how to do it or have some hesitation, feel free to contact our experts. They know the approach that leads you to success.


Does anyone like complicated forms?

Do you want to get more leads? Remember, every single lead is important. And forget about long boring forms. People don’t like to fill forms. Especially if there is no autocompleting. That is why you should use forms with minimum fields. A great modern design can help you draw users’ attention to the form. But still, don’t use a lot of fields in it because no one will fill it and you will lose your potential customers.

Don’t use extra fields can be a hard task because marketers always want to know more about users. They always ask to add some fields of gender, sex, age, birthday, etc. It’s ok, they just do their marketing job. But you need to find a middle ground and don’t overdo it. Just remember that users visit your website not because they want to share with you their personal information, but for online shopping. Statistics are nice, but buying is better.


Avoid risk factors on your landing page

What is the risk factor? It is everything that can distract or discourage the user from buying. These factors include:

  • Content that doesn’t correspond to reality

The better content you have the easier it is to promote your website.

  • Broken promises

For instance, don’t promise any discounts if you are not able to provide them.

  • Wrong prices

Nothing can be worse for conversion of your landing page than wrong prices and dead links.

  • Complicated offer

The text of your offer should be simple and clear. Users don’t have to spend more time trying to understand what do you suggest to them. They just won’t read your offer to the end. So, write it as simple as you can, and you will see the result of your work.


Make multiple landing pages

Do you have only one landing page? Why so? You have no limit on it. Of course, you can create a big number of landing pages if you have enough offers. An offer for one landing page is a pretty good strategy. Split your goals too small steps and make for each of these steps its own landing page. Promise, you will see the power of this decision.

According to statistics some of the biggest brands have about 30 landing pages for their products. A landing page isn’t a bonus for your business. It is the right and modern way to success. It’s no need to tell you have read this article having another purpose on your mind but success. 



You just read the list of tips for landing pages optimization. After that, your landing page can’t stay the same. All you need is to learn how to use new knowledge in the right way and then you will see its power.

But first of all, you should understand your client’s preferences. Remember, you create a landing page for them, not for yourself. Because you have an offer for your visitors. This offer makes you an entrepreneur.

Also, this offer should attract users. Users and their wishes are the most important thing in this deal. That is why you need to know how to handle it. So, learn them. Love them. Communicate with them.


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