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Minimalism in web design has long occupied an honorable place. It is stylish and modern. Minimalism is a sign of good taste. And if you want to possess it, then you have come to the right place.

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The word minimalism has recently become very popular

It is used in relation to design, art, and even music. Naturally, its value can be somewhat modified, depending on what field of activity in question. And sometimes it turns into a problem. Fortunately, we know that there are no unsolvable problems.

Since we are talking about web design, we need to highlight the dead zones of minimalism in this area. And first of all, it should be said that minimalism means simplicity, but behind this simplicity is no less labor than any other web design style.

Sometimes even more effort is needed to convey the simplicity that minimalism is famous for. And if users don’t notice this, then the work is done well. This is because if users don’t see this, then everything looks organic. And this is the main point.


What is minimalism?

Minimalism in web design is a simple and concise design, created with minimal use of visual elements. A simple form is designed to focus the attention of visitors on the target action. And, equally important, minimalistic web design has a special aesthetic appeal. For these qualities, the style has a lot of fans.


Even an image can be minimalistic if a designer put away everything that isn’t necessary for it. You know, sometimes one picture could be worth a thousand words. And this is a rule of minimalism.


Minimalism and planning

As mentioned above, minimalism and especially minimalism in your design doesn’t mean less effort, and more often it means even more effort. And of course, planning takes a big role in this matter. A well-created structure will help to follow the order of actions, to get the project from design to realization with the use of those effects that were originally conceived.

Minimalism web design just seems simple. The most difficult thing is to transmit this sensation. You need to do everything so that the website looks simple, while it isn’t. Well, make sure that for this you need a plan. And the plan will need to add a strategy.


Power of minimalism

‘Less is more’ is a truly minimalist statement. It expresses the whole essence of minimalism. But it also refers to the art of getting rid of all that is superfluous, and this is not so easy.

Perfect design isn’t when there is nothing to add, but when there is nothing to take away. And it needs a long study. Show yourself to the study of minimalism, and you will see that this power can affect your whole life.


Basic principles of minimalism
in web design

Minimalism web design means simplicity. And simplicity means removing unnecessary elements.


User-friendly interface

The 2020 user-friendly interface should be the main rule for all websites, but unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. And yet, if your goal is not just to attract the user, but also to achieve his loyalty, then you should pay attention to this point.


Hidden navigation

It is very convenient to use hidden navigation. In addition, it may look stylish if this issue is approached in a consistent way. One of the advantages of hidden navigation is that you can have a menu of any size, it will still be elegantly hidden. The more space you can find on your website, the more stylish it will look. And especially if this space is white. Marketers who are engaged in color, prefer white color because it isn’t only attracts users, but also has a positive effect on their further actions. Want to know more, then read our article about colors and their impact on the consumer.


No more than three colors at once

Sounds weird? Any statement has its rationale. Let’s see why we shouldn’t use more than three colors in the design of the website. In fact, everything is simple, because we are talking about minimal web design. Minimalism involves a minimal amount of any means, including colors. Remember the rule ‘less is more’. Actually, this is all you need to know for the beginning.


Experimentation with fonts

The font is one of the most undervalued web design tools. Even large companies that cry out for their own uniqueness often use the same fonts on their sites as thousands of other companies. One of the trends in 2020 has become custom fonts. Make a unique font for your brand. Experiment with different combinations. The more fun you bring the process, the better the result will be. But how to get pleasure from the process, if it is boring and limited by the framework? To solve this issue won’t help any article. Experiment! Any experiment necessarily leads to something big.


No excess detail: color transitions, shadows, textures

Are you sure there is a need for this? Are you sure that users like it? Too many graphics aren’t as good as could seem. Do you like it yourself? Better limit yourself to a smaller amount of effect but choose only those that really decorate your site.


No extra buttons

Every detail of your website must be justified. This is the charm of minimalism. If one function can be performed with one button, then it is worthwhile to limit it to this. No need to create multiple buttons.


Buttons are good when they stand out from the background. And if there are many buttons, then they themselves become the background. Think about it.


The advantages of minimalism

Fortunately, minimalism isn’t only a popular thing, but also a thing that has a whole list of advantages that many of them will consider you important. Every designer knows about it, but not everyone will tell it to customers because they understand all the difficulties of creating a minimalistic website. So, let’s find out exactly what advantages minimalism has and why it is so important to know about it.


Minimalism easily becomes responsive

There will no longer be difficulties with the placement of the elements, and their movement for different screen sizes. All that you have in the full version of the site will surely remain in the mobile version, and in the version for different screen extensions. Your style won’t suffer. And this is important.


Fast loading pages

Surprised? Since minimal design refuses any extra element on the page, it means that the loading speed of a page becomes faster. This is one of the most important advantages of minimalism because a lot depends on the speed of page loading. It also depends on whether the user is delayed on your site or not. Is it worth the risk?


Minimalism helps users focus on what you sell

Websites created in this style don’t distract users from the most important thing – what you want to sell them. This design perfectly emphasizes all the most important things for you and for users. The modern user prefers compressed information submitted without further ado. This is due to the pace of life of modern man, which is accelerated. Therefore, minimalism is popular and will remain so for a long time.


Easy navigation

Thanks to minimalism, navigation of your site will always be intuitive. This means that your site will be convenient for the user. And this is another reason that will help you achieve the loyalty of the target audience.


It’s trendy

Yes, minimalism is a trend. Naïve to think that minimalism can lose its popularity in the next few years. Because minimalism becomes almost classic as black and white. One French film director said: ‘I know that art is absolutely necessary, but I don’t know why’. The same thing is about trendy design.


It’s very important that the design of your website would be not only attractive, catchy and just beautiful, but also it should also be practical. And minimalism is exactly like that.


Minimalism is your way to
get more from less

Minimalism isn’t just a style in web design. This is something more. This is a special way of thinking and creating content. This is a special view of the world. And this needs to learn. You need to learn to reduce and get rid of all the excess. This skill is useful to us not only in design but also in business. So, it is worth spending your time on it.


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