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Motion Graphics vs.
Animation — What's
the Difference?

This article is written for those who want to understand the difference between motion graphics and animation. Let’s take a look at this complex relationship between such similar areas.

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There are complex cases in each area that aren’t easy to understand

But with due diligence, everything becomes possible.

Sometimes you have to read definitions of complex terms, look for primary sources, and even conduct small researches. But in our case, things are much simpler.

All you need is to read this article. Here you will find useful information about animation and motion graphics. This text contains an answer or better to say an explanation to the main question. And this question sounds like this: what is the difference between motion graphics and animation.

If you already have assumptions, fix them in your memory. It will be interesting to compare your idea of this difference before reading the article and after that.

It’s time to delve into our topic. Let’s start!


Important clarification

All that we are going to talk about in this article is the type of animation. This means animation is something that combines different types, including motion graphics. There are a lot of types of animation but we will talk about motion graphics.


What is an animation?

Graphic animation is a technique that makes static objects or images move.


Motion vs. Storyline

Thanks to motion graphics, you can animate entire worlds from illustrations. This is often used as a background for a video. Motion graphics are often used in advertising.

In the animation, however, storytelling, vivid characters, etc. prevail. In motion graphics, everything is based on motion and this is important. Storytelling isn’t important in this area at all. Because motion graphic has another purpose. This is their main difference in graphic design from animation.


What exactly storyline is?

But what is included in the concept of the storyline when we talk about animation? It is important to accurately understand and delimit because without this step many more types of visual art can be added to the animation.

In the context of animation, the storyline isn’t only actions that have developed, but also bright characters. In motion graphics, it isn’t so important how important it is to show movement, breathe life into shape.


Motion graphics are used:

  • In animated commercials;
  • Music videos;
  • In movie credits, etc.


The role of motion graphics
in the modern world

The first thing you should associate with motion graphics is the beginning and the end of movies, videos, TV shows, or even a cartoon. Colorful screensavers that appear at the beginning of the programs are made by those professionals who own the principles of motion graphics.

One-fifth of the airtime is motion graphics videos. That is why graphic design or animation is difficult to underestimate. A video is a great tool for selling goods or services. Screensaver plays an important role in the perception of the program.

This is important and especially important when it comes to such a huge production as television and big budgets. Of course, this is a profitable direction, but also a very responsible one.

Are you ready to take on such responsibility making graphic design or animation for TV? If the passport is figuratively called the face of a citizen, then the motion graphics in the screensavers of the programs is the face of the program itself. If there is only one person behind a passport, then a large number of people work on creating a program. And if something goes wrong with motion design, then not only the motion designer but the whole team will suffer from it.


The main features of motion

  • Simple and minimalistic design;
  • Bright, colorful images;
  • Attractiveness;
  • Information is provided in short theses;
  • Apply current technology;
  • Tracking trends.


Motion graphics usually
focuses on:

  • Presentation;

Motion graphics is a great way to convey to the public your great idea or idea. The animation, in this case, will be more than appropriate. Any doubts that motion graphics can create an awesome presentation for any purpose.

  • Informing;

Thanks to motion graphics, you can inform the audience about important news in a compressed form.


  • Training;

The level of educational sphere has grown incredibly, thanks to interactive lessons you can easily organize a lesson and teach some material. Motion graphics will become an indispensable tool.

  • Sale;

Motion graphics is also the perfect tool for creating the call to buy a product or service is the main aspect of video.


When is it better to use animation
or motion graphics?

Social media likes videos, and therefore the business also likes videos. But your business doesn’t need any videos. You need a video as content that will illustrate the strengths of your brand.

You need to design motion graphics that will be the soul of your brand, and the same time your best marketing tool. You must reinvade it for your brand as if these few videos are the whole media for your business.  Therefore, you need to know in which case and what to use.

Use motion graphics if you don’t need narration in your video. And if the narration is necessary for your video, use animation. The visual style of motion design is simple with minimalist motion graphic and appeals to a wide range of viewers.

Use motion graphics to have your video need a background, not a self-contained story. If the animated part isn’t the main part, then the motion graphics will suit you.

Motion graphics is the choice of those who know that less is more.


An animation is your

In this article, we looked at the difference between motion graphics and animation. We learned that motion graphics are just part of the animation. We understood when to use motion graphics, and when to use animation. And this was the use of the article.

There are a lot of apps that could help you try to make some graphic animation video. All you need is just to choose an app you will like to work with. It will bring you a lot of joy and great animations.


There are many types of animation. But don’t be afraid of this. An animation is a very interesting topic that attracts the attention of both businessmen and consumers. Everyone likes animation, and therefore animated videos are the future of advertising.

Now you know the difference between animation and motion design. Soon you will learn about other types of animation. And every day more and more new doses of information will make your business better. An animation isn’t only a tool for remarkable marketing strategy. An animation is also the uniqueness your brand will necessary get.


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