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How to Build
Brand Affinity

Your task is to build brand relationships with a customer. How can you do it? Did you hear about brand affinity? Take time to write this text if you want a customer to pay attention to your brand.

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How to build brand affinity?

Let’s talk about how to build brand affinity or in other words about building strong customer relationships is the foundation of any brand. Those brands that do it better are more successful than others. In this article, we tried to analyze this phenomenon in order to show you how the process of building a relationship between a brand and a consumer works.

Of course, in order to do this, you’ll have to make a lot of effort, but it’s definitely worth it. When the connection between the brand and your customers becomes strong, then you’ll receive great privileges and faith in a bright future.

To do this, you need to determine your brand and its personality. This is the first thing you need to do. Why? Because you need to know what to strengthen. After all, only realizing what your strengths are, you can tell others about it. But that’s not the point. The fact is that your goal is to talk about your brand so convincingly that consumers are not only interested in this, but also create an associative connection in their minds. How to achieve this? In this article, you’ll get an answer. Even if you have never heard of brand affinity, it will become clear and simple to you in practice.

What is it?

Brand affinity describes consumers who believe that a particular brand shares common value ​​with them.


Why is this needed?


With this, you can build relationships that tend to keep regular customers longer. This means that you can not only increase your profit but also make it permanent. This is a kind of basis for any business that is going to exist for more than 3-5 years. Thus, you are kind of building the future of your brand based on clear data.

All purchases are usually a mixture of only 3 points:

  • emotional decision;
  • rational decision;
  • behavioral decision.

When a client feels close to a brand, then the emotional aspect is likely to play a role in making a purchasing decision. And this is a very important point, no matter what business you are engaged in, it is important that you know exactly how and why a customer makes a purchase.


What is a brand identity?

Brand identity is a combination of qualities that are inherent in people and that customers attribute directly to the brand. This is what makes any brand more interesting for customers. In other words, if customers can easily find similarities with themselves in your brand, then they will most likely become your loyal customers.

The more associations a potential buyer spends with himself and his life between himself and your company, the more likely he will turn into your regular customer, who will come again and again, telling his friends and acquaintances about your brand. Isn’t it the head of any company who dreams of such a client?

There are five types of brand personality:

  • sincerity
  • competence
  • sophistication
  • ruggedness
  • excitement

All this will help you attract customers of a certain segment in order to build strong relationships with them, increasing your income level and brand affinity.

Ask yourself which brands you have an affinity for? 


How to Use Brand Affinity?

There are several ways you can use brand affinity. It’s time to talk about these ways because all of them, in any case, will lead to positive changes in your business. Well, let’s discuss it.


Get to know your customers



Ask yourself, do you understand your customers? Your task is to collect as much information as possible about those whom you consider your potential customers. Interviews, sales, and CRM data, surveys are all great ways to gather the information you need.

Do you know what your clients do in their free time?

What kind of hobbies can they have?

What is their income level?

All this and much more you really need to know in order to build your personality and brand affinity.


Define the main associations with your brand

This task is understandable, but it is not entirely clear how to get it done.

So, what is the solution? You can create a search for all references to your brand. As a result, you will get tag clouds and by them already define common associations and even topics.


What is your message?

Do you know the message of your brand? After you have identified the main associations and topics, you can correlate them with the message and understand how reality matches plans for your brand.

To create a good brand that will become memorable and will bring good profit, you will need the brand identity embodied in it. It is for individuality that customers love brands. Everyone loves himself in the brand, not just the brand and a product or service.


Use online comment contests

Do you trust your audience? 

So, now you don’t even need to create a website to find it out. How can you communicate with your audience? Let’s see. 

This tip is very good and effective, which is clear even without much marketing knowledge. Nowadays social media is so important part of any strategy. Use an online comment contest to find out from your potential buyers what your brand is associated with and how they perceive your message. Online comment contest is a simple but powerful tool that helps you learn what consumers really know about you. Find out the social opinion in this way to get the best company branding ever. Social media is your way to great brand affinity.


Are you ready to build brand affinity?


Create brand affinity wisely. The client may not understand much, but what he does not understand, he always feels. For many clients, emotional communication is more important than rational arguments. You can write articles as much as you like about why your brand is of the highest quality, but the client will still give preference to the brand with which he will associate something important for himself. And these are far from rational arguments.

It is possible to build brand affinity isn’t so difficult, but to keep at the same level isn’t easy. This article has only talked about the basics of brand affinity. If you are really interested in this topic, then contact our specialists for more detailed advice on this issue. This topic is extremely important because the success of your brand depends on how you understand it. And if you are really building a brand that is worthy of attention, then these methods will help you achieve the desired result. 

In order for you to know in which direction to think after reading, this article will end with two important questions:

What do you think your brand is associated with?

What would you like him to associate with?

These two questions are your first step of a long way titled ‘how to build brand affinity?’. 

Try to define your definition of brand affinity. 


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