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The ultimate guide
to video marketing

We all know that video marketing is necessary when promoting a business. But why exactly do we need it? What is the advantage of a video? Is it as effective as they say? Let’s figure it out!

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What is video marketing?

Good news for you! There is nothing complicated in video marketing. Video marketing is a concept that embraces all kinds of interaction of marketing and video. It includes TV commercials, YouTube pre-roll ads, and any other type of paid advertisement with video. 

With the right approach, you can increase revenue and also raise your brand awareness. 


The strengths of video marketing

The strengths of video marketing


Here are just some of the benefits of video marketing. 

  • 93% of businesspeople using video marketing said that video on social networks brought them new customers and not just one-time customer, but regular ones (which means that the method works);
  • No doubts that video is the most popular form of content from users of social networks. The video overtook the photos because it allows you to collect information and make an opinion about a product faster;
  • YouTube isn’t just a website where people watch videos. YouTube is also a search engine. This is where people come in search of products and reviews about them. Therefore, YouTube must reflect your brand correctly because your sales will depend on this;
  • According to statistics, more than 85% of marketers use video content, and more than half of them focus on this. And this also indicates the effectiveness of the method. 
  • The presence of video materials on your website helps to raise your site higher in search results. 
  • Users trust websites that use video content. Since everyone knows how much work and money it takes to create video content. And the more effort you put into creating content, the more it attracts attention and is more appreciated by users. 


Use cases of video marketing

Use cases of video marketing


Let’s look at the most common forms of video marketing:

Social video marketing

Of course, video content has received a tremendous distribution on social networks. Today it is difficult to find a person who would never use at least one social network in his life. Moreover, every year the number of users only increases, and people spend more and more time on social networks.

Instagram and Facebook are now considered the most popular, and entrepreneurs worldwide use them to promote their products. To understand how you can use this to your advantage, you should carefully examine how your direct competitors use it. 

Let’s look at the features of different social networks to find out which of these social networks suits you best.


Facebook video marketing

Facebook video marketing


Facebook is a social network that allows you to upload video content and promote it. Thanks to targeted advertising, you choose your audience for Facebook ads. Your advertising video is seen not only by your followers but also by all users who come under clear criteria you set in advance. 


Instagram video marketing

Instagram video marketing


On Instagram, online stores are trendy. Their number is growing, but user loyalty is high. 

You don’t need to post long videos on Instagram. Fifteen seconds is the video’s duration in Instagram stories, and up to one minute is the limit on the video if you just put it in your profile. 

Only, at first sight, it may seem to you that these time limits are bothering you, but as soon as you feel the format and learn to fit into it, then you will realize that you don’t need more time.

More than 400 million accounts use stories every single day. 

But before you start using Instagram as a marketing tool, ask yourself a few questions: 

  • Which type of Instagram videos do you precisely like more? 
  • Have you ever bought something on Instagram? 
  • If so, can you remember why you have decided to make a purchase? 
  • How big the percentage of your target audience daily use Instagram?
  • Should your Instagram video be funny or stylish, or is that time to make up something new? 

These questions will help you to choose the way of promoting. Instagram users like systematic approach. You must adhere to one style, and it would be great if you chose your unique style from the beginning. 

Anyway, users perceive Instagram as something personal. That is why videos that depicter a behind-the-scenes look at what you do are pretty popular. It doesn’t matter you are a rock star or an owner of a small factory. People want to know how do you do whatever you do. 

Everyone likes peeping, and Instagram makes it legal. Such types of videos called live video. Use it, and you will get your popularity. Of course, popularity usually brings an increase in income.


Twitter video marketing

Twitter video marketing


If you think that video content isn’t necessary for Twitter, look at the official Twitter statistic. It says that tweets with videos are six times more likely to be retweeted than tweets with pictures. Even tweets with GIFs people share more willingly. 

Hashtags may help you promote your video on Tweeter. This way, more people can see your post. And it means that you will engage more users. But try to do it well. Figure out which hashtags are more effective than others. Maybe using the most popular hashtags isn’t the best idea, because your post will be hidden by other posts too quickly. 


YouTube video marketing

YouTube video marketing


The most remarkable fact about YouTube is that it is the second largest search engine. By 2020 you can find YouTube videos on any topic you want to learn. 

Using YouTube, you have a fantastic opportunity to make money on your videos. Of course, it depends on the number of followers and views. Try it, and maybe you will become one of the next YouTube stars.


Email video marketing

If you decide to use a video on your email, be sure your email has a line where you inform a receiver that he can click on a button to watch a video. Statistic says that if your email has such a range, then your video is more likely watched. So, to add something like this to your email or not is only up to you. But you know what the right answer is. 

Also, an email with added video in it is more credible. Try to add some animation to your video to make it catchier. Take care of the quality of your videos, and your efforts will be justified. Also, keep in mind lighting best practices. As you know, lighting is what makes your videos professional. 

Video marketing is the path not for those who want to make ordinary goods, but for those who are only the first and only the best. Do you think you are one of such businessmen? Keep reading, and you will learn what also video marketing can do for your business. 


Why is that so important to have a video on your website? 

Why is that so important to have a video on your website


Have you ever heard that users spend 90% more time on websites with videos? This is an unshakable truth. And this fact means only one thing that you should make your video and put it on your site if you want to increase your user’s engagement. 

There is another fact about the necessity of a video on any website. If your website or landing page has a video, it is more likely to show up on the first page of search results. 

If you have decided to make a video special for your website, there are a few ideas for you.

Ideas for making a promo video for your website:

  • Firstly, make a video for the About page. Tell your users what is your website about and teach them how to use your website in a more useful way;
  • Make a video about the top positions of your goods. Show your users how to use your products so they would like to do it by themselves;
  • Make a video about the creation process of your goods. It is always interesting how things that you love have been made;
  • Make a video about your staff. It could be a video interview. Your customers can become more loyal if they see who exactly make their favorite goods for them;
  • Make a video that tells the story of creating your company. Such videos can turn your company into a brand. Experiment with this because it is a straight way to increase your income. 
  • Consider all these ideas and come up with your video marketing strategy. 


Video as a part of content marketing 

Video as a part of content marketing 


As you might have guessed, a video is a pretty important part of content marketing. But the average cost of making videos is much higher than, for example, the price of writing text or taking a beautiful picture. So, it means that you can use video to emphasize essential ideas. 

If you sell shoes, you don’t need to make video about each pair of shoes you have in a stoke, better make a video about the most expansive ones. It will attract attention to this position and increase your chances of selling them. 

Use video as an argument and your specific advantage. As we know, one picture worth a thousand words, so try to count what does a video worth in this case? Even one middle-quality video is much better than any at all. Let your goods be sold on their own. Let your business be better.


How to start a fresh video marketing campaign nowadays  

How to start a fresh video marketing campaign nowadays  


Choose your target audience. 

Firstly, you need to figure out who is your target audience. Knowing the age, sex, location of your users will help you choose the right style for your content. Then users will spend more time on your website. The more time they spend, the more orders they potentially can make. Our experts can help you to find your target audience and teach you how to work with a maximum of productivity. 


Make sure you know the needs of your target audience? 

This knowledge will help you to sell your goods. If you know what they want to buy, you will sell it to them much easier. That’s why you need to spend some time collecting data about your users. 


Plan your budget

Planning your budget is the central part of your video marketing strategy. It will let you know which resources to use.  


Find the right ideas for your videos.

After you have your budget and collected data about your target audience, it’s high time to choose a video type that best suits your company. Experiment with it. Don’t afraid to make mistakes. It’s ok to make mistakes when you only in your way of looking for your format. Be creative. Or find a good team for this target with whom you can create a video marketing strategy and then bring it to life. 


Choose the most suitable platform or channel for your videos. 

As you already know, you can use it to post your videos such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo, your website, or landing page, etc. Each of these platforms has its own rules, and it is pretty essential to know about them. All of these rules were created for a reason, and knowing it will help you to use it most profitably. 

If you don’t know which one of these platforms you should choose, then choose a couple of them. Start your video marketing program and check the result after two weeks, then after a month. Compare your result for different periods. Your target is to determine the user’s engagement. If indicators are rising, you are on the right way. But if not, you should analyze why that is so and find the reason.

Choose the most suitable platform or channel


Find out how you can measure your success 

Learn how to identify your success. This step is pretty noticeable because without knowing how to measure your success, you just lose the opportunity to improve your work. But how do you really can measure such thing as the success of your video marketing strategy? 

It depends on the goal you had in the beginning. If your goal was to engage more users, you could measure your company’s success by the statistics of published video. 

  • How many people watched your video? 
  • Have they watched it till the end? 
  • How many likes do your videos have? 
  • And what about dislikes? 

All of these indicators are a very, very good measure. 


Promote your video

Promotion is as important as making a video. You can make the best video ever, but without a good advertisement, nobody will watch it. And if such video nobody watches, it’s just the same as if it doesn’t exist. Take your time. Make your best. And let the world see your videos.

That is all you need to know about video marketing. Use this information wisely, and you will get the best result. 

Now you are ready to start a video marketing strategy. 


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