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How to Create
an Email Newsletter

Is that worth it?  Email newsletter doesn’t lose its relevance even over time. It won’t lose its popularity further. It’s for this reason that you need to familiarize yourself with this topic, which can become useful for your business. The newsletter will be an excellent message for the audience if you want to attract new […]

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Is that worth it? 

Email newsletter doesn’t lose its relevance even over time. It won’t lose its popularity further. It’s for this reason that you need to familiarize yourself with this topic, which can become useful for your business.

The newsletter will be an excellent message for the audience if you want to attract new customers, with the help of which you can notify potential customers about new products or services of your company. Each such informed person is a potential profit for your company. And in this article, you’ll learn how to get this profit or at least increase the chances of making this profit. So, it is definitely worth your time and effort. 

Email marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing tools. Just send an email to your potential client, and see what comes after. You’ll learn about creating email templates, newsletters, and any patterns that are most effective for driving traffic. Ready to become a little more professional than you were yesterday?

What is an email newsletter? 

You probably saw the newsletter in your inbox. Try to recall a couple of examples, and if you can’t remember, check your mail and be sure to find what you are looking for there. The phenomenon of email distribution is known to everyone. But let’s try to define this phenomenon to understand what is discussed in this article accurately. So, what is an email newsletter?

An email newsletter is an effective way to communicate brands with their subscribers, users, and customers. If you own an online store, an email newsletter will attract visitors to familiarize yourself with promotional items, new arrivals, and discounts. If you have a website with the content or a blog, your newsletter includes information about new articles that may be of interest to a particular category of readers. In each case, the purpose of the email newsletter is different: increasing sales by notifying email recipients about discounts, providing useful tips and tricks, increasing traffic to the site, etc.

Now that we have defined what a mailing list is let’s determine what distinguishes a good mailing list from a bad one. A good email newsletter is not just another update on-site or brand news. This is a way of interacting with email recipients, increasing their involvement, and motivating the implementation of targeted actions. If the newsletter is of real value, users will click on emails, make purchases, and subscribe. But what value are we talking about? For example, your mailing list contains information that cannot be found anywhere. It is beneficial precisely because of its uniqueness.

Think about it: in email marketing, it’s important not only how your mailing list looks, but also what text is placed in it. For this reason, it is imperative to hire a copywriter who can provide you with quality services. Do not save on what you are going to save on. Make your mailing list truly valuable.

How to design an email newsletter?

These 4 ways to design an excellent email newsletter will be discussed below.

Method 1. Size

Professional designers know the best way to start a design is by creating a fixed size and image resolution. But why so? This will prevent incorrect display in different email clients, as well as guaranteed to ensure adaptability.

What is the most suitable size for this purpose? The optimal size for distribution is 550×600 pixels, and essential information should be placed within the upper 300×500 pixels. Such sizes will be adequately displayed on most mobile clients. Try it. It will significantly simplify your work. Knowing why you prefer to use this site, you can easily understand how to divide this size into sections and use them as efficiently as possible. Besides, there are tons of great examples on the Internet. 

Method 2. Colors and typography

Of course, besides size, what you fill with this size is also essential. You have a ton of options, but you need to divide all of this into components. To do this, follow these guidelines when working with internal elements:

  • CTA must have a minimum size of 44×44 px;
  • Do not use direct links instead of CTA buttons;
  • Use contrasting colors for CTA;
  • Stick to fonts that are supported by most email clients;
  • The minimum size for mailing is 14;
  • Line spacing – 1.5;
  • Do not use effects for fonts;
  • Observe the color scheme of the site;
  • Minimum text size – 500 characters.

Remember that letters should not contain JavaScript elements, a pseudo-class: hover, Flash- or CSS-animation, video. Such items may simply not work in several email clients, and your letter will be displayed incorrectly. For this reason, you need to try to make the design simple means, but not to the detriment of the visual part. This is not easy, but entirely possible.

Method 3. Make a choice

You need to choose between three points:

  • Make a design yourself;
  • Take advantage of a service;
  • Hire a professional designer.

If you choose the first option, then you should read our other articles in which you will learn about new trends. By the way, one of the tendencies of 2020 is minimalism. Adhere to the rules of minimalism, and this will increase your chances of creating something exciting.

If you chose the second option, use the services to create the design of an email newsletter, but use proven ones. Why do we need the above tips if you are not going to develop your mailing list design in graphic editors? It’s simple: you have to follow these rules even if you decide to simplify the task and use the services to create the mailing list design.

If you decide to choose the third option, you should contact freelancer exchanges or write to us. Our professional designers will execute your order quickly and efficiently. Your advantage is that you can hire one designer on freelance exchanges, and with us, you hire a whole team.

In any case, the choice is up to you. But remember that your income and the result of the mail newsletter depends on your preference.

Method 4. Images

Image is a vital component of any design, like a complete website or email newsletter. It is widely believed that for mailings, it is best to use images with significant elements made in warm colors. They can be used, but most of these images are taken from free photo stocks and are tired of most users. Are they tired of you?

Therefore, we recommend using images of indirect association for mailing, that is, those that do not speak directly about the subject of the letter. The role of images is significant. After all, when making purchases on the Internet, users evaluate the product precisely from the photo. Therefore, the images should be of high quality. You can save on anything, but not on the quality of the picture. Remember this because the result depends on such steps.

Video content and its importance

Video content helps to perceive information, and this is a fact. Every day, the video as a source of information is becoming more and more popular. According to YouTube statistics, more than a billion people devote their attention to watching videos every day. So why not use it as email content? The answer seems to be visible.

A big plus of the video materials is the ease of perception by a mail recipient. Psychologists also found that visually a person perceives 90% of the information, the rest is by ear. Video allows you to combine both of these methods.

For your videos, you could use:

  • Customer feedback
  • Video presentation of goods;
  • Welcome videos
  • Video invitations to events;
  • Video webinar.


This content simply talks about complicated things. Marketers are using infographics every day, more and more. If you need to submit statistics, research results, or a large amount of digital information, the easiest way to do this is with infographics.

Infographics have viral potential because they share it on social networks and blogs. Do you share infographics with friends? Test it, and you’ll figure out why it is such a powerful tool. All large companies use this to promote their product or service. Try using infographics in your email newsletter, and you will get all benefits of it.

How to create good email newsletters content?

Email recipients should like the content, and only you can make the content attract the attention of a large number of people. Below we have provided some tips to help you create the perfect email newsletter content. Your copy is the key. Remember about it and learn how to make it in the best possible way. 

  • Logical connections between elements

Check all distances between objects. How to do this? Objects located close to each other are perceived as a single semantic design. For this reason, adequately built connections will allow the subscriber not to puzzle over which text refers to what. This is a simple but important rule. Use it wisely and get the desired result. Moreover, the correctly positioned text always looks stylish.

  • Refusal of redundant design elements

The design should solve a specific problem. Elements added only for beauty make the layout weak and overloaded. Readers find it difficult to focus on the text. The quality content design does not tolerate this. Do not use elements without purpose, or minimize their presence in your design. The purpose of your email is not to share a beautiful picture with the user, but to convey the information you need to them.

  • Information content of the text

Remember, you have limited time and money to convey your thoughts and motivate the subscriber to the target action. The text for the email is a concentrate of interesting, and most importantly, understandable information. It is not worth illustrating each word. Use the email space wisely. Your goal is to interest the user, and not load it with useless info. Impossibly, this is not an easy task. You will have to make some efforts to achieve this. If it is difficult for you and you do not understand what exactly you need to do, you can contact us for advice.

  • Fonts

Email clients do not support all fonts and replace them with standard ones. This distorts the display of the letter. Remember this. It is essential to check the font of your choice in advance. Will it display correctly? If not, then alas, but you have to find a different font. However, this does not mean at all that another font will be more straightforward or less elegant. Professional designers have a couple of secrets here.

  • One thought – one letter

This is an important rule. Those who have already used this rule understand why it has become so important. It is your turn to check it out.


You’ve got the four most essential recommendations that you need to consider and some content tips. We do not tell you what the CTA buttons should look like or how the body of the letter should be composed correctly. We do not draw up a detailed description of the design process, which is replaced by our third recommendation. These tips are basic and based on them, you can create a design for the email newsletter that will attract and motivate your subscribers.

This information is enough to create a proper email newsletter. Take this opportunity. This can attract new customers and call for the purchase or order of your active users’ services. Do it and get all the benefits an email newsletter provides.


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