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Best Digital Marketing Tools in 2020. There’s a top of the best digital marketing tools in 2020. Check if your favorite tools are on the list! This top will make your business better. Try something new to achieve different results.

  • Ron E. Art Director

How to understand what’s going to be the best?

Many new digital marketing tools release every year. But which one to give preference to? Choosing is one of the most common difficulties of our time.

Statistic says that the average person hasn’t enough time to try each digital marketing tools. So, that is why we created this top of online marketing tools for you.

We checked them all. And now we are ready to advise you on the best of marketing tools.


Google Trends

Do you want to understand the trends of digital marketing? Google Trends will help you with it! This is a unique tool that quickly brings you up to date.

Google Trends is easy to use. All you need to do is go to the website and enter a request. Enter the query as a keyword. It can be anything. All that interests you. And you will find out whether to do it or not? It depends on many factors. And Google Trends can predict these factors.

It is also important that you can indicate a place on the map. You won’t only have access to trends but trends with statistics by region. And that makes Google Trends priceless. Don’t believe? Check it out!

The search here is thought out remarkably. You can search not only by keyword and location but also by time, platform, etc. You can even search it through YouTube preferences.

You undoubtedly know that YouTube is the second largest search engine. Surprised? The ability to look at familiar things from an atypical or new angle is the secret of the success of many entrepreneurs.


Google Keyword Planner

Social media marketing isn’t as difficult as it may seem at first glance. Social media marketing takes time and diligence, like any other sphere. Therefore, don’t think that social media marketing is very hard, better let’s find out which tools make work easier.

This digital marketing tool has a lot of fans. But it also has many opponents. Google Keyword Tool is a good program. After all, if it weren’t so, then it wouldn’t be included in this list. So why is Google Keyword Planner good? Let’s find out!

This is a powerful keyword analysis program. This tool has a lot of fans. Google Keyword Tool provides accurate statistics. Her data is reliable. Nevertheless, the opponents of this program accuse it of just misleading users.

Thanks to this program, you will easily recognize the level of competition in an interesting field for you. The main thing is to know how to work with the received information. It’s very convenient, fast and efficient. Also available to you such a function as data import.



Serpstat is another great, no, just a brilliant keyword tool.

If you are still embarrassed by bad comments about the Google Keyword Planner, then you need to check the data. And Serpstat is well suited for testing.

Serpstat has recently been completely redesigned. Now it looks stylish and attractive. Well-chosen colors, easy navigation, all this makes the program only better.

This tool will be useful to you when you want to track the keywords of competitors. The result of this program is accurate. It has an excellent reputation. Rate this tool yourself. I assure you will be satisfied.



This tool is indispensable. The information it provides cannot be replaced by keyword statistics. This is a completely different level. Using this tool, you will find out how much traffic makes any website that interests you. Moreover, you will know where this traffic comes from.

This is very convenient in many cases. This digital marketing tool is useful to you if you are only going to create a website. This will be useful if you are only trying to determine your niche. It will also be very, very useful if you collect information about competitors, track work, make plans for your website and its development.

Using this program is easy. It doesn’t take you much time, but the result will be invaluable. Spare no effort to receive information. Sometimes information is more expensive than money.



Do you think your content is good? How good is it? How can this be determined?

Buzzsumo will help you find out what kind of content is most in demand. You learn what to write and what to avoid in your blog. But it’s not just about blogs. This will be useful for all kinds of websites.

How to search for current topics? Buzzsumo can analyze questions. He collects the most popular questions recently online and creates statistics. Thanks to this you will always know what to write and how to attract the user.

This digital marketing tool is a great copywriter who never gets sick, doesn’t sleep, and it’s always ready to work. Your team will be better if you invite such a member to it. Just try Buzzsumo once, and you won’t stop doing it.


Facebook audience Insights

Every modern entrepreneur knows that Facebook is famous for its targeting system. It brought advertising to a new level. Is it worth telling about its benefits when we see the result every day? Many entrepreneurs are already making good money on this. Let’s see how to use it for earnings.


Facebook audience Insights has a lot of useful data for you. Your business won’t be the same. You just need to learn how to use this digital marketing tool, and your job as a marketer will become easier. Fortunately, you don’t need to spend a lot of time to learn how to use this tool. It is simple and useful.

You won’t only be able to track your potential audience, but also find out what other interests this group of people has. Of course, you will be available filters by gender, age, location, etc. In some regions, you can even find out the level of income. And that’s not all. Many of the features that this tool has will become indispensable in your marketing job. Facebook generously shares its knowledge with us, and it’s important to know how to use it.


Google Adwords

In the last few years, Google Adwords has been bringing Google about 80 billion a year. Gross amount. Let’s find out what Google AdWords is so valuable?

Google Adwords is an advertising platform. You will need a lot of time to understand it. But if you don’t have time to deal with all the difficulties of Google Adwords, then our experts can advise you.

Google Adwords is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to modern advertising. Over the past decade, advertising has changed a lot, and Google Adwords has actively participated in these changes.

If you have linked your destiny with marketing, then you need to master this multi-faceted tool. Many different targeting criteria. This is both difficult and interesting at the same time. Thanks to Google Adwords, your sales will increase. You will learn how to customize advertising not only by age and gender but also by preferences. Google Adwords will make your business more successful. Don’t postpone the study of this program for later. Do it now!



What are chatbots?

These are special programs that mimic communication with living people. For this purpose, using artificial intelligence. This is an indispensable feature of modern business.

There are a lot of builders chatbot. Every week you can find a new one, but a new one doesn’t always mean the best.

Manychat is one of the most reliable chatbot builders. It allows you to create a Facebook Messenger bot for marketing, sales, and support. The process is intuitive.

All this is free. It doesn’t take much time. You can customize it to your needs. Works great. This digital marketing tool has everything you need for a great chatbot builder.



Trello is the best tool in its niche. Trello has gained great popularity. And this isn’t surprising, because the application has proven to be effective and convenient. It is easy to understand. It has a friendly interface. If you need an assistant to help you organize your work, then you should check out Trello.

Trello is perfect for teamwork. Here everything is done to simplify work with a big number of members. Boards with tasks are very convenient. They are flexible. You can easily change the task, edit it, change any detail you want. Trello has many advantages. And if you are not using Trello yet, then it’s high time to start!


Google analytics

Google Analytics checks approximately 50 million websites. This is more than half of all existing sites in the world. Amazing statistics, and it causes admiration.


This tool will help you with the analysis, statistics, and making the right decision about your marketing strategy. Google Analytics helps you collect all the necessary information about your users. This will be a very valuable step in the development of your business. Especially valuable today, when not a single modern business, not a single advertising campaign, can do without information about users.

This program requires a study. Spend some time analyzing Google and you will help your business soon. Even if you only decided to start a business, it is better to start teaching it now.


Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager helps you manage codes that are likely to be placed in different parts of your website. This is a very convenient and reliable social media tool.

If you aren’t familiar with HTML, then it may surprise you a little how it all works. But to study it won’t be difficult. It all depends on how much you need it.

Google Tag Manager is a useful application. It allows you to keep everything under control. It minimizes the human factor.

Try how it works. You don’t want to stop using it.


Data Scraper

Data Scraper is in many ways a unique tool. It is unique for its simplicity and high efficiency.

With Data Scraper, you can get data from any website by a table. It’s very convenient, but it becomes even more convenient thanks to the possibility of using filters.

Also, this tool can help you get websites to reach. And with this, the useful functions of Data Scraper are just beginning. Try to work with this tool. A new approach to work always brings new achievements. Explore the world of online marketing as if it were a new world map. Improve, and Data Scraper will help you with this!


pCloud Save

pCloud Save is one of the best online marketing tools that will help you save content but will do it in the way that is most convenient for you. Video, audiobooks, pictures, all this you can save directly to your pCloud account.

But what is the convenience of this method of saving content? Thanks to pCloud Save, you can access your saved content from other devices. We can also share content with others. This is very convenient and especially in teamwork or the work on a large project.

Use this content marketing tool if you want the saved content to be always available. This will facilitate your marketing tasks. Stop thinking about content, let pCloud Save think about it.


Bootstrap Studio

This tool is Photoshop for websites. A powerful tool that gives you many opportunities. With it, you will be able to create such a website that you dream about.

Bootstrap Studio has a beautiful and intuitive interface. The tool is mastered easily. It allows you to create a website or landing page design. You will be surprised at what you can do when you master Bootstrap Studio.

This tool gives you a choice. You can write code, or you can drag the elements around the screen. The second method is much easier. The first is available to those who know HTML at least at a basic level.

Bootstrap Studio will be a great helper for you. Dragging items around the screen, you work on a simplified scheme that will allow you to experiment more. Also, the good news is that Bootstrap Studio already has a lot of pre-made templates that you can edit as you like. Any item can be moved or removed altogether. Your site will be unique. To do this, you no longer need a programmer who speaks complex terms. All you need is time and patience.

If you are going to use Bootstrap Studio for the first time, then you shouldn’t hurry with the result. The first website that you get, of course, will seem ideal. But take some time. Don’t rush to use it. Forget about it for a couple of days. Only then decide whether to use it or not. Everything is learned in practice, and Bootstrap Studio is a great opportunity to practice creating websites. It will be simple, interesting and useful.



Flatpack is another tool to help you work on your website design. This tool won’t replace your designer, but it will help you understand and formulate your requirements from the website, which you will tell your designer or even the whole team.


You need to select the objects you would like to use on your website and upload them to Flatpack. After that, you will see a lot of settings. You can change each element. It will be easy and fun, like reading a good book. And all this will be work on your website, which in the potential can bring you a good income.

Flatpack is a great tool to build a few drafts of site layouts. This tool costs only $18, but the money pays off. Try it yourself, because it will make your site better.


Adespresso Ads

Adespresso Ads is one of the greatest social media tools on the whole Internet for those who are going to explore advertising campaigns of competitors. To do this, you just need to enter a keyword, and you will see what advertising is active or was active on Facebook for such a request.

So, you can learn about trends in advertising on social networks. You will see which ad is now relevant, and which is already outdated. Find out which advertising is effective, and which, on the contrary, pushes users away.

Everything is relative and Adespresso Ads will provide you with the necessary material for this purpose. So, Adespresso Ads isn’t only one of the greatest social media tools but also the best helper for building your marketing strategy.



Email marketing will help you with effective advertising. Email marketing can also help you communicate information to your customers, whether it’s promotions or special offers. Email marketing is a good tool, but you need to be able to use it.

MailChimp is one of the best email marketing tools. Last year alone, about 250 billion letters were sent using MailChimp. If you are a small business owner and you need a spot list, then the free version of this email marketing tool will suit you. If you have a large company, then check out the tariffs, they will pleasantly surprise you. Even though this is one of the best email marketing tools, its prices are very affordable and it works smoothly.



Buzzstream helps you make contacts. At the same time, you don’t have to pay, as in LinkedIn. You don’t have to spend a lot of time on this, because Buzzstream is a unique tool for this purpose.

It is as convenient as possible. Available for quick mastering.

This will help you explore influencers. It will help you to contact them. You’ll love how simple it is now.



Do you want to figure out what SEO is? What stops you from this step? If the reason is that you forget, then…

Use Todoist if to-do lists and putting them together is an integral part of your day. You will enjoy this tool. It’s very convenient. It’s available for both computers and smartphones. It has an attractive design. The design of this tool is very light.

Your productivity will grow with Todoist. Your day with and without this tool will be two different days. But you want to increase the productivity of the working day. If not, you would not read this text at all. And Todoist will facilitate this task for you.


Download this wonderful application on your smartphone. Log on to the website on your computer. You can use Todoist on different devices, which means your to-do list will always be with you and won’t be lost. And this is a huge advantage.



Medium is a great source of good information.

Here you will find inspiration for creating content, fresh ideas, etc. Here you can learn a lot. The most valuable articles are those that teach something. And the Medium is coping with this task.

You can subscribe to Medium, which will cost only $5 per month or $50 per year. Small money for such valuable content that they provide.



The best for your change

This article has reviewed the most useful online marketing tools. Each of these marketing tools is valuable in its way, but all of them, to some extent, help to create high-quality content, organize teamwork or set goals and achieve them.

These great digital marketing tools will help you greatly speed up or improve your work. It isn’t necessary to include all these tools in your work, but several will be enough. At least a couple of items from this list will already have a positive effect on your workflow. And if this is true, then the content in 2020 will be a little better, and this is already a good result because big changes are made in small steps.

It doesn’t matter if you use paid social media or free versions of them, the main thing is to make them part of your workflow, and then you will see an excellent result.


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