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Rondesign as a
Social Media
Marketing Agency in

For the last 5 years Rondesign as a Social Media Marketing Agency in London works on more that 100 projects. Our social media agency provides social media marketing services for small businesses, enterprise clients, local brand companies, and world-famous brands. Most of our clients are from London, New-York and San Francisco.

Social Media Marketing Services

For all social media marketing tasks and social media marketing services in our social media marketing agency we have a separate professional digital department that allows us to work with absolutely different types of business and have the real breakthrough for each client that requires social media marketing.


The Problems during the social media marketing services could vary: lack of reliable information, wrong task order, low quality of the digital content, imbalance of social media marketing goals and brand strategy.

Each social media marketing agency couldn’t work with the lack of information and professional work process for digital marketing tasks. If there is such omission won’t bring any results for the brand.


Our process saves up to 40% of the time compared with Estimations from other Social Media Marketing Agency in London and companies that provide social media marketing service and social media marketing digital campaigns.

In Rondesign – social media marketing agency, we have made our professional processes in that way, that there is no place for errors, and the deliverables will work 100% for project needs.

Social media could solve the vast amount of brand needs, so our social media agency will be happy to reach your business goals with the help of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

The Main Phases
of the Process

Rondesign, as a social media agency, combines the phases following the project needs: Discovery, Channel Strategy, Social Media Management, Digital Content Creation, Reporting – we pay maximum attention to each stage.

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Full Cycle of the

Full Cycle of the Task
Task Readiness Task Deadlines
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How to Choose the
Best Digital
Marketing Channel
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Some of Our
Services and Forces

  • Content Creation

    Visual content has much higher engagement metrics of involvement than the entire text content. For social media marketing services, content takes a leading role.

    If you like to have high quality and unique content that your team or any specialist could use twice, our team could provide such a service. As well as your partner, we could work as the extension of your in-house team.

    For the content creation strategy, we use only bespoke strategies and solutions – it this way, we could guarantee the quality of content.
    Our work process allows us and our clients to have a relevant type of content for the target audience.

  • Advertising Campaigns

    Our Marketing department will be responsible for each of your advertising campaign setups. Our digital agency will attend all advertising campaigns on all popular social media: Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.

    Our main goal is to validate all possible hypotheses, and chose the right channel will set up for the correct type of audience.
    Our guys will be happy to help you use all the benefits of online advertising campaigns, such as tracking, support services, and community management in one place.

  • Maintaining of social networks

    As an additional option for social media marketing services, our team offers the maintenance of social networks.
    If such an option is required, our team members could help answer and communicate on your social networks, support services, posts creation and approval, scheduling, and database creation.

    As well as help with human resources, we will determine the most convenient for your need for software and resources for your social media.

  • Style creation

    Each client would like an absolutely flawless and superior looking style for each page on social networks. Our design department is able to create a consistent style with all necessary elements and rules that could be used for this goal.

    Our team creates the documentation style guide or brand guide with information about style, color palette, brand requirements, and all the brand goals.
    If our clients would like to save the same style for the social media and website or mobile app, we could transfer or put the existing style into social media elements.

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At the Bottom Line
You Will Have

  1. Discovery or Research Phase
  2. Digital Content strategy
  3. Social media marketing services
  4. Content Plan
  5. A/B testing
  6. Scaling
  7. Advertising
  8. Social Media Marketing
  9. Description of the Target Audience
  10. Content marketing
  11. Content creation
  12. Integration with your or any other team
  13. Copywriting
  14. Project Management