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12 Tools To Help
Improve Your
Website in 2020

Do you want to improve your site? Do you want to get more traffic? In this article, you’ll know 12 tools that will help you to achieve this goal. So, are you ready to learn some valuable SEO tricks?

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The importance of SEO

It’s not a secret that the way search engines rank websites change so unpredictable. But if you want to get more traffic you should be always at the top. 3 top positions will allow you to be visible as much as possible. Your amazing website won’t get more traffic if it isn’t visible to your potential users. This thought is pretty simple but it’s not so easy to achieve such a result.

Do you know that the top results on Google have more chances to be clicked? According to a statistic, the chances of your website to be visited will rise up to 33% if the link to your website is at the top. So, there is a probability to lose a third of potential traffic if you aren’t at the top.

Are you surprised? There is another fact for you. It’s shocking but more than 75% of users won’t click even the second link of the search result. Just imagine how much traffic will you lose only because your website isn’t the first link!

In this article, you’ll know about 12 tools. These tools will help you to achieve the best result. There is your way to improve your SEO ranking. Using some of these tools you’ll have a good chance to get at the top of Google searches.  

Let’s talk about the best way to improve your search engine optimization.


Website Optimization

Website optimization is a complex process but it shouldn’t scare you. In this article, you’ll learn a lot of useful information. Try using these tips to get more traffic. Increasing traffic will be a great measure. But it’s also important for you to understand the principles that make viewing a website purchase of goods on it.

Thanks to the tools discussed in this text, you can make your website work as efficiently as possible. Good design isn’t the most important point. Your beautiful website also should work well to get constant traffic.

It’s high time to take a closer look at these tools that will help you achieve an amazing result. It’ll definitely improve your business.


Varvy SEO Tool

This tool will help you to check out one pretty important thing. This is trying to figure out if your site is following all of Google’s SEO guidelines. It takes only a few seconds to get a full report with a lot of valuable information.


Do you think your website is mobile-friendly?

Do you think the page speed is ok?

Varvy SEO Tool will provide you as much useful information as possible. It’ll answer all your questions.

Do you know how important to solve a speed issue? There are a few reasons to do that. If Google decides that your load speed isn’t fast enough it’ll harm your ranking. Also, users don’t really use a website with low load speed. You should know about it. This tool will check it out. You’ll know if you have such a problem.

But how to measure it? The answer is 3 seconds. Check out the load speed of your page. If it’s more than 3 seconds then be sure about 40% of your potential users will prefer another website. 40% is a huge number. Using Varvy SEO Tool, you’ll get a chance to prevent it.

Another advantage of Varvy SEO Tool is in its explanations. The tool not only finds a problem, but it’s also able to explain why is that so important and in what way you can fix it.


Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a big collection of useful services. It has been created with a purpose to figure out how the search engine views your website. It consists of a big amount of valuable information. Knowledge and experience are what you need to make your website better, and this tool will help you to gain it.

By the way, Google Search Console is totally free. Making such an app free, Google says that Google team wants to help you promote your website. Use this opportunity to get the best result ever.

Thanks to this tool you’ll know what keywords your potential visitors use more often to reach your website. Also, this tool will be indispensable, doing monitor your website’s backlinks. It can help you to update your robots.txt file. It gets an alert when your website is infected with malware.

You’ll be surprised how easy to use Google Search Console. Check it out and it will be your first step to the great website optimization.



This is a tool that makes your search for the most relevant keywords very simple. Thanks to this tool you’ll get more information about the way a lot of people are looking for specific terms.


It’s going to be pretty useful knowledge that allows you to increase more traffic.

Also, this tool provides:

  • Similar keywords;
  • Product listings;
  • Related ads.

Using SEMrush, you’ll be informed about the strategies of your competitors. This way you’ll know about the traffic they get, what their backlinks are, and how effective their paid adds.

The arsenal of your tools will be much more powerful with such a tool like SEMrush.

This tool isn’t free, but it allows you to get 10 results per day without paying. The cost of SEMrush starts at $99.95 per month and ends at $399.95. The cost depends on the list of features you’d like to use. Choose it according to your needs, because more expensive doesn’t always mean better.



It’s a bunch of tools created with a purpose to help you with:

  • Domain research;
  • Project management;
  • Email marketing.

This tool has a lot of options. That’s why it takes time to figure out the process of using it. But you should be aware it’s totally worth your time.

Such kind of platform called all-in-one. BuzzStream can get you some valuable information about domain age, overall rankings, related social media accounts, and authority, etc. Thanks to this you can learn something new about the strategy of your competitors. And this is one of the advantages of this tool.

Using BuzzStream, you can make research based on keywords. Also, you can get some data about your competitors’ rankings in the SERPs. Make a list of authors who write for your competitors. It’ll give you an opportunity to follow what they are doing.

The price for such an amazing tool starts at $24 per month. It’s not so high price, considering all the advantages of BuzzStream.



Do you want all the articles on your website would be perfect? Grammarly knows how to do that. Using this tool, you have an awesome opportunity to check each of your texts for mistakes. Is that hard for you to find grammar mistakes? Don’t worry, Grammarly will do it for you. Also, it helps you to find spelling and punctuation mistakes.


You’ll see valuable suggestions on every issue. Grammarly knows how to measure the text readability. Any doubts, using this tool, your texts became perfect.

Grammarly is your free grammar assistant but there are some premium options you’d like to have. The cost of this tool is $29.95/month.


Content Watch

You’ll like this tool a lot because it’s pretty simple and useful. The content watch will help you to analyze your texts for plagiarism. You’ll get detailed information about plagiarized parts of your articles and some links to the sources.

This tool is easy to use. All you need is to go to its website and paste the text of your article. Then you should click on a special button to start the checking process. It doesn’t take much time but it brings a lot of benefits.


Google Analytics

It’s hard to find a person who has never heard about Google Analytics. There is a reason for it because this tool has a long list of features. Here you’ll probably find your favorite feature. Let’s dive into some details.


Google Analytics will help you:

  • To monitor your website traffic;
  • To provide valuable information about the dynamics of your website conversion;
  • To give you more data about your audience (their age, location, etc.);
  • It can check how much time users spend on your website;
  • It can track their behavior;
  • Defines the most frequent requests used to find the website.

It’s not so easy to use this tool but it worth to spend your time for this purpose. You simply need to get an account, set up reporting, and follow tips that help you to understand how does it work. You’ll be satisfied with the result.


Mobile-friendly test

This tool is able to check if a page is displayed in a good way on the different kinds of devices. Mobile-friendly test helps you to learn about possible usability problems and shows you the most common ways how to solve it. Also, it provides some valuable recommendations for enhancing UX.

You won’t meet a tool simpler than this. All you need is to open it. Type your website’s URL. Click on a special button. You should wait for a bit. But for them, you’ll get useful information that will help to make your website better than it is.


Google Optimize

Using this tool, you will get an opportunity to compare a few versions of your landing page. You can add, change, and hide some elements of your website. Also, Google Optimize will help you to test web pages and their different versions.

To use this tool, you need to have an account, integrate the tool with Google Analytics, and set up some conditions. Then you should install Optimize code and add a script. This script hides replacement on the website.

So, you are ready.

Use it to make the Internet better.


Google Alerts

This great tool will allow you to track interesting subjects. Also, you’ll be able to track the subjects of your competitors. Google Alerts allows to set up email notifications. Use for this purpose Gmail. You’ll get some detailed reports that have been based on Google’s data.

How to use it?

You should enter the topic of Google Alerts. Then put a request in “quotes”. In this way, you’ll see a list of exact matches. Choose the right parameters you want to learn.


Google Trends

A lot depends on the location and the native language of your users. This tool is going to help you to figure it out. Using Google Trends, you’ll get a chance to compare the popularity of requests. You’ll realize what people really look for, and know some valuable information about their behavior.


Google Trends is going to be your best tool if you only at the beginning of your way and just trying to find your niche. You can use this tool with a purpose to find some popular topics for your content. This tool will help you to find topics that your users really want to read about. All in all, Google Trends even can help you to find out how your target audience is.


SEO Review Tools

 Do you want to check out broken links? Do you want to collect data? All of this and even more you can do with SEO Review Tools.

Just visit their website, check a necessary tab, and click on the check button. Then you’ll see the information that improves your website.


Bottom line

Website optimization is a complex process but it shouldn’t scare you. Now you know how to improve the optimization and solve some SEO issues. But you should always remember that the best type of changes is the changes that made with a care about your user. These tools are created to help you. All you need is just to use them. Want to try it now?


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