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Want to know more about visual content? Want to know how and what type of content you need to use for greater efficiency? Then this article is exactly what you need!

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You should know it before we start

Text without visual accompaniment isn’t so interesting to anyone, right? Should you argue with this statement? And should you do it now when visual content is so popular?

You are probably wondering how to brighten the posts. Or maybe your task is to find out how to make an article selling using classic and latest types of visual content? Well, it’s time to deal with all this. Fortunately, this isn’t so difficult.


Bright and unusual articles

Everyone likes bright and unusual articles and posts on social networks, right? It is obvious. Original images and videos in materials attract us much more than text, no matter how brilliantly it was written. And all because the picture can be evaluated in seconds, but it will take much more time to evaluate the text.

So, not everyone has time for this. And someone is just lazy. There is an opinion that those who read books control those who watch television, or in our case those who watch pictures. Let’s figure out how to make our pictures really attractive, and you will take care of the goals yourself.


Which one will you choose?

Statistics don’t say that content marketing is becoming more visualized. Therefore, in our time it is unlikely that text without a picture will be popular, the chances aren’t so great that just the text will attract attention. Do you believe that? Before you lie a brilliant text and text with a picture. Which one will you choose? Of course, the one next to the picture. But why?

The picture tells you what the text will be about. A picture helps you understand the text. This makes the text more fun, more attractive, more interesting. It arouses curiosity and imagination. Therefore, you select the text with the picture. Even if you don’t think about everything that has just been listed. It’s just a fact. There is no point arguing with this. You need to find out how this fact can be used to your advantage. And just this text is devoted to this.

In this article, you will learn about the secrets that visual marketing hides. You’ll learn why Pinterest and Instagram are gradually crowding out other social networks. Let’s get started!


Visual Content Statistics

Let’s take a look at what statistics say about this. This information will be useful to you, because it shows what it is really worth paying attention to modern entrepreneurs who are actively surfing the Internet.

  • 75% of SMM-specialists use visual resources in the strategy of promoting social networks;
  • Last year alone, more than 50% of marketers who work in the B2B segment chose to create content using various visuals;
  • Last year’s research shows that more than 60% of marketers worldwide planned to increase their investment in video marketing in 2017;
  • Letters that contain the word “video” in the title increase the CTR to 65%;
  • 2017 has already opened the world with new features and innovations in social networks. One of them is live online broadcasts. In 2016, more than 14% of marketers applied to this option. It seems that this year this figure will be significantly increased, since live broadcasts are already available on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. By the way, recently Facebook added the ability to broadcast from computers and laptops.
  • 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound. Is it worth paying attention to? Only if you are really worried about the increase in profits and recognition of your company or brand.


Is visual content marketing success on social media?


There is no need to explain how popular social networks are today because statistics have long convinced everyone that they are incredibly popular. Many of them recently updated the design, improved news feeds to pay more attention to the visualization of information. For example, the latest updates to Facebook or Twitter.

Social media is a huge part of modern life, so try to collect it as much information as you can. Images on Facebook generate 55% more likes than text posts without add-ons. The conclusion is obvious: if you want to get a lot of new Facebook followers, add visual marketing as the first item on your agenda.

Visual data is becoming increasingly popular due to the ability to take good pictures and videos using cameras on smartphones. And for example, in the new iPhone in the pro version, there will be as many as three cameras. Samsung has released a phone with four cameras, which significantly improves the quality of content. But are photos and videos the only sources that influence the growth of users, likes and sharing? Or is there something else? Let’s figure it out.


The most common types of visual content

Looking for the best way to make your website or blog more attractive? Here are some valuable tips on how to achieve this goal.



There is the most common type of visual content. One picture speaks more than a thousand words. Is it worth explaining why?

Images are diluted with long articles and deprived of their monotony. Any text will become more interesting if you add a picture to it, or rather a few.

Everyone likes pictures without exception. A good picture is the soul of any article. Try to take pictures even better than you can see in your best magazine. Your pictures could be attractive to the media. Reading the text requires more time than viewing the picture, and therefore the user immediately feels the mood of the article thanks to the picture. This is very important and it is a great advantage. Use it wisely. Follow the measure in the pictures, you don’t want your website or blog to turn into a catalog of photos.

The best option is to find your style. So, with the help of pictures, you can create an image of a company that users will like even on an intuitive level. Experiment with it. Pictures and corporate identity help users to navigate. This way you get an audience that will know exactly what the audience likes about your brand.




Experts say that this type of visual content is the most effective since users share infographics on social networks 3 times more than any other content. Infographics give a reason to share yourself with others. Everyone loves statistics and pictures, but here it is combined into one. Also, infographics are good for presentation. By the way, you always can upload it to SlideShare.

Infographics is a marketing tool that combines a lot of different information, and may contain drawings, texts and graphics. This helps readers gain a clearer picture of what is at stake.

The special qualities of infographics are that it makes the posts more readable and attracts additional attention. And also, it conveniently and simply reflects important problems and makes messages brighter and eliminates monotony.

Infographics are an ideal form of visual marketing for your social networks, but it is important to be able to use it.



This is a popular form of visual content. Statistics say it’s best to create short and catchy videos, no matter how long your post is.

Video content can perfectly support your brand and emphasize all its advantages. A half-minute video will show the consumer much more than a large article. It is interesting. It is effective. This attracts the attention of the user. Check it out!



Statistical reflection of your material with useful graphics. Bright diagrams perfectly illustrate complex diagrams. Graphics are always very accessible to talks about complex things. And this is its advantage.

Graphic data can contain graphs, columns, areas, templates, etc. All of them help readers see things that are not so obvious. Help you and your users, make your chart. Your users will appreciate it!



It is a simple and interesting type of visual content. A screenshot is a copy of your image. Make it easy. It doesn’t take much time. Convenient to use. It can be done using the print screen function on your computer or from a smartphone by holding down the desired button.

Use the screenshots to show evidence of the facts that you cite in the texts. This will be a great advantage. Users love screenshots. This is an easy way to prove something in a dispute. This is a great way to save your favorite quote and share it with others. Do you like screenshots?




Everyone loves them. They are very popular. Any text or even a small post will become more convincing and believable if you add a quote to it. And it is true. Using a picture with a quote, you can enhance any text by focusing on a specific part of it. A quote is a statement of a person who is authoritative for your material and often becomes evergreen content on social networks. Use this and you will see how well users react to it.



Gifs are another type of visual content. It looks like short animations without sound. These animated pictures usually look impressive. There is more information in the gif than in the picture, and this is a plus. Often, the gif remembers better than the brightest picture. Due to the fact that gifs are remembered, this has a big impact on users. Often users share gifs. This happens much more often than with pictures. Gifs are funny, and this is their next plus. Gifs also could be a part of your presentation.

Some companies turn GIFs not only into funny animations but also into art that resembles video art. It always looks interesting, mesmerizing. One has only to try to make a gif for your brand, and you won’t be able to stop. You will notice what unusual charm gives a gif to your brand. And this can increase the level of recognition of your company.

Creating GIFs is very simple. In the public domain, there are many sites, applications, and programs where you will be prompted to create GIFs in just a minute. It doesn’t take much time. Use gifs as a special mood for your brand. It’s simple. And users always like this. The conclusion is simple if your brand doesn’t yet have its own gif, you now need to make it.




Memes are pictures accompanied by text. Most often they are funny. These pictures can be called the humor of the Internet. And if earlier folklore was something similar, now it has migrated to the global network and turned into memes.

You’ll rarely find a user who has never encountered this. Many people like memes. And memes really have many advantages. Often, they carry a simple message. This message is designed for the widest audience, and therefore memes can also be used as a marketing tool. Already imagine what benefits your company memes can bring? Then rather to the point!

Yes, memes could be a tool for visual content marketing. The most successful marketing meme is one that looks like it wasn’t made to order. The more natural it all looks, the more confidence it inspires users. And this must be remembered. However, such conditions are easy to observe. Thanks to memes, your brand will become closer to people. He will find simplicity, but not vulgarity. It all depends on the performance. But it is unlikely that this will cause problems because the foundation of memes is simplicity.


Visual Content Summary

Now you know what types of visual content exist. With such knowledge about types of visuals, your brand will be much better than it is. Now you know what type of content you need to use for greater efficiency. Use this knowledge in the development of your brand. Only in theory can certain moments be repulsive or sound difficult. In fact, as soon as you start creating visual content, you will understand how much fun and pleasant emotions this process brings. Of course, you can read a lot of related content, but much better just to try to take a picture or make a gif.

Should I choose only one type of visual content? Of course not. You need to choose a few basic ones, but this will depend on many factors: the peculiarity of your product or service, style, message.

Try combining different types of visual content. Don’t stop, constantly experiment and in this way, you will determine what exactly suits your company the most. Only those who do nothing don’t make mistakes. Is it really difficult to take a picture? Of course not. Then it’s time to do it!






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