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A great web design agency is too hard to find. Here is a detailed list of the best web design agencies to help you discover the best design solutions for your project.  Let’s take a closer look at the best web design agencies in the market.   Ueno   Clutch Rate – 4.8 Minimum project […]

  • Rondesignlab Team

A great web design agency is too hard to find. Here is a detailed list of the best web design agencies to help you discover the best design solutions for your project. 

Let’s take a closer look at the best web design agencies in the market.




Clutch Rate – 4.8

Minimum project price – Undisclosed

Cost per hour – $220-$1000 

Team – 50-249

Founded 2014

San Francisco, CA

Main Services: brand & product strategy, web design & development, content.

Ueno is a usual American full-service digital agency with the teams in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles. This is the best company if you would like to experiment with your project. The Ueno team uses their brains to create brands, products, and experiences, and it works well for all clients. Ueno team sometimes makes websites, sometimes makes apps, and also thus, the team could help you to create the brand. 

Ueno team helps you to come up with your brand strategy, will tell your story in the right way, and also could create your product and make your clients happier and productive. Ueno helps their clients to understand well what they want and what they are looking for. 

Has worked with: Google, Facebook, Uber, Reuters, Sotheby’s, Visa, and Red Bull.


Rondesign Agency



Clutch Rate – 4.8

Minimum project price – $1,000 

Cost per hour – $50-$99 

Team – 10-49

Founded 2015

USA, UK, Poland

Main Services: web design, mobile app design, web app design, design for tablet and smart devices, web development, app development, discovery stage, pitch deck, animations, 3D design + custom visual + technical solutions.

Rondesign agency specializes in web design for more than ten years. 

About five years ago, this company provided only web and mobile design. And now, the development, branding, 3D, and video design and Pitch Deck creation are frequent requests. 

Rondesign, as a web design agency, has a well-structured work process that helps clients to avoid any extra resource spending. More than 100 projects alive and the portfolio that covers even the unicorn. Most parts of their clients are from NYC, London, and California. 

One of the key talents of this company is the management, you could check it before the cooperation – the response on your request various from 1 second to 6 hours.

Rondesign provides its clients with a personal product manager. Therefore, if you would like to make quick changes or update your request following new data that you have – this is an excellent choice. At the beginning of every project, the Rondesign agency does the research, and all the information that they grab from your competitors and user’s feedback will value your project. It helps to save time for unnecessary features and money as well.

Rondesign has expertise in a massive amount of spheres and own style that has proved to convert users into clients. Also, the web design project or mobile app wouldn’t need the redesign for the 3-4 years because the agency avoids using hype and trend design elements. 

Has worked with: Samsung, Envato, Fox Sports, Huawei.




Clutch Rate – Undisclosed

Minimum project price – Undisclosed

Cost per hour – Undisclosed

Team – 200-999

Founded 1999

San Francisco, CA

Services: Vision & Strategy, A. I. & Voice, Products, Operating System, Mobility.

Fantasy is a world-famous and human-centered product design company. The company has offices in San Francisco and New York. Fantasy team creates a product user interface within automotive UI because they have a goal to implement artificial intelligence to operating systems. This company is the right choice if you would like to scale your project worldwide. 

Fantasy team has such significant resources and expertise that works well for any sphere. For example, they cooperate with Netflix. So if you are watching now a new episode of your favorite TV series, this could be a design that was made on Fantasy studio. 

 Also, these guys mentioned on their website that they haven’t sales team – so we don’t know who will be your manager at the first stage in the beginning. 

Has worked with: Netflix, Xbox, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, and Huawei. 




Clutch Rate – 4.8

Minimum project price – $50.000

Cost per hour – $150-$199 

Team – 10-49

Founded 2009

San Francisco, CA

Services: UI/UX Design, Branding, Web Development

Clay is the leading full-service UX design agency. This agency could cover a lot of spheres and business tasks. These guys create easy to use projects; they look great and represent the brand in the best way possible. A multidisciplinary team that consists of UX/UI designers, developers, and other specialists could help you with your request. This design agency is the most traditional one, so if you have something creative on your mind – choose another one. 

If you would like to create branding or update the brand identity for your project, and you prefer the traditional process – guys from the Clay team will be happy to help. Also, this company usually responds within 24 hours, so if you want to have a quick response and an Estimation asap, you should find another contractor. 

If you look at the list of top web design agencies for the middle size business ( 50-100 people) – Clay is the best choice. 

Has worked with: Facebook, Google, Amazon, Slack.




Clutch Rate – 4.3

Minimum project price – $10.000

Cost per hour – $150-$199 

Team – 100+

Founded 2010

San Diego, CA

Services: Strategy, Brand Experience, Digital Experience, Content, Technology. 

BASIC is an independent brand design agency specialized in design that connects brands and people through the things they love. This company has an excellent result in resolving problems for brands that they believe in. 

Basic provides only five services, so if you like their portfolio, but your business needs more than five or none that are listed – you should look at the other guys. You can also see at the BASIC site that there are more than 100 people at their team, so if you have a considerable idea or project, these guys could deal with your project. 

Has worked with: Nerd Skincare and Brixton; Riot Games and Silver Oak.




Clutch Rate – 4.6

Minimum project price – $50.000

Cost per hour – $100-$149 

Team – 50-249

Founded 2012

New York, NY

Services: Web Design & Development, Marketing & Branding

BigDrop is a top NYC web design agency, that could also provide the marketing, support, and hosting services. As well as design services, this company could offer Branding services as well, so if you like to do branding – ask guys about examples from their portfolio.

If you have a story to tell – BigDrop is the best agency to tell it, cause these guys could give a tone for your online presence. Their designers will dive deep in your sphere and will work very closely with your team. They will involve your team in the first step of the collaboration process. 

Has worked with: Zero Mass Water, Optimum, Citi. 




Clutch Rate – 4.9

Minimum project price – $25,000 

Cost per hour – $100-$149 

Team – 10-49

Founded 2009 in Burlingame, CA

Services: Web Design, Development, Digital Marketing, Branding

Ramotion is the small SanFran agency that works only with a few clients at a time. At their list of capabilities, you could find marketing: branding identity and website design; product: UX/UI design and app development.

Team members in Ramotion always use the expertise from their previous projects, especially when they realize startup projects. They now the best way how to improve the user experience for your website. 

Has worked with: Firefox, Netflix, Turo.


Balkan Brothers 


Clutch Rate – 5.0

Minimum project price – $25,000 

Cost per hour – $100-$149 

Team – 10-49

Founded 2012

Krk, Croatia

Services: User Experience, Design, and Development

The Balkan Brothers agency focused on absolutely different spheres, and these guys can create functional, scalable, and useful digital solutions for your business. This agency has a well-done work process and always improves their work. If you have a definite timeline for your project, you should take this moment into account. 

Balkan Brothers always try to understand their clients and prefer to work as a partner of the project. This company is the right choice if you want to use trends and latest technologies. 

As a partner, they could help you to build robust, future-proof products.

Has worked with: The Hub, Wibbitz, ShipBob.




Clutch Rate – 5.0

Minimum project price – $25,000 

Cost per hour – $150-$199 

Team – 10-49

Founded 2007

San Francisco, CA

Services: Web/App Design & Development 

PLATFORM – these guys have a couple of offices in Slovakia and the USA. You could find it in the list of web design agencies without any problems. PLATFORM, as an agency, could help you to build a beautiful mobile app project with a great digital experience. They will fit your expectations with the agile and lean business-oriented process. Their goal is to create a real product ASAP, so you should take care about feedback and corrections by yourself. PLATFORM has growth hackers at the team, so if you have a task for these guys – you should contact it 100%!

Have worked with: Bigcoots and Tatra Banka, Caribu.




Clutch Rate – 4.7

Minimum project price – $25,000 – $50,000 

Cost per hour – $100-$149 

Team – 50-249

Founded 2004

Venice, CA

Services: Product & Design Strategy, Web Development, UX, and Visual Design.

TRV is a software design and engineering company. STRV engineers have excellent expertise in building apps, but they prefer to work with pretty big projects and appropriate budgets. There is a form on their website so you could calculate the Estimation for your project by yourself. You will have a price and could compare it with another estimation. Still, it is a little bit confusing – this should be done by the personal manager or the sales guy.

At the beginning of the project, be ready for your team to spend some time with STRV and brainstorm for your project.

Has worked with: Microsoft, Boosted, Hallmark, etc.


As conclusion

We hope that all information that you have found here will help you to find the right contractor for your web design project with the right expertise and suitable price. Always ask all those questions that you have – don’t be shy. Only the right contractor, with the pretty similar expertise to your project and deliberate work process, could help you to realize your project at 100%.


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