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Naming agency in London, is the best way to start your brand

Naming agency in
London, is the best
way to start your

As well as designing agency, Rondesign works on the naming projects as Naming agency in London . When our usual client starts their brand, he or she could have no idea about what brand naming strategy they would like to follow and what brand naming service they would like to have.

Rondesign company is a brand naming agency in London, but we are happy to work with our clients worldwide – in London, New-York, San Francisco.

We help our clients with all types of naming services for their brand, help them choose the strategy for their business, creative domain, and provide naming for their product line.

We help our client to find all values of naming – cause without their name, company or brand couldn’t be recognizable on the domain.


The Project budget often goes beyond the planned scope, even on the Naming projects, because of the corrections or additional tasks that could take place.

It often happens that a huge amount of problems could take place during the renaming stage. The company couldn’t provide the right direction for the onboarding on the market, couldn’t have enough types of marketing materials or even designs, even the wrong type of naming could take place.


Our process saves up to 40% and the time of the project compared with Estimations from other full-service agencies that could provide brand naming service and different types of creative strategy.

In Rondesign, all processes for the Naming Stage are organized in accordance with the specific of such types of project. Rondesign company provides our clients with a timeline and price before the start of the naming services project.

Our creative team helps our client choose the right direction for their company or product, and all brand naming services will be done only in accordance with their brand and business strategy.

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Some of Our
Services and Forces

  • Naming

    During the brand naming service, we create a name that must meet several criteria: availability for registration of a trademark and domain, ease of use in oral and written communication, the absence of negative associations in foreign languages, direct or indirect associations with brand values.
    Our company could combine ideas from the client’s side, with creative elements and strategy requirements.

    The naming is also essential not only for startups or new companies but for all companies who start a new life. Our teams create the name developed individually for your business and its target audience.

  • Brandbook

    Brandbook is responsible for the visual language and strategy of the brand. This element could synchronize people’s cooperation from different departments and unify the work with all graphic elements.

    As the step during the stage of brand naming service, we provide our client with the most detailed Brandbook – models of branded products and their manufacturing standards: types of paper, printing techniques, printing effects, recommendations for materials production of advertising constructions, etc. It can include layouts of all elements that are work for our clients’ business.

    If our client wants to update the existing Brandbook, we will be happy to help with this task in following the new requirements.

  • Illustrations

    During the creation brand naming strategy, it is also essential to implement the name into your brand correctly, mostly if it renaming stage.
    Our agency is always happy to help our clients with illustrations.
    We have made a strong work process that allows our illustrators to work with any of the styles of illustrations.

    Illustrations are needed in order to enhance the perception of information by your target audience and impress it on an emotional and subconscious level.
    If the new naming takes place, the illustration could help to adapt the users’ perception of the company or brand.

    Our team usually creates illustrations for our clients as marketing companies; also, designers could create branded characters that will later be associated with your business or product.
    Branded illustrations are a striking difference from competitors; they help to fill an empty space in the interface – this is useful for startups.

  • Brand naming architecture

    If our clients have no vision and ideas, what should be done for their new or existing brand, our team will be happy to help with the brand naming architecture, as the part of our Stage for naming services.

    Brand naming architecture should be done only in accordance with the needs of the brand, and there aren’t a few universal answers for all.

    Our strong work process and expertise from the previous project allow us to work with any projects and give predictable good results.

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At the Bottom Line
You Will Have

  1. Project managment
  2. Time reports
  3. Customer support
  4. Detailed estimation
  5. Intergration with your team
  6. Creative concept and ideas