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Rondesign as an Graphics Design Agency in London

Rondesign as an
Graphics Design
Agency in London

Rondesign as a Graphics Design Agency in London is formed from crazy creative thinkers, designers, illustrators, web and mobile developers, and strategists – all these guys will be happy to help with all types of Marketing graphics.

Creative graphic design

Creative graphic design, as part of the project, also needs a strong work process and convenient expertise. Rondesign, as a London graphic design agency, works for results on each type of project. Our clients could have different needs and requests, but we in our agency realize all their ideas in the best way for their target audience. Our graphic design agency always take into account the specificities of the target market of our clients, for example, if they need graphic design services for marketing in London, New-York or San Francisco


The Project budget often goes beyond the planned scope during graphic design projects if they had been started without the Discovery phase, detailed plan, and timeline.

Graphic design materials should solve problems and reach the goals – if they are only a nice part of the project, why should you spend time and resources for it?


Our process saves up to 40% of time compared with Estimations from other London graphic design agency/companies that also provide graphic design services.

In Rondesign agency, our marketing graphics department works only following our work process. We create marketing graphics, following all ideas of the marketing strategy and business plan. If our clients have no ideas about what goal marketing graphics should cover – our marketing department will be happy to help them and provide all types of marketing services.

Main Phases of the

Discovery, Sketching, Testing, Support – we pay maximum attention to each phase.

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Full Cycle of the

Full Cycle of the Task
Task Readiness Task Deadlines
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Some of Our
Services and Forces

  • Social Media Marketing graphics

    Social media nowadays are the best and quickest tool for sales. Even if you don’t own an e-commerce business – social media is the best place to keep all your customers in one place, if there is something wrong with your leading platform – you could inform your audience asap – and have all the trust.

    Rondesign, as a graphic design agency, helps clients to create adorable marketing graphics for social media. We help our clients make the content so that the one element could be used in several platforms – it helps to save the level of content quality, follow the one style, and save time and resources for the client.

  • Infographic

    Infographic is one element that could be used for all types of the target audience. There are a few types of infographics that even work for kids.

    Our team always uses similar projects’ expertise so that the infographic elements will be suitable at 100%. Most of our clients would like to use infographics on the absolutely different platforms: for marketing campaigns, website or app design, and offline marketing materials.

    Our team always creates infographic elements in a couple of resolutions to work for all needs.

  • Slides

    The marketing graphics sometimes could be done in the form of slides, for example, for Pitch decks, or emails. Our team has awesome expertise with marketing slides that could have different goals.

    Marketing slides always should have a lot of information and call to actions – such amount of content could be hard to place on one slide. Our team always chose the right structure, grid, and layout – so all vital information will be visible and readable.

  • Website/App graphic
    design elements

    If our clients would like to add additional elements to the existing website or app, our team will be happy to create it and add it to the current design. If there is no style, we could combine all services and make the style with graphic elements.

    If our clients already have a couple of graphic elements and would like to add the same on other platforms – our graphic designers will transfer it correctly.

Your idea realization is only one click away. Let’s Talk

At the Bottom Line
You Will Have

  1. Sketches
  2. Vector versions
  3. Style guide creation
  4. Brandbook
  5. Brand identity
  6. Detailed estimation
  7. Intergration with your team
  8. Creative concept and ideas
  9. Project managment
  10. Time reports
  11. Customer support