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Rondesign, as an interaction design studio, works on more than interaction design 100 projects.

Our interactive design studio has its own interaction design department, which creates interaction design that is understandable and user-friendly; we help our client to revive the design, and provides the integrity of design usage.

We also provide such interaction design service as interactive prototypes.

Interaction design is our key area of expertise; for all new product projects, our agency will use our previous interaction design experience to speed up the process and have predictable good results for each interface: local services in London, enterprise in New-York, startup in San Francisco.


The Problems during the interaction design tasks could appear thro the lack of information, not clear tasks, corrections.

Interaction design is such a helper that should work for the product and interface and increase the interaction between the product and customers. The oversupply of interaction could confuse the users, and they won’t act and cooperate with the product correctly.


Our work process for the interaction design tasks fits well in the absolutely different projects and saves up to 40% of the time.

We always find the most convenient and exciting interaction for each interaction design interface that will increase business profitability. Cause we are a full-service agency and have immense expertise and opportunities for interactions, we could deal with absolutely non-standard tasks.

The Main Phases
of the Process

Our work process was made with the focus on the long term partnerships and profitable results for our clients; we pay maximum attention to each task of interaction design.

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Full Cycle of the

Full Cycle of the Task
Task Readiness Task Deadlines
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Some of Our
Services and Forces

  • Interaction Design

    Our team uses interaction design as a goal-given one. This way allows us to solve our clients’ problems and put their interests as a top priority.
    If our clients would like to have excellent usability, high learnability, and efficiency of users – this is the task for interaction designers. Our designers will help to find the best solution to downgrade the error-rate and speedup the error-recovery.

    Rondesign always gets the physiological principles that will work, especially for each particular product, and provides positive emotional responses.

  • Interactive Prototype

    An interactive prototype could provide the look and feel of the fully ready final product.
    On such types of prototypes, users will be able to click on the buttons, dropdowns, menu.

    The perception of interaction is created by linking from one screen to another, from one page to the next one. Our team makes the prototypes with the high-level simulation of future functionality and interactivity – and it allows our clients to use it for a few goals: to check the level of understanding of users, for validation of scenarios, for getting more detailed feedback in usability, and of course for quick user tests in different countries.

  • Video Design Presentation

    Video design presentation is the best choice if our client would like to impress someone with and have definite goals. Once the UX/UI, interaction design, and animations are ready, our design and video department will be able to create the video presentation for the project.

    As well as create video from the existing designs and materials, our team could make the additional content for it, for example, 2D or 3D elements, or even create the video with the real user testing and add it to the presentation.

    Video Design Presentation is an awesome option for startups if they would like to show how their product will work.

  • Interaction tests

    To get a better understanding of the existing problems and misunderstanding of the existing design, our client would like to have detailed tests and review for it.

    Our team is able to organize offline and online tests all around the world. Before each test, we make the design review with a detailed description.

    Tests for the interactions design also vital, before the scaling stage for the project. If our clients would like to be sure that their product won’t confuse the new users, interaction design tests are the must thing to do. Correct interaction design helps our clients to create the products that their customers really enjoy.

    During each particular interaction design review, our team tests and checks the correctness of time on the product ( website or app), visual side ( representations of the elements), words and spelling, physical objects ( space), personas, user scenarios, and experience maps.

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At the Bottom Line
You Will Have

  1. Discovery or Research Phase
  2. Design strategy
  3. UX/UI design
  4. Interactions Design
  5. A/B testing
  6. Interactions Design Review
  7. Interactive Prototype
  8. Animated explainers
  9. Animations
  10. Logo Animation
  11. Video Design Presentation
  12. Content creation
  13. Integration with your or any other team
  14. Project Management
  15. Detailed Estimation
  16. Data visualization
  17. Time Reports