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Rondesign as an Brand identity agency

Rondesign as an
Brand identity

Rondesign, as a brand identity agency, works with absolutely different types of clients and provides the brand identity services: for local business in London, for startups in San Francisco, for New-York company with considerable experience and huge audiences.


The Project budget for brand identity often goes beyond the planned scope, because of corrections, additional tasks and lack of feedback.

Brand identity services is a complicated proсess with a big list of elements. If something goes wrong on one step or one element works wrong, the next step won’t be design correctly, and the brand identity system will fail – the client couldn’t promote his own brand to the target audience.


Our process saves up to 40% of time compared with Estimations from other brand identity agency or companies that provide brand identity services.

In Rondesign – a brand identity agency, we design all necessary for the brand identity components following our workflow, previous experience and needs of our client’s business, company, and audience. We create all necessary elements to promote their business in the right way with a successful result.

The Main Phases
for such project

Branding, Logo Design, Marketing Materials, Support – we pay maximum attention to each phase.

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Full Cycle of the

Full Cycle of the Task
Task Readiness Task Deadlines
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Some of Our
Services and Forces

  • Brand Identity for Startups

    If our clients come to us with the request for an absolutely new company, our team will be happy to combine all your characteristic features with our work process. For each new brand, the style – is a priority, to create their own style and start implementing all elements on it.

    It is hard for startups to join the market; a huge amount of already existing companies will make the new brand invisible. Brand identity – is a critical element that will make the brand differ from each other.

    Brand identity for startups is also a vital element cause all marketing campaigns and commercials could be done following the brand style, so your style will begin earlier work for you and form the brand understanding for your target audience.

  • Redesign for Brand identity

    If you like to redesign or add additional or new elements, our team will start the redesign stage and complete all the tasks.

    If your current brand needs new elements or refresh – our experienced designers will provide you with a memorable brand and style elements.
    The Rondesign team will facilitate a process of a redesign for your visual identity, and if necessary, to increase the level of consistency of all brand identity elements.

    The matching stationery, official brand pattern, cover images, icons, or logo design – our team could create or redesign all necessary elements.

  • Brandbook

    Brandbook is the essential document that ensures brand consistency. For us, as for designers, it is always a plus if our clients have their own Brand book.

    Our team will create a system of brand identity, essential rules, and guidelines that will help to create a strong brand, with the ability to scale a company, attract the attention of the target audience and indicate your position on the market space.

    If our clients have no special requirements for components of the style guide, we help to choose the right amounts of branded elements in accordance with brand and companies needs: logo design, covers, corporate color system – primary and secondary colors, corporate typography, grid systems, iconography, requirements for printing.

  • Brand Testing

    If the company needs such services, such as brand testing, our team could offer a few options depending on their needs.

    Most common decision for such requests service is to combine tests with online and offline representatives of the target audience.

    In Rondesign, we always combine the test structure only for each particular testing of brand identity; this approach and our work process allow us to provide our clients with great results that will help make or no changes to the brand identity.

Your idea realization is only one click away. Let’s Talk

At the Bottom Line
You Will Have

  1. Discovery/Research Phase
  2. Sketches
  3. Brand identity
  4. Brand Book
  5. Logo
  6. Brand Strategy
  7. Style elements
  8. Brand Redesign
  9. Vector Versions
  10. Printing instructions
  11. Content creation
  12. Integration with your or any other team
  13. Detailed Estimation
  14. Project Management