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Is a logo an important part of any brand? Of course, it is. But how to create an amazing logo for your brand? Let’s check logo design trends in 2020. Our fair top of trends will help you!

  • Rondesignlab Team

Your logo is the first impression of your brand

Of course, you should think about the type of impression you would like to make. Frankly speaking, a lot of things depends on it. And a good logo can work wonders.

Does your company share joy and happiness or strength and dependence? What is the target audience you count on? How old are they? Do you know their preferences? You should keep all these factors in your mind during work process upon a logo. It would be useful to ask yourself these questions:

  • What is my brand identity?
  • Where can I find inspiration for creating a logo?
  • Have I already checked my competitors’ logos?
  • Have I seen logo design trends?
  • Have I chosen the right colors and typography?

There are so many logos that it’s difficult to choose what kind of logo do you like and what you don’t. Certainly, you shouldn’t choose the style of your future logo only based on your preferences. You need to consider whether this is appropriate in your case or not.


Five Simple Characteristics of an Amazing Logo Design

Check these paragraphs when doing your logo design.

Mercedes logo



Of course, a logo design must match your brand. And creativity method will help you to achieve this goal. But also, a great logo should reflect your company spirit, mood, and goals. It will help the consumer to find out whether your brand is suitable for him or not.



Your logo design should be memorable. This is one of the most necessary options. Your logo is the face of your brand, and people should recognize it quickly. Anyway, if you have created a logo and it’s hard for people to remember it, you made something wrong. In this case, it would be better to redo it.



Simplicity is the right way to create a logo design for your brand. The simpler it will be, the more people will like it. This is the golden rule of designing logos. But sometimes it has exceptions.



Are you sure your logo looks good on any device? This is a very important characteristic because you never know which kind of devices your customers use. That is why your logo should look good both on any device and on print materials.



A great logo design should be simple to scale up and down without any troubles of qualities or something. It should look good regardless of size.


Logo Design Trends in 2020

Let’s see graphic design trends. It will be useful not only for people who are going to order a logo but also for those who are going to design a logo by themselves. Definitely, these graphic design trends will be in demand for more than a year.

Nike logo on their product


Hope, this top of logo design trends will inspire you to design one of the most distinctive, practical, and appropriate logos of this year.


Extreme Minimalism

It is important to remember that logo design has a rule. This rule sounds this way: less is more.

Fore Design Logo by Dan Perrera


Logos in the field of fashion for a long time already look incredibly minimalist. The same applies to the field of technology. In these cases, the logos are based on fonts. Everything superfluous is deleted. Therefore, these logos look very stylish. But is it appropriate to make a stylish logo if your business is children’s toys? Always think about how much your logo is relevant to your business. Anyway, a great graphic designer must understand the direction of your company and help you with it.

Sometimes there are complex logo designs that try to convey the simplicity of minimalism with strange designs. But consumers like simplicity. No need to look for complexity where there is none. If something can be made simple, do it!

But if the logo design looks like a simple font, is it not too boring? It depends on the implementation of the idea. Anyway, one of the trends of this year is custom fonts. If you want your brand to look unique, you need your own custom font. This is the best way to go!


Shapeshifting Logos

One logo design option is good, but 4 options are better, right?

Barba by Dalibor Pajic


Shapeshifting logos provides for the creation of 4 logo options for different tasks. These tasks are displayed in different sizes and levels of detail.

Generative logos are often called an alive logo. They are called so because they change, based on the algorithm.

Responsive logos are called so because they adapt to different screen sizes. Size varies with screen size. On the computer screen, it will take up more space than on the mobile.

Contextual logos are called this way because they adapt to the place of use. They may vary depending on where they appear. On business cards, they can look monochrome, and on products colored, etc.

Variable logos, in this case, change only some aspects of the logo to the needs of the case.

In which industry you were not involved, several logo options won’t be superfluous. Such diversity will help to predict all the options for the development of your business. For any occasion, there is a logo of the desired color, size and detail.


Integrated Negative Space

Negative space has been a special hack of artists for several centuries. So, it remains now.

Head/Paper by Kakha Kakhadzen


The main thing is to use it correctly. This year it is becoming a trend. Due to the negative space, your logo will look interesting. He will want to look at it. Such a logo has all the chances to become truly memorable.


Fine Details

Minimalism is still at the peak of popularity, and yet there is a room for other styles nearby. A detailed logo design will be popular this year. Winding lines, elegant patterns — all this is the trend of 2020.

Bixbi – Rawbble Food voor Dogs 01 by Gert van Duinen


In such a logo reflects the luxury of time. These logos are suitable for brands with a story. For example, it perfectly suits for alcoholic drinks, created according to old recipes. Or for antique shops. These logos inspire confidence and give interest to the brand as much as stories from the past. Those same stories that never tell to the end, leaving us a secret.


Friendlier Geometrics

Geometric shapes have long attracted great interest. They combine simplicity and elegance. The imagination of a graphic designer is impressive.

Geometric T-Tex by Daniel Bodea


A few years ago, we would not have thought how many beautiful logos can come out of a simple combination of geometric shapes.

Despite the fact that this style has long been in trend, a reduction of interest in it isn’t expected. Therefore, you can safely experiment with geometric shapes and beyond. This is bound to bring results.


Historical Logos

Vintage logo design is very popular in 2020. The same with retro logos. These logos refer to our nostalgia. As is well known, nostalgia sells well. Therefore, retro logo design is worthy of your attention. Of course, such logos are not suitable for all types of products. Think maybe the retro logo design is right for your brand.

History Class Brewing Company by Srdjan Vidakovic


But to really stand out against the background of retro logos, you need to look back even further. Perhaps you will be inspired by the atmosphere of the Middle Ages? Ornaments of the royal court will be a great reference for your logo. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Historical logos will remain in trend for a long time.


Handwritten Lettering

Handwritten lettering became truly popular in 2020. Handwritten lettering took several years to reach the top. And now it is one of the most popular types of logos. But what makes it so? The answer is obvious. This logo design is popular because it’s an energetic and long history.

Ms. Pepper logo by Typemate


The more the consumer culture develops, the more the work behind the creation of goods is valued. Therefore, more and more appreciated manual work. And when we see Handwritten lettering logo design, we become trustworthy, because we see a responsible approach to the work of those who ordered such a logo.

Such logos can be seen on the windows of modern barbershop. They are made by hand and this is their distinguishing feature. This type of logos came to us from the distant past, got to the leading position. Now it remains to hope that this logo design will remain popular for a long time.


Optical Illusions

This logo design is notable for being looked at several times. Such logos require increased attention because they play with our consciousness.

Wonder Wild by Andrew Colin Beck


 We can’t always see what they show us the first time. Such logos resemble a game, and consumers love games.



This is another trend of this year. These logos look original and fresh. They can even develop imagination.

Outgood by Josh Warren


Also, this is a great technique based on similar principles with negative space. The main thing is to be able to use it correctly, and the logo will be memorable. The main thing to remember is that no matter what, the logo should remain simple. You want your logo design to attract customers and not vice versa, right?



This logo design has been popular for years. Circular shape and text inside are maximally capable of displaying the essence of the company.

Glacier by Trey Ingram


When a potential buyer looks at such a logo, he sees not the only logo but its history. He sees that something very important and dependable is hidden behind the simple logo. It wakes up the credibility of the brand. So, he becomes a regular customer. This forms the ideal relationship between the customer and the brand.



Graphic design is so different, and this diversity is easy to get lost. But don’t be upset. Of course, you can use a template or go to a design agency but better look for our experts who are always ready to give you advise.

It was a small excursion into the graphic design trends. We have no opportunity to go deeper into this topic because it will take a lot of time. Also, you should know that this year popular colored logos and logos with gradient. So, if you want more, you know what to do!


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