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What is Content
Marketing: Tactical
Planning or Luck?

Do you think your products are the best on the market? But your client isn’t even aware of their existence! Rumor has it, content marketing is a great way to change it. Let’s check it out!

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What is content marketing?

Haven’t you really heard of content marketing? It is shocking because recently this concept has become very popular. Figuratively speaking, content marketing is a platform for Internet marketing of the future. But time flies, and this future has already come.

Content marketing is a new technology for creating and distributing content to attract the target audience. But how does this technology differ from copywriting? The fact is that copywriting is its small part. Content marketing doesn’t just create content. The goal is to develop a strategy that will attract the customer and make him stay.

Content marketing makes your product recognizable. You will need less money for promotion than using classical methods. Creating content with good quality will make you an expert in the eyes of the consumer. But what does it take to do this?


Develop a plan

It is necessary to determine the overall goal of your business. You also need to know the purpose of each type of content. It can be a video, a short post on social networks or something, but on a purpose. From the very beginning, you need to define your target audience. This knowledge will provide answers to many questions.


Make your content valuable

In order to get the maximum conversion, you need to create unique content. Your content should resonate with customers. They should find answers to their questions in it. Everyone has their own needs and the task of content marketer is to know the needs of the client. The customer should feel that you care about him. This is very easy to achieve with content marketing.


Use special tools

For a more accurate view of your website visitors, use Google Analytics and Facebook Insights. Knowledge is power, and these tools give it to us.


Identify your audience

When you understand who your potential customer is, you will be able to define a style for your content. You will also find out what topics are close to him. How old he is and in what area he lives in. All this is very important for your future sales.


Make posts on time

It’s not about quantity, but about quality. Also important when exactly you make a new post. You can write the best article in your life, but if you publish it at the wrong time, no one will see it. Your ideal article will simply be lost in the endless news feed of your potential buyers. But you don’t want it, do you?


Don’t chase the quantity. It is always better to publish less information, but it should be relevant and valuable indeed. Content marketing won’t bring you a lot of sales the next day, but it will help to create customer confidence in the brand. Later it will turn into sales, but not immediately.


Wait or not to wait till content
marketing achieve the goal?

Many entrepreneurs don’t like to wait long before they get a result from content marketing. Each method has its own conditions. Waiting is one of the conditions of content marketing.

There is also  inbound marketing, which is even more focused on quality content. This method is created to attract customers only through content. First, you get the trust of the client, and then you sell them the goods. But it takes even more time.

All in all, the result is important, right?


How to work with text for
content marketing

Texts are the most popular way to advertise. But there are other ways too. For example, video and pictures. Videos are rapidly becoming more popular. More and more companies are starting to use video for their promotion. It isn’t about the commercial, but about the video for social networks. This is pretty popular, and you know everything popular brings money.

Of course, you cannot stop experimenting. Being engaged in content marketing you need to constantly analyze the market and customers. You need to be able to notice which kind of content shows the best results. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, they are inevitable. It is much more important to be able to notice and correct them.


Use keywords correctly

Keywords in the text still work, but you shouldn’t write too many of them. Text with lots of keywords looks unnatural. Remember the main rule of content marketing strategy, it sounds this way: you need to focus on people, not on the search engines.


Learn how to target

Pay attention to a well-written text, you should target. Do this with a small number of keywords. One or even two keywords is enough. This will help increase the effectiveness of the content. Text targeting is easy, but with a photo or video, it’s more difficult. For example, to target a video, use keywords from the title. Keywords should also be visible in the meta description.

Let’s summarize! This way you’ll get a perfect content marketing strategy.


To do content marketing well you need:

  • have a thoughtful plan
  • find your audience
  • analyze audience preferences
  • calculate the best time for posts
  • keep experimenting
  • always remember about the content strategy you made
  • and last but not least, create content for people, not for search engines.

Do it only if you want to drive profitable customer action. And you want it, don’t you? Fulfilling the points of the plan will lead you to the success you deserve. Content marketing strategy is focused on the long term. Don’t despair ahead of time. But if suddenly you do, then you should look at the successful content marketing examples, because they inspire.


The best content marketing examples


The Furrow

One of the first and most striking examples of content marketing is considered magazine The Furrow. First published by John Deere at the end of the 19th century. The purpose of the magazine was to help customers cope with their problems. But at the same time, it was important for the company to demonstrate its experience. Surprisingly, the magazine is still published. He even has an online version. What an excellent century-long advertisement, isn’t it?



Rolex is famous for its history. But any story can be told in different ways.

Rolex clock


Rolex promotes its brand with high-quality photos on the Internet. For example, on Instagram, they have about 7 million subscribers. Not so little, right? But that isn’t all. Content marketing is capable of more.



And have you heard about the film that the Lego company made? Have you ever thought that this is an excellent strategic step? This isn’t just an entertaining film, it is an advertisement for Lego that goes on for an hour and a half. And this is one of the greatest content marketing examples.


The most common mistakes in
content marketing:


Be careful speaking to the wrong crowd

It is impossible to be liked by everyone. Finding your audience doesn’t mean that everyone who belongs to this audience will love you. Don’t think about it when you create content. Instead, try to focus on its value. Fill the content with good emotions, catchy phrases, make it relevant and unique. Use content for brand development, not for short-term gain.


Missing a Call-to-Action isn’t the end of the world

A big number of marketers forget to add calls-to-action (CTA).


Distinct CTAs are the best way to guide people to other parts of your site. If you don’t tell potential buyers about your product, then how do they know about it? Therefore, make sure everything on the website works correctly. In any case, negative experience can teach you how to be a better version of yourself.


Don’t do selfishly selling

Create content not for yourself, but for others. Let your texts be useful to others. That is what will attract the right audience to you. Give advice, share your opinions, ask opinions of others and always do it with true interest.



Entrepreneurs often get upset when they don’t see results in a month. They don’t see them even after 5 months. Therefore, they quit content marketing, without achieving a goal. Patience is an important quality for effective content marketing and of course business at all.

Content marketing takes time, so there is an opinion that it’s more luck than tactical planning. But those who carefully read the article, saw how much labor is in this method. Of course, luck is never superfluous. Anyway, content marketing is the future success we build in the present.


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