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What is a unique
selling proposition?
Must have for the
successful business

You have probably heard about the unique selling proposition. Actually, USP is what good business needs. Want to know why and how to get it? Forget the boring definitions, just read it on.

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What is a unique selling

Ask yourself an honest question: ‘What does your business stand for?’. Also, analyze what makes your business special. And is it really special? Maybe you just have to find its feature? Maybe you should do it right now?

Every truly profitable and successful business has its own feature. Such features may be different. You should not try to learn and understand everything at once. Let’s focus on one of those useful, valuable features. I’m talking about a unique selling proposition.

Now it has become obvious that a unique selling proposition is what makes your business special. This is what attractively and favorably shows it against the background of others. A unique selling proposition is an offer that only your organization has. Special offer. Something that other companies cannot offer.


Common mistakes of modern

Don’t try to be the best in everything. When you want to be the best in everything, you run the risk of losing everything at once. Many companies say that they sell the highest quality product at the lowest prices. But is it really?

Reality forces us to choose between price and quality. If you want to sell a quality product, obviously it won’t be cheap. But the expensive product is designed for a specific audience. From the analysis of this audience, you need to build a marketing strategy. Even the design of your future website will depend on it. As you know web design is also a very important point that leads you to your target. But not the other way around.

Practice an honest approach. Honesty, not cunning, is the path to the buyer’s heart. You cannot sell high-quality products for a pittance. You cannot become a champion in all areas at once. Choose only one. Aim for her. Visualize her. And then customers and even your competitors will start talking about you as a good example of a successful brand.


Things make you different
from the competition

Your USP should attract attention. But in what way? And how to create your USP?


Analyze your target audience

The most accurate way to create a USP is to analyze the target audience. The audience will tell you what it needs, if you, of course, know how to communicate with it. Focus on this one. Learn what is the difference between the online and offline audience. Read some more SEO tips. It is very important when you develop your business strategy. And only after all those steps do your best copywrite, describing the strongest sides of your business.


Analyze your competitors

Your unique selling proposition should be bright and memorable. This should be something that your clients have been waiting for but could not get. For this purpose, analyze not only your target audience but also competitors. Sometimes competitors can teach more than a business school.


Uniqueness & necessity

The uniqueness of a product or service is good, of course, but you need to think about who needs it. Your USP must combine not only uniqueness but also a necessity. Otherwise, your USP won’t be in demand. And this greatly complicates the task. But is there really such a problem that a good entrepreneur cannot cope with?


Help the client find out about your USP

Let’s say you come up with a unique selling proposition. People would like your proposal, but how to convey to the new information? If your offer is truly unique, then you need to think carefully about how to advertise it. People get used to the new hard. But not if they really need this new one. Develop a slogan. A catchphrase is a good way to easily convey information to the buyer. Only one line, which tells about the essence or describes the core of your product or service. A good slogan is also customer care. After all, entrepreneurs sometimes know better what their client needs. Only the best entrepreneurs do.


Build your client’s trust

USP will certainly interest the client. But how to win his trust? If the client trusts the brand, he easily moves from interest to action. But in order to achieve this, you must help your client. You need to show how he can trust you. So, how can you do this?

It’s simple. Clearly formulate a policy of return and delivery of goods. Don’t exaggerate the dignity of the goods. Many marketers love this technique, but in the end, they lose customers. Customers leave because they feel cheated. Marketers are wrong, but not they, you lose customers. So, think twice before giving false advertising.


What is not a unique
selling proposition

Check out this list to verify that you understand the meaning of the unique selling proposition.


These items are not USP:

  • 10%, 30%, 50% discount;
  • free delivery or delivery on favorable terms;
  • round the clockwork;
  • the convenient location of offices;
  • return policy of the goods, etc.


Examples of USP

But in order to understand what a unique selling proposition, let’s look at a few amazing examples. Perhaps some of them will inspire you, and maybe some of you have already met or even bought something from this list. Let’s check it out!



Have you ever heard about Pipcorn? If not, you probably should learn more about it, and especially if you care what food you eat.

Pipcorn packages


So, what is unique about this? They don’t only sell pre-popped popcorn, but it is also just a part of their brand. This company specializes in healthy nutrition. You will find such words as gluten-free, non-GMO, antioxidants, on their website and packaging.

Their peculiarity lies in the fact that they don’t just say that their products are related to healthy foods, but they also tell you why. On their website, you will find a lot of useful information. We know that useful information attracts customers and builds their trust. The company copes with the tasks. It gives realistic promises and fulfills them. This is a good example of USP. This company has a lot to learn.


Tattly Tattoos

You would better not know how much it costs to get a tattoo. Tattly Tattoos solved this problem in a joking way.

Tattly Tattoo set of 25 tattoos


This company creates temporary tattoos, like those that were popular among children audience. But for some reason, no one ever guessed to make temporary tattoos for adults. And so Tattly Tattoos entered the market.

They attracted attention due to an unusual product. Their temporary tattoos look stylish. Many want to have them. Low cost and a great advertising campaign, this is how Tattly Tattoos’ strategy looked like. And this strategy worked. Now we give Tattly Tattoos as a great example of a unique selling proposition. Is this not a success?


Third Love

This company made its unique selling proposition promise their customers to find the right size. And they kept their word. They gained customer confidence. And now it isn’t just a company, Third Love is a popular brand. So, what did they do for that?

Hero page of Third Love site


Third Love is selling underwear. There are a lot of competitors in this area. But this didn’t prevent the company to become a leader. They have developed a unique offer. They promised to choose the right size for each buyer. What is surprising, you ask? Get ready to find out.

Other companies can offer buyers only a table of sizes. Frankly speaking, such a table isn’t very convenient to use. Third Love offered an individual approach. They don’t just help pick up clothes for everyone, they even developed half sizes. It became more difficult to choose right undies, but it helps the buyer to feel better after all. So, the biggest plus is that the laundry really fits well, thanks to Third Love.

In addition, the company also announced ‘try before you buy’ guarantee. And this attracted even more buyers.


Go deep into the motivation
of buying

Nowadays, it isn’t enough just to collect statistics about customers in your area to create an impressing unique selling proposition. It isn’t enough to know how old they are on average and what sex they are. You need to know their motivation. Do you know what drives your visitors to make a purchase?

A good entrepreneur, as well as a competent marketer, must have knowledge of psychology. The psychology of the buyer – this is a subject that should interest you. This knowledge will help you increase profits. This is what will help you make your visitors happier.

For this reason, rhythmic music plays in supermarkets. Rhythmic music helps customers relax and make impulse purchases. In any case, psychology is a very interesting subject. Psychology will help you to improve your business and develop yourself.



The best way to come up with a unique product is to determine what you lack in the perfect market. Perhaps you will become the one who will make the world more comfortable. But if not, don’t despair. You should not have a unique selling proposition to enter the market. It would be great but not necessary. You just need to make your product a little more interesting for the buyer.

If you don’t have a unique offer, then you should take care of how your business looks from the outside. Chat with customers of your stores. But it will be even more useful to communicate with customers of your competitors.

Focus on the success. Your job is to make your product stand out from other products. If you do this, then your income will increase. Brand awareness is very important, and a unique selling proposition is a direct path to this.


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