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Website Redesign:
Best Tips from Best

Do you know how a redesign affects conversion? If your answer is no, you definitely should read this article. You’ll see the best tips and examples. Here is your guide to website redesign!

  • Rondesignlab Team

It is high time to redesign your website, if…

…you increasingly notice new features on competitors’ websites, and you have any of them.

…your website doesn’t look fresh, and it’s obvious even to those who haven’t studied web design.

…you want to not only keep, but also increase traffic, but don’t know how.

Our modern world is developing rapidly. So, are you sure your website isn’t out of date? It can be difficult to keep up with the trends. This text has a target to help entrepreneurs keep abreast of web trends.

Probably something really went wrong, if you decided to do a website redesign. If you have this thought, you should at least check how your website looks today.

In this case, the first thing you should do is to realize what exactly doesn’t look good anymore on your website. Maybe the color of your logo seems fit not too much. Does the menu still look cool? And what about fonts? Maybe you should change them? Or probably you need just a simple changing of colors and it will help you to fresh up your site. Don’t be lazy, check every single part of the website. And be patient. Don’t rush to change every part of it or create everything anew. First, read and learn what a website redesign is because the devil is in the detail.


What is the goal of
a website?

The goal of a website redesign is modernization through the improvement of what is already done. One of the most common mistakes of revamping isn’t an improvement, but a creation almost from scratch. If you decided to do a website redesign make sure users will recognize the website after your upgrade. 

The purpose of a redesign is to refresh the site, to make it more modern, but without losing traffic. Users quickly get used to the way your website looks like. That is why web design is important.


Also, users don’t like changing. Frankly speaking, a website redesign is a large changing, so you need to be careful. And now we are going to find out how exactly you can change your website for the benefit of yourself and without a loss for users.


Coming up with a strategy
of a redesign

Work on the drafting of the strategy of the website redesign is the beginning of the website redesign. Follow these three simple steps working on your strategy.


Step one. Goals

In the beginning, you should define your goals. Why do you need a website redesign? Answer these questions, to catch your real target.

  • Do you want to make the site more user-friendly?
  • Or just want to make it modern?
  • Do you dream of increasing traffic?
  • What really works on your website?
  • Do you want to change the way you connect with your audience?

These questions and their answers will help you find your way to the redesign of your website.


Step two. Analyze

The navigation bar, brand logo, colors, homepage headline, shopping carts, and even fonts depend on the target audience for which you work. If these are teenagers, then feel free to make the site in bright colors. If these are adults, then make the site more stringent.

Use Google Analytics to collect more detailed statistics about users. It is always useful and important for any entrepreneur to know what attracts his buyers and vice versa. These tools will help determine what to look for, which sections of the website need to be improved and how this can be done.


Step three. Budget

Start working on a website redesign only when you know who exactly your audience is. Redesign your website only when you know everything about their needs and more precisely how their needs have recently changed. Do it only when you have collected all the necessary statistics and decided on the goals that you are really interested in. Only then you should start working on a website redesign.


This approach will help you avoid unnecessary actions. The more accurately you know what you want, the easier it will be to achieve it.


Your special plan
of a redesign

It doesn’t matter whether you will be engaged in a website redesign personally or hire a design team for this purpose, you should make a plan for working on the website. Discuss with your team how the site will look like in the future. Allow as many people as possible to speak — this will become your reliable statistics.

Consult with the web designer how long it takes to create each page and element on it. Discuss with the team in advance the number of free consultations and how much additional edits will cost them. This will help you build a good relationship with the team.

You need to find out how much time it takes to work on the entire site and set the deadline. A website redesign isn’t a quick deal. Divide the whole work on the site into the milestones. Watch the performance of each step, it will minimize errors. If you don’t have time, then you should hire someone for this purpose, but it is always better to contact us for help. We share professionalism with each customer.


Best tips for your redesign

Change is often difficult and especially when we talk about a website redesign. Change scare not only those who commit them but also those for whom they are committed. The main thing to remember is that you are making changes for the better, and therefore the result will be the most optimistic! Here are a few tips on how to make your website redesign as good as possible.


Are you delighted with the images on your site?

Focus on images. Each image from your website should be unique, saturated and, of course, beautiful, because people don’t like to look at ugly things.

The modern world is too fast. Therefore, users don’t always have time to read. High-quality pictures are what attract visitors’ attention. Make sure that your website is filled with exceptionally high-quality content.

Don’t think quality articles are not important. If you attract a user with a beautiful picture, but there is a bad text below it, then nothing will work out. Your website should be filled with good texts, great pictures and have a remarkable design. Here is your goal. Aim for it!


Size matters

Of course, ideally, your website should look good on devices of any size. But nowadays websites are more often visited from mobile phones than from computers. So, make sure your website looks as good on a mobile as it is on a big screen.

It would be great if your site was created as a mobile-first. In any case, the creation of a mobile version doesn’t take much time. And you should know that a modern mobile version can increase traffic.


Check the mobile version of your website from time to time. Does it work well? Does it not look outdated? Check out how your competitors’ mobile versions look. You may find something to learn from them.


Do you have a blog?

If not, then you urgently need to create it. Now it’s obvious that content marketing is working excellent. For this reason, you need to draw special attention to the content.

Does your brand have its own history? So, create it! Does your customer associate your product with something pleasant? A well-written blog will help turn a one-time visitor into a regular customer. This is the power of the word. Not bad, right?

The more users know about your brand, the more they trust you. A blog is a great way to get information about you to the user. And the better you cope with this task, the more users will turn into buyers.


Pay particular attention to the colors you use

To make the site readable, use contrasting colors. You probably noticed that the text is best read from a white background if it’s written in black. The greater the contrast, the better for your readers, and, of course, this fact has a big influence on the conversion of your website.

Experiment with colors and their combination. In this regard, you have complete freedom. As long as the text is well-read, you can use any combination of colors. But the better way to deal with it, just ask your web designer or read a few topics about web design and choosing colors for websites.

Analyze user activity on the pages of your website. Highlight the most important places in different colors. It should look organic. This way you can influence what the user sees first.

Also, each color and even shade has its own meaning. Knowing these values may well affect your income. Therefore, even the color of the logo of large companies was chosen for a reason. Analyze your logo and colors on it. Can you explain why did you choose them?


Landing page

Create an additional landing page for various offers: promotions, discounts, new positions, etc. Let design landing combines elements of a new and old design. It will help you to save and even increase traffic.

Pay attention to the statistics. This is very important because this knowledge will help you build the right strategy further.

If conversion decreases during a website redesign, landing pages will help minimize losses. It’s profitable. In addition, if the conversion isn’t reduced, you can wait for an increase in income! Not sure how to do it yourself? Our experts are always ready to consult you on these issues.


How to avoid falling traffic?

Pay attention to SEO, while redesigning your website. Why is that so important? Simply put, you need to do it to be sure that users will find your website in spite of changes. And, of course, don’t change too much. Your website should stay recognizable.

Does it easy to find your website through a search engine? If not so, use keywords. Pay attention to the location. It would be wonderful to integrate your location to keywords and meta. When people look for something they want to buy, they usually want to find the nearest shop to them. That is why so important to integrate location. Also, remember the previous point and create landing pages and you will see how helpful it is for your business!


Does your website personalize enough?

Tell the story of your brand. Users are more interested in your goods when a real person is visible behind the brand whom they could trust. Associate your brand with success, with family comfort or with the holiday mood. It should depend on your product and target audience. You need to know your audience well because it depends on how you need to communicate with them and how to promote your product.

Uniqueness is what the customer appreciates. If your product has a unique story, if it gives customers a positive experience, then buyers will be ready to pay more for the product. And this is a wonderful goal, and we know how to achieve it. If you don’t know this, then feel free to ask our specialists. And you will know the best way to make your brand better.


Voice search

Is your site optimized for voice search? If not, then you should do it. Voice search is something that will become an integral part of the Internet of the future. Voice control is already actively used today, but later this control method will be used even more.

It may seem strange to you and some people even feel uncomfortable talking to a phone or computer. People feel embarrassed when they give orders to them. But it’s just a matter of time. If you are driving, then, of course, it is more convenient for you to give the order by voice. The same, if you ride a bike or cook dinner and your hands are busy.

Voice control today is a big plus that will make your website modern, but tomorrow it is a simple feature everybody has. Hurry up and your efforts will pay off!

Following these tips, your website redesign will go well and without loss of traffic. Don’t forget that you don’t change the design, but improve the old one. Remember about your regular users and don’t take those steps that may upset them.



Marketers claim that any brand should do a website redesign every 2 years. But is it really necessary?

When you are preparing a website redesign, you never know which new fictions the users will like and which won’t. Time is money, and therefore you should not risk too much. Don’t redesign the entire website. Redesign individual parts. Don’t wait 2 years to improve the homepage. Do it now if you have a clear idea. Who doesn’t stop, always ahead!

And be sure a website redesign is a necessary and pretty profitable step for business development.


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