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Meaning of terms Admit that you, like many others, are afraid of the terms. This is obvious because if this were not so, you would not read this article. However, you are now on our site for a reason. And this is absolutely normal. In order to be a professional, you need to understand the […]

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Meaning of terms

Meaning of terms

Admit that you, like many others, are afraid of the terms. This is obvious because if this were not so, you would not read this article. However, you are now on our site for a reason. And this is absolutely normal. In order to be a professional, you need to understand the terms. Reading articles is a sure step towards mastering a large number of terms that will be useful in your work. But this must be done gradually. For this reason, in this article, we will analyze the difference between visual effects and motion graphics.

Terms were coined in order to help people understand the topic, but often this is only confused by all kinds of specialists. This article was written to prevent such difficulties. VFX, SFX, CGI are terms that are very common in this area, but let’s clarify its meaning. After you see the meaning, differences, examples, you’ll understand how useful it’s to know the terms and how actually it simplifies the work, although initially, it doesn’t seem so.


What is behind visual effects?


VFX stands for Visual Effects. We are talking about the effects that are created in movies, commercials, etc. This is obtained by combining captured real content and computer processing. But let’s delve into this term and understand what exactly is behind these words.

So, visual effects are means of achieving on the screen such an effect, which in no way can be achieved at the moment on the set and capture on film. It is logical to assume that if this cannot be captured, then it needs to be created post-production. At this stage, specialists are engaged not only in color correction but also in other things, which the average person sometimes does not even guess about.

In other words, the image on the screen is created by hand. This, of course, is how we can call it among ourselves, but not in a professional language. However, now you should be a little clearer what is behind this formidable abbreviation.

Thus, visual effects are part of the special effects category, but the main feature of visual effects is to obtain the final result only at the post-production stage, or post-production. As many people know, most often visual effects are used to combine captured material with an image created using a computer, with other specially prepared elements, explosions, mock-ups, etc. It definitely requires special skills, but any skills can be developed if desired.


Delve into the visual effects process

visual effects process

Despite the fact that visual effects are always post-production, this must be properly planned at the stage of preparation for the shooting, and the shooting itself must be organized and monitored to obtain all the materials necessary for visual effects.

Also, visual effects can be created not only with the help of computers. In addition to working on a computer, any manipulation of the filming material, the combination that occurs after the shooting, are also visual effects. This should be remembered because often this leads to groundless disputes and misunderstanding in the work process. Therefore, sometimes you can come across a more specific concept of digital visual effects, which just means the indispensable participation of computer processing. Remember, the terms are coined so that we accurately express our thoughts. But if the term needs to be clarified, you always need to clarify.


What is behind motion graphics?

Motion Graphics


Before you read this part of the article, try to answer the question yourself, what is motion graphics? Then compare your answer with the definition of motion design. No, this is not a static photo, a picture or a movie production.

So, as soon as the static frame begins to move, it becomes a graphic animation, but not a motion graphics. When the image comes to life and additional meaning appears, then we are talking about motion design. There is a small difference, but still, it’s and you must understand it exactly. If it’s difficult for you to catch this difference, try reading our other articles about motion design, this will help you understand this topic.

The goal of motion design is to create an animated video that tells a story. Creating such a short video is a long and expensive task. Moreover, the profession of motion designer combines a huge number of skills, such as video editing, drawing, and even programming. Your skills are the main component in this business.

Adobe After Effects is a powerful tool for working with moving graphics. Moving graphics is called one of the most advanced and very complex designs among marketing video clips, but it’s definitely worth it, because it has many advantages that you will definitely get, only you decide to implement moving graphics. If your goal is to create the best marketing video clip, then you should definitely try this area.

Moving graphics are not only design, but design in motion. To revive the design, you will have to use the best modern animation techniques. It’s definitely worth it, because little can be as exciting as motion graphics.


If you want to know more, then…

difference between motion graphics

Now you see the big difference between motion graphics and visual effects. If you could still confuse motion graphics and visual effects before reading this article, now you see how they are different from each other.  

By the way, these are not all the differences between motion graphics and visual effects, but this is enough to understand the basics. If you want to know more about the difference between motion graphics and visual effects, then consult with our specialists by sending us an email request. 


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