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User Experience is a concern for the user and his needs. In this article, you’ll learn the best techniques that have been tried and tested by experience. Find out how to achieve the best result.

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About techniques

If you really care about your users you should try some of these techniques. Use them to make your app user-friendly. Let your potential users choose what is better for them. And some of these techniques will help you to do it.

These techniques, which are discussed in this text, will greatly benefit your project. A convenient application always looks stylish, but not every stylish application is convenient. And this is the key point that you should rememberб creating the application, working on its design and other details.

Your goal isn’t just to create a simple app but to make the best, most convenient and most useful application ever. Otherwise, is it worth starting?

The techniques presented here will help you achieve this goal. Try new approaches. Don’t be afraid to experiment, but do it with user care. And then you’ll definitely succeed.


Card Sorting

This technique is pretty simple and that’s why you’ll like it a lot. You don’t need any money to do that and this is a big advantage of this technique.

All you need to do is make a few cards. The simplest paper is perfect for this purpose. You write words on it and ask your potential users, your team, your friends and colleagues to combine these cards into groups. Break them down by meaning.


So, in this way, you’ll learn how and what is best to divide and combine. You’ll get an excellent structure. Any doubts, you know how much time it takes to create a structure. Using this way, you’ll save your time but get the same result or even better.

A good structure is the foundation of any app. Too much depends on the structure: from the visual appeal of the app to its usability. This technique will become your secret weapon, which will help you find the easiest way to build a great structure. Use it in practice and you’ll be surprised at the result.

This technique is pretty cheap and effective. Use it and you’ll know what you need to improve your UX design.


The review of the expert

As you can understand from this title for this technique you need to ask an expert to look at your application. You don’t need to ask a lot of people, you don’t need a team of professional designers or something. Just find a person with great experience and ask him to use your app.

Usually, it doesn’t take too much time. It’s also pretty cheap because you’ll hire only one person. But it’s still pretty resultative.

By hiring one person for this purpose you buy his experience. This is very valuable, because this experience can help you fix application flaws that you yourself may not even notice.

After all, long work on your app can change the perception of the app itself. An expert look is a good idea because it can make your app better. Try this one and you’ll be amazed at how well it works.


Eye Movement Tracking

A lot of users like tests. So, it’s a good reason to do them what they like. There is a test that can show you what areas of your app are more attractive to users’ eyes than others. You can make your own research or read some useful articles about it.


All you need to do is find out what catches the eye of the user. And when you find it out, you need to place the most useful information in these places.

Of course, all this is based on the principles of psychology. This is a very interesting topic that will help you create a good app with great UI design.

Today it’s not so difficult to test it. But the knowledge that you gain will be truly useful. You need to know your user, and the movement of his gaze is one of the key points that will help you meet user expectations from your app.


Usability Testing

Any doubts, usability testing is a very important technique because it’s pretty effective. It’ll help you a lot in the process of creating your product. All you need to do is to find a user and ask him to do some simple steps using your app. Such kind of a user can be anybody even your client. Only one thing is important. This user should be interested in using such an app. Don’t ask your granny to check out an app about teens’ life or something.

Try such a technique to figure out what makes UX design really great. The answer will be obvious.

This technique will bring you even more useful information than the expert review. All in all, you create an app not for experts but for users. That’s why you should be focused on their wishes and preferences. So, just let your users share it with you. Sometimes you can get unexpected ideas from a simple user that will totally change your creating process.

This method is that you are interested in the opinion of the user. And in this form of interaction, you seem to be taking care of him. Try this technique. Your app will only get better from such an approach.

Sit next to the user and just watch his actions. Give him assignments. Let him show you how understandable your application is for him. Take notes during the experiment. Pay attention to the little things. It’ll allow you to improve your product.


Remote Usability Testing

This technique is even simpler than the previous one, although no less effective.

All you need to do is test your app on users with remote access. It doesn’t take much time. It’ll show how well the app works because if users notice gross problems, they’ll immediately rush to report this to you.

Trust users. Distinguish constructive criticism from simple discontent. You won’t please everyone, and this is important to remember.

In any case, this technique is almost the final stage, which will probably bring you several changes, after which you can release your app. But first, don’t forget how important it is to collect opinions in test mode.


The useful note


Just remember the importance of UX design techniques. Anything that even theoretically can make your app better is worthy of attention. And these techniques are exactly the case.

There are also other techniques that you can also familiarize yourself with. There are many of them, and not all of them are so easy. This article presents the simplest and most effective techniques, but there are others. It’d be a great idea to contact a design studio. You can do that to get some experienced advice. Of course, you can get some valuable information from such articles like this one but much better when someone can analyze your app and give you some advice focusing only on your project. Even if it’s just a useful note, it’ll be extremely useful, because it’ll relate specifically to your case.


Pay attention to it

Don’t make the mistake that newcomers often make. Clearly plan how much time each stage of the app will take. This step shouldn’t take you too much time, despite the fact that it’s very important.

Your goal is to quickly collect information about how your app can become better, and immediately respond to it, making changes based on the information collected.

By listening to the opinions of first users, experts, your team, you increase your chances of creating an excellent product that will find its dedicated audience.

Experiment with different techniques, or maybe try to create your own. The main thing is always striving to be better than you are, to work better than you work, and this path will lead you to an excellent result.


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