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Top Design Tips
for eCommerce Websites

In this text we’ve collected for you only the most valuable ecommerce web design tips that help you to make your website better than it is. Read it to the end to find out how to improve your site. 

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How to turn a potential buyer into your customer?

How many people use an ecommerce site? The answer is obvious, today millions of people use online stores, and this figure will only increase.

eCommerce companies face the same challenges as their offline predecessors. One common problem is turning potential buyers into loyal customers. Even in-store customers compare prices online before making a purchase. And all this demonstrates the influence of the Internet on the market over the past couple of decades. Amazing right?

In fact, 72% of shoppers do research online before they travel, and two-thirds compare prices on their phones in stores. Admit it, do you do it too?

However, precisely at such moments, you can get yourself a new buyer. Someone compares prices and finds your ecommerce site. Something should attract the buyer so that he chooses you, and not an offline store. What could it be? Of course, first of all, every buyer is interested in the price, but that is not all. In this article, you will learn how to turn a potential competitor buyer into your own reliable customer. The average conversion rate for an eCommerce landscape ranges from 1 to 4%. Improving your conversion rate by even a percentage will be an achievement. We know how to do this and want to share it with you. Are you ready to start this amazing journey into the world of secrets that will help you increase your profit? You’ll find here top web design tips for ecommerce and it’ll make your web page design look better. Let’s start!


What future awaits us?


Back in 2016, literally around the world, more than 1.5 billion online buyers were recorded. Online sales are a trend that cannot be ignored. And what’s the point when online sales bring such a good profit?

From the point of view of the entrepreneur, online sales are a promising area of ​​activity, given that in the future the number of online buyers will only increase. Why is this so? You know the answer to this yourself. For example, how often do you look for products on the Internet now and how often did you do this 5 years ago? There is a difference? The same difference will be in a year. And after another ten years no one will even go to the store for shopping, because online stores will become so convenient and will have such a large list of advantages that offline stores will look completely unattractive against their background. Yep, an ecommerce site is our future.

As you know, on the Internet you can sell anything. From online courses to homemade jewelry and household goods. “How much will it cost to create an individual ecommerce website?” This is one of the most popular questions that customers contact our company. However, the answer to this question is exclusively individual. And later in the article we will explain why, talk about some features, etc.


Top Design Tips for eCommerce Websites


Now we will consider what this article was written for. You will see some tips to help make your site even better. Try putting these tips into practice to get the expected result. The goal should be clearly formulated. Do you need to increase your income, increase traffic or make your brand recognizable? We know how to do this and, in this article, we share these secrets with you. But if you want to get more complete information, then you need to contact our experts who will answer any of your questions. Our team members have extensive experience, and we are ready to invest our efforts, time and skills in your project. Email us right now.


Simplicity is the key

You should always strive for simplicity, and especially if your goal is to reach a wide audience. You should make your site as simple as possible so that your users can understand how to use this site. Beautiful website design is good, but who appreciates beautiful website design if it is impractical? Your site should be both beautiful and practical at the same time, but how to achieve this? Simplicity is the answer.

Simplicity can be both beautiful and practical. When it comes to developing an e-commerce site, simply always the best. The more elements you have on the page, the more difficult it is to achieve the expected action from your customers. Users have defocused attention. The marketing tricks that you used on the pages of your site may simply not work, because the attention of your user would be distracted.

You don’t need tons of features on your e-commerce site, because all they do is divert attention and ultimately lower your income. Make your ecommerce web design clear, clean and simple, because this will help you achieve your goals. Focus on sales, not outward appeal. Go to your goal, not its attractive copy. Be simple and people will definitely show interest in you.


Branding is your way to go


When we talk about shopping on the Internet, then most users give preference to those sites that they already have at least a little fun. Why is this happening? But because everyone is afraid to be deceived. Each user is afraid to enter their data and find out that the money from his credit card was debited, but the goods were not sent. No one wants to be cheated. Nobody wants to understand such situations, because this will take time, and nowadays time is a new currency.

It is for this reason that it becomes important how your site looks. If it looks like a typical site that scammers use to steal your personal data, then do not expect an increase in conversion. You need to take care of recognition. Make sure that the user feels trust in your site. But to do this is not easy. And first of all you need to work on the reputation of the site.

If you want to build the trust you need to drive serious sales in your e-commerce business, you need to seriously consider branding. But how to do that?

 First of all, ask yourself questions such as:

  • What 3 words would I describe my brand?
  • What are the differences between my ecommerce site and other online stores?
  • What does my ecommerce site do better than other stores on the market?
  • How do I see the potential audience of my ecommerce site?
  • Does my ecommerce website have an ideology?

Branding will help to gain the trust of a potential audience and stimulate sales growth. Once you confidently answer these questions, you will be able to proudly use this information in the advertising and marketing of your ecommerce site. Why proudly? But because when a person knows exactly who he is and what he does, he always speaks proudly of himself, because in knowledge is power.


Think and get rich

Think like your potential customer in order to better understand how to work to promote and improve your site.

Any ecommerce website design should not be created for its owner, but for customers. If you think as a customer, then your customer is more likely to be satisfied. Ultimately, potential customers in e-commerce need only a few things:

  • an ecommerce website design that is intuitive;
  • a simple shopping process;
  • a support service that can help at any time, which inspires confidence in your store.

And if you want your ecommerce site to succeed, you better give them these things. This is not so difficult, but requires an experienced team of professionals. And if you do not have enough experience, we are ready to share our experience and our professionals.

Be sure to put yourself in the place of the visitor in the website design process. Think about such questions as: 

  • What type of layout will make it easier to navigate for a potential user?
  • How exactly can you organize your products in such a way that it attracts the end user?
  • How can you simplify the checkout process (and this item can also increase sales)?

Remember that when you think as your customer, you can predict what he wants from your online store, and then design your ecommerce site to meet these needs. This path is the path to success. Try it first-hand. And if you do not succeed, we are ready to help you to figure out what is ecommerce design and how it works. 


Color is a powerful tool


Do you know that marketing has a whole section on color? And this is not without reason. A lot depends on color. Color is an extremely powerful tool, and if you understand the psychology of color, you can use it to your advantage. Does it affect sales? Affects! Can you learn this? Of course, you can.

Each color has a certain potential. Different colors can inspire people to different feelings, emotions and actions. It is for this reason, if you want your e-commerce site to be converted, you need to use these colors to your advantage. How to do it? To answer this rather difficult question you need to think about how exactly you perceive different colors and how your potential buyer perceives them. We strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the literature on this topic, there you will find many unexpected facts about color and learn a lot about why large brands chose these colors for their logos, websites, store designs, etc.

If you want people to make purchases more often, highlight the button that says “buy” in bright colors, such as red. But here it is also important to remember that each color has many shades. The same color can convey different emotions and can be completely differently perceived by different people. So, one person can accept the red button with the inscription “buy” as a signal of danger, and the other person will take the same button as an incentive to receive pleasure.

It is interesting to know that according to the psychology of color, red color causes a feeling of excitement and passion, which are the driving factors that determine costs. Some reliable studies say that creating a red buy button can increase conversions by 34%. Want to know if this works? Check it out on your site or look at the statistics of sites that have already done so.

But how else can you use colors? For example, if you want to increase your credibility, include blue in your website design. Blue color has magical qualities. Blue is not only a universally favorite color, but it has also been shown to enhance a sense of trust, making it popular in the business world. For this reason, blue is present in more than half of all logos in the world. Yes, this color is truly loved by many. How do you feel about blue?

Color is definitely one of the most powerful tools in your website design toolkit, but it’s important to be able to use it correctly. This isn’t easy to learn, but you need a lot of practice, a lot of examples and a lot of time. If you don’t have enough time for this, then we can help you. To do this, you need to write to us and we will contact you shortly.


Do not save on high-quality photos

We live in a century when photography has become so popular that no business can do without high-quality images. For this reason, we do not advise you to save on high-quality photos. If you want to succeed in your business, you need to have a good photographer on staff who truly knows your job and can regularly create great photos.

When you have the opportunity to create high-quality photos, then you should definitely take advantage of this. Since we are talking about an online store, then your product will be judged precisely by the photographs you take. Therefore, a lot depends on the quality of these photos.

In the world of website design, it is well known that images increase conversion. The percentage increase in conversion can reach 40, and sometimes 45%. And this is even more true when it comes to e-commerce. Therefore, know how important it is, if possible, focus on this.

You must understand that no one is going to buy a product that does not see. So would you decide on such a purchase? If you want people to buy your products, you must show them exactly what they are buying, the better you show them your product, the better the photos will be, the more likely they are to buy this product from you.

Strive for professional images of all your products, because it is of great importance for building trust and trust in your customers. But there is something else besides quality.

You need to make sure that your pictures are not only high-quality, but also have their own special style that would distinguish them from pictures of other online stores. You can do it, and consider that you are ahead of your competitors. But it is not so simple. In any case, it depends a lot on the photographer. Therefore, do not save on photographers. This savings can easily turn into bankruptcy.


Bottom line

Now you know some basic information about eCommerce website and how to make it better than it is. Use it wisely to get the best result. It’s not a big problem to become better than your competitors. Read this article a couple of times to be sure you learnt everything. But know, this was just the entrance to the world of ecommerce web design.


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