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The Complete Guide
to Brochure and
Flyer Sizes

Would you like to know the basic points of creating brochures and flyers? Would you like to know how to make it in the best possible way? You’re in the right place!

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Guide to brochure and flyer sizes

The basic point of creating a standard flyer is understanding the process but not only that. Actually, you should know that you can divide all types of flyers into a few categories. Each of them has a special target. You have to be sure that you know how to make it in the best way ever. You should know how to achieve these different goals. In this article, you’ll find these answers.


Event announcements 

Can you say that flyers aren’t important nowadays? Not really because flyers and brochures are everywhere. Making great flyers you make our world better because it’s so important to add some beauty to our routine. That’s why the design of flyers is so important. But design also depends on the size and some other things you should be aware of.


Bookstores, night clubs, and even shops have their own flyers. In this case, we can say that flyers are the voice of the modern market in the widest way. Great flyer able to get you not only a piece of information about events but gift you this special feeling as if you have already come to the party.


Product information

The importance of any flyer or brochure isn’t only in delivering information. Good flyers can say much more than text you can read on it. Some people even think about flyers as if its a two-sized document of their product. Such a document allows companies to give potential customers an in-depth look at their services or products.

The perception of flyers is so different nowadays. Nevertheless, you hardly find a person who would say that flyers don’t important.


Common types of brochures:

  • Trifold
  • Half-fold
  • Parallel fold
  • Z-fold
  • Gatefold
  • Double gatefold
  • Roll fold


Brochures or flyers?

Actually, we can talk about brochures and flyers as about two points in the same funnel.


You can use brochures when your target is to get your clients more information than they already have. There is your opportunity to get new orders from your clients, telling them about new prices or something.

Flyers can be a good way to share some short but valuable information.

The difference between brochures and flyers isn’t so big. But let’s have a closer look at this topic.


General awareness is the key

Let’s talk about your new business!

Or maybe are you looking for volunteers?

A flyer is a good way to share some new information. A flyer is a modern link between you and your customers or some specialists you look for. That’s why you can say that flyers or brochures are powerful tools you can use for different reasons. 

Size, paper, design, and even font color is pretty important when we talk about flyers. For instance, event announcements would require space for the date, time and, of course, location. You need to give as much information to your potential visitors as you can. But at the same time, it keeps in mind that all information shouldn’t be boring. Make your flyers attractive but useful. Make it stylish but informative. And your potential clients or visitors will be satisfied.


How to pick the right size

Let’s talk about flyer size. You need to know exact flyer size to start preparing to printing. Also, it’s good to know letter size. Would you like to use big letter size or small? Would you like to have large flyers or small? This article will help you to find an answer. 

Also, it’s high time to talk about size brochure. You should understand design that really works for a letter size brochure probably isn’t going to work for a tabloid size brochure. But let’s go deeper.


A5 is a half-page flyer (flyer size: 8.3” x 5.8”, letter size: 148 x 210 mm / 5.8 x 8.3 in). This size is good enough for sales and special events. Why is that so? Try to hand them out just on the street and you’ll get this point. This method really works. Check it. You need such an experience. You will be surprised after trying to do that.

This simple step will bring to your store or even more clients. A5 isn’t only a size, it’s very important to point of attracting new customers and incising your income. 

A6 (flyer size: 5.8” x 4.1”, letter size: 105 x 148 mm / 4.1 x 5.8 in) will fit your target if you can to compress your message to people. For this target, you can also use A7. Remember that the less is the more. This principle works even when we talk about printing flyers. The main advantage of this size of flyers is obvious. You will pay less price for the smaller size of the flyer. Try it. Only when you’ll be able to compare different sizes of flyers you can choose your best variant.

Let’s go a little bit deeper. DL flyers (flyer size of Dimension Lengthwise: 8.3” x 3.9” or one-third of A4, by the way the best letter size for A4 is 210 x 297 mm / 8.3 x 11.7 in) are well-suited for price lists and restaurant menus. Often size is more than just a format. It doesn’t matter where you print your flyers. Just make sure that they offer the size and paper stock that’s best for you.

Try to think about your potential client. Touch the different types of paper. Ask to print a few flyers of different sizes. Compare it as if you’ve been handed it just on the street. Would you read it? Would you buy that service or product? This question is very valuable because the goal of any flyer not only give information to someone but also to make people think about this product. Are you going to buy that? Does it worth it? If you’d like to buy it when and where can you do that? Answer these questions in your flyers. Make people do that. Sometimes such simple things as shopping make people really happy. So, just help them to be a little bit happier than they are.


How to write a flyer that really works?

So, just imagine that you have already got a text for your flyer. Write a text for booklet or pamphlet is much harder but how can you check the quality of your copy? Would you like to make sure that your flyer not only look good but also pretty informative? If your answer is yes, then ask yourself such questions.

  • Does this text have a structure?
  • Does it easy to read?
  • Does it valuable for your potential clients?

How about bold text? Make the deal you are offering bold. Highlight the most important parts of your flyer’s text. People don’t really have much time to read a lot of text. Make sure you spent enough time looking for the best possible way to express your deal to potential customers.

How can you define that this is the best way to express your deal? So, there is not a big deal. All you really need is to write it in short and simple sentences. Avoid too complicated thought in your flyers even if you think it sounds poetic or something. If the text of your flyer will be too complicated not much people will really read it to the end. This is not what you want, right?

Make up an eye-catching headline.


What about paper?

As you know any flyers meant to have short lives. That’s why they usually printed on lower quality, inexpensive paper. Also, you should understand that this isn’t a rule. If you think that you want to use better paper you can do that. It depends on your target and, of course, it depends on the budget you are ready to spend for it.


But sometimes you really have to choose better quality paper. For instance, you need to do that is you know that the time people will use your flyer isn’t so short. As an example, you need to do it if you want to make something like a list of customer service procedures to be posted in a call center. Such a flyer designed for this purpose, of course, should be on durable paper.

Do you want to learn more about flyer design and different types of paper? Then you need to contact the design studio. Of course, you can understand all key nuances getting your own experience but for what it worth? This way you’ll obviously get a lot of mistakes. Any mistake is money. Much better just pay once to a design studio then pay a dozen times for your mistakes. Experience is a very valuable thing but only you can really decide how much you ready to pay for it.


More tips

Better make a few different types of flyers or brochures than one. Of course, they should be effective but if you get a few types of them you can define which one attracts more people.

Anyway, you should remember that the key point of making any type of flyer is simplicity. Let clarity and brevity to become your best friends.

Optimize your copy before you even start think about the printing process. You need to do it for maximum impact. Remember, the more simplicity the more chances to get an amazing result.


What is your goal?

Doesn’t matter what you need to sell. The goal of any flyer is to attract as many people as possible. The goal of any brochure isn’t to be printed on good material with the right letter size but to tell potential customers more information about your goods and new services. For these goals, you need to engage your potential clients. This is your real goal when we talk about making flyers or brochures. 


For engaging people, you should get them some simple and clear reasons. First of all, you need to answer them why should they do that? Tell them about some advantages, about the value and about the joy they will get if they do it. That’s what your flyer or brochure should be about.


Some more flyer writing tips

The structure of your copy is pretty important. Flyers or brochures with a strong structure much easier to read. They even look more attractive only because a lot of people like to see when everything in the right order when everything is in the right place. Don’t forget about it, creating your copy.

A good structure should have such things as:

  • Subheads
  • Bullet lists
  • Informational graphics that highlight for readers the most important information.


Flyer design tips

You should understand that the text of your flyer is only the beginning. You should pay special attention to it. You should spend enough time to create and prepare to print your copy, choose paper, letter size, etc. But a copy is not a full flyer.

Make sure that your design fits your copy. The best version of any flyer design is when the design continues your copy. If your flyer design is much attractive than text, you’ll just get a beautiful picture. But your target is to create something more than just a picture. Your flyer should be informative. So, make sure your design is not all that potential clients will see. You need to make them read the information. Inspire them to buy your goods. Inspire them to visit your shop or order your service.


Use color to your advantage

Do you want to make your flyers or brochures more visible? Then you should use bold colors. Use contrast to highlight the most important parts of your copy. Use everything that could help your flyer draw the eye, even at a distance. The Internet has a lot of examples of well-designed flyers. But much better to check some design studio portfolios. Analyze these examples. Stole as an artist. It means you can use existed ideas but then you should create your own way to express it. Wake up an artist in your mind. You are able to do more than you think.


Two-sided printing 

Consider two-sided printing when you want to deliver to your potential customers more information. No need to save money on it because it’ll allow you to earn more.


The importance of simplicity

Even if you need a flyer for an exhibition of contemporary art you should make it as simple as you can. In this way, you can incise an effectiveness of your flyers.

Use blank space. Blank space can be your friend. Sometimes it even can be stylish.


Before printing

To understand how good your design you need to get a mockup. It’ll help you to see the way it’s going to look like. Does this design fit your brand? Mockups are much better than just supposition.


But when people look at your flyer of brochure design they never think how much time do you spend, designing it. They just look at the design of it. They just read a copy. Your target is to engage them. You target is to attract as much new client as possible. Increase of your income is a good measure of effectiveness of any brochures and flyers. Remember about that before you’ll print it. 


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