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The Best Graphic
Design Software
& Tools in 2020

Here you will find out more info about the best graphic design software. This article has compiled all the best. Only useful information that will help you succeed.

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The influence of modern technologies 

Nowadays, practically no inhabitant of the planet can imagine life without computers and Internet technologies. With their help, we can spend leisure time to good use, while receiving a lot of pleasure. Internet technologies do not stand still and every day for the benefit of users, programs and applications of various subjects are developed.

So, technologies are developing rapidly and this is reflected in everything that surrounds us. The impact of technology development can already be seen in every area of ​​our lives. It is this factor that has changed the way we work on almost any task. It’s not hard to come up with a few examples of this, right? Suppose that what artists did with a pencil and a sheet of paper is now done using a computer, laptop or even a simple tablet.

On the one hand, technology has simplified the process, but it seems like this process has become more expensive. And if everyone allows a sheet of paper and a pencil, not everyone can buy a tablet. But this is only at first glance. In fact, having bought a tablet once, you no longer have to buy it again and again, every time you decide to draw. Before, you would have to buy pencils, paper, paints, and other drawing supplies over and over again. Now you spend one amount of money and that’s all.

But what can be the graphical tools that give you an advantage over the previous approach? In this article we will look at the most popular, most powerful and useful tools for graphic design. This graphic design software is distinguished by a benefit that becomes apparent even when you are just about to start drawing. So, we are starting our top useful graphic design software.


Of course, graphic design is a wide field, and to become the best in this field you need a lot of practice and a bit of luck. Nevertheless, graphic design does not become such a frightening concept when applying a systematic approach. Any area and even graphic design can be divided into parts and methodically studied these parts, gradually delving into it. And the first part of graphic design we would like to highlight graphic editors. In graphic design, it’s very important not only how you work, but also what tools you use. Now we will talk about the best tools for graphic design.


Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe Photoshop CC 2020


It seems even those who have never used a PC have heard about this program. This is a universal program for a designer with any skill level. Adobe Photoshop CC continues to improve the world’s leading software for photo editing, web development, and of course work with graphics. With all this, the tool copes very well. It is difficult to find a worthy competitor for this program. If you are a beginner, you definitely need to start familiarizing yourself with graphic design with this particular program. Allow this to a large amount of time, because the number of functions presented is impressive. However, it is precisely because of the number of functions that this program is complicated. It’s easy to get confused in all this variety, and therefore you urgently need to watch a few video tutorials before you decide to do something your first work yourself.

This software includes a relatively simple interface, many tools for web design, a wide range of tools for drawing and typography, the possibility of 3D design, synchronized libraries, constant updating of functionality and a lot of material for creating all types of design.

Of the minuses of this software, we can mention that Photoshop does not have a perpetual license, premium assets are quite expensive, and high-quality work requires quite powerful equipment.

If these pros and cons are right for you, then choose Photoshop and use it. This will lead you to success. Any doubts, Photoshop at all and especially this version of it is one of the best design software for graphic designers. 


Adobe Illustrator CC

Adobe Illustrator CC


Of course, you heard about this program. Adobe Illustrator is almost as popular as the well-known Photoshop for all of us. Still, the Adobe Illustrator CC is better for editing vector graphics. Try it and you will understand the difference. However, the difference is so obvious that even a beginner will see it.

It is for this reason that lately, the illustrator is in the first place in use for creating logos, illustrations and is used both in commerce and in the online business. Do not be surprised at this, because Adobe Illustrator took first place for a reason. This is a really powerful tool that opens up many possibilities.

New features make Adobe Illustrator CC the best design software for 2020. You will see such functions as improving filters for working with the font, lightning-fast display of shadow effects, simplified work with points, etc.

Of the advantages of the Adobe Illustrator CC, one can single out the powerful capabilities of vector design, the unique feature of Touch Type, the simplified Free Transform tool, and the new powerful Puppet Warp function that allows you to convert individual parts of illustrations.

But even such a wonderful PRG as the Adobe Illustrator CC has its cons. For example, like in Photoshop, the Adobe Illustrator CC does not have one perpetual license. There is also no uniformity of key commands with Photoshop and InDesign. Adobe Illustrator CC is difficult to learn. It will take you quite a while before you learn to master this software expertly. However, this program is so popular that you can easily find many video lessons on working in it.

Experiment to get a better result. You deserve the best software. Try it now. Why put off success for later?


Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects


Adobe After Effects is a universal computer program with which you can edit any video, perform compositing, as well as create visual effects and animations. Sure, you can call it the best product by Adobe for all times. Often it is used at the post-production stage in cinema and on television. It also works as a very simple non-linear editor, sound editor and transcoder for multimedia.

With Adobe After Effects, you can create, combine, and style 2D layers in three-dimensional space. Adobe After Effects performs various functions depending on the needs of users. For example, an indie VFX artist can use After Effects only for 3D rendering. The video editor can use After Effects more to style the title, and the animator can use it to create 2D cartoon characters. The reason so many people do not have a clear position about what After Effects does is because it does a lot of things and does them well.

Despite its high functionality, After Effects is actually very simple in structure. After Effects, like all video editing applications in the world, uses a layer system. The best way to think about this is to imagine a stack of paper. The paper below will not display due to the paper above it. This, of course, if you work in a 2D composition.

If you set your layers in 3D, you can place them in front of other three-dimensional layers if they are closer to your camera in three-dimensional space. When a layer moves past the background layer towards the camera, it becomes visible. When he leaves behind – he becomes obscure.

Learning Adobe After Effects takes a lot of time. Although there are many different ways to learn After Effects, it’s best to just take a basic course. After you learn the basics, you will already begin to topics of interest to you. Want to do graphic design? You are welcome! Want to create effects like in Star Wars without leaving your living room? Easy!

This is a difficult but excellent graphic design software for those who want to devote themselves to graphic design. Get started now!


Adobe Dreamweaver CC

Adobe Dreamweaver CC


This release of Dreamweaver contains cool new features focused on CSS3, HTML5, mobile web applications and development. This continues the topic with website design, how to respond layouts for cross-device compatibility. It turns out very well. You definitely need to try it on your own experience, because Dreamweaver is the best graphic design software.

Dreamweaver is the foundation of web design and website creation software. Now, Dreamweaver is used as the best tool for creating responsive sites for any type of device. Dreamweaver has earned an excellent reputation and this can no longer be doubted.

The advantages of this program in the interface, which is intuitive and user friendly. You can also choose between the “beginner”, “intermediate” and “advanced” levels. This will greatly simplify your work with this famous program. Advanced features include live viewing for previewing websites. This is very convenient when creating sites. Try it and see for yourself.

There is a list of the disadvantages of this tool. It requires solid knowledge in HTML, CSS. And the price compared to other tools for this type of task is above average. But perhaps it’s worth paying more to get a comfortable environment for working on websites. In the end, it will bring you much more privileges.


Autodesk Maya

Autodesk Maya


Autodesk May is one of the best graphic design software you can find. This is a convenient, modern, powerful tool that will be a great assistant for any graphic designer.

Without a doubt, this is the best software for 3D modeling: characters, environments, movements of objects. The program is also used in the development of interior designs, you can also use fashionable design in the style of low-poly, or a realistic transfer of details. You will be surprised at the quantity and quality of the features presented. This is a great graphic design software for those who want to improve in their profession.

The advantages of this graphic design software are obvious. This is a robust modeling toolkit that interfaces with revolutionary toolset with advanced tools and functionality. This program is also multifunctional, and the scope is unlimited.

Cons of this graphic design software look like this. A small amount of literature to assimilate, which may alienate beginners. Nevertheless, the program is quite intuitive. Lack of information about the tools and the nuances of working with them. Not all add-ons are suitable for their designated platform.

Everyone must decide for himself whether he should use this software. But we included this program in our top, because we are sure that this program has great potential, it is possible and helps web designers to open new horizons in their work. However, you will not try, you will not find out. The choice is yours.





Have you heard of Inkscap? Inkscape is a free, open source vector graphics editor. It is very similar to Adobe illustrator, Corel Draw, Freehand and Xara X. The difference between Inkscape is the use of Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) as the main format. Designers familiar with vector graphics will easily master this program. The program can create projects of any complexity. Finished work can be published on the Internet or printed on physical media. Inkscape is a cross-platform editor, it can be installed on a computer running Windows, Mac OS and Linux.





Have you heard about this program? Figma is a program for organizing the process of creating a site in one place. Very easy and convenient. It works quickly and gives a lot of advantages that will speed up your work and save your time.

Use this software to create prototypes with the ability to show work online. You will be pleasantly surprised at how convenient it is to work with this program.

There is a list of advantages of this program. So, it’s an online service and you do not need to download anything. Also, here you will find a minimum of complications, which allows you to understand the program for an hour or so. Not bad, right? Displaying results works here and now. Actually, with this function this program was also liked by users.

Of the minuses, only very limited functionality can be noted.

If you have not used this program, you should definitely try it.





This graphic design software is worth getting to know right now. This is a simple but indispensable program for those who work with fonts.

Download this program right now and you will never stop using it. Using the Fontstruct tool, you can very easily create your own fonts based on geometric shapes. The font creation process takes place in the FontStructor editor. After the design is completed, the tool will create a TrueType font, ready for use in any application. The new font can be used for personal projects, but the creators of the service recommend sharing their creations with other members of the Fontstruct community.



Graphic editors are programs for creating and editing digital images, photographs. People of creative professions: artists, photographers, webmasters and illustrators cannot do without using these programs in their daily practice. To master the amateur processing of graphic images even an untrained user can do.

Each of us, choosing a convenient graphic editor, can successfully improve our personal photographs and create drawings. This review includes both the best free graphic editors and commercial image editors with a professional set of functions, tools for creating and processing graphic files. You only need to choose those that satisfy your needs as much as possible and match your goals. Download and start working in them now. The sooner you start, the faster you will become a successful designer. Learn with us. We have something to teach you.


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