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Like any communication tool, promo videos should perform certain tasks that are set by the client. Depending on the needs of the promotional video production, different elements can be used in it. But the user should not be overloaded with information. The team creates a separate individual scenario for each project and follows all the necessary steps to implement it in accordance with the latest trends – so that promo videos remain relevant for a sufficiently long period of time.


The project budget often goes beyond the planned scope, because of the corrections that can take a lot of time on the project.

It often happens that during the project everything goes well, but when the executor can meet corrections, the project begins an uncontrollable fall from which it is very difficult to get out.


Our processes save up to 40% of clients’ time.

A well-structured process relieving pressure off the team, reducing misunderstanding and making the results predictable.

In Rondesign, all processes are clearly structured and aligned in such a way that the client and the performer don’t go beyond the timelines for the specified tasks.

Main Phases of the

Branding, Sketching, Versions, Testing, Support – our motion graphics studio pays maximum attention to each phase.

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Full Cycle of the

Full Cycle of the Task
Task Readiness Task Deadlines

Some of Our
Services and Forces

  • Voice Over and Animation

    Voice over and animation is an important part of the product or service. It helps to get all possible attention from the user side. The attention of the user is influenced by voice performance for timing and focus. Using such instruments like Voice and animations help our team to catch the attention of the users that are not good with the reading information on the screen. After all necessary steps our team provides a client with the individual and unique elements that can be used also at the next projects, due to their flexible characteristics.

  • Music +Sound FX

    Our team is always glad to help our clients to find the best music or sound decision for their project, in accordance with the project requirements. We provide any solution that our clients want to project: writing music, sound production, the decision to use materials in accordance with copyright law. Our marketers help choose what is best for the voice acting, which sound will work best for the project. When our clients have such requests we combine our clear workflow – for the guaranteed result and the creative opportunities for the artistic and unique one.

  • Animated GIF Logos

    In accordance with all various creative trends reports, and market reports, we have now a more increasing demand for GIFs by companies. Well-designed, interactive and appealing, GIFs entertain and engage users and fit in fabulously with the very short modern attention span. The Animated logo is a great value tool for reaching customers and communicating ideas. When our customer would like to create one element that works well for marketing and user interaction – this is the best decision only at one element. Also, this is a super-hot trend.

  • Video Presentation

    The Video Pitch Deck can be used to tell your customers about your products and services. This is a good decision for the startups to catch the investors’ attention – because you never know what way of perception of information the investors have. We create such projects with the essential idea that they portray your business as unique. Our team can use materials or information that you already have, or provide you with the best marketing decision or elements that you need.

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At the bottom line
you will have

  1. Concept & script
  2. Voice over & narration
  3. Storyboardong
  4. Illustration
  5. Final video
  6. Animation
  7. Whiteboard
  8. Animated explainers
  9. Logo animation
  10. Promo videos
  11. Slideshows
  12. Short video ads
  13. Character animation
  14. Data visualisation
  15. Visual effects
  16. Animated GIFs
  17. Slideshows
  18. Short video ads
  19. Character animation
  20. Visual effects
  21. Animated GIFs
  22. Data visualisation
  23. Detailed estimation
  24. Intergration with your team
  25. Creative concept and ideas
  26. Project managment
  27. Time reports
  28. Customer support