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Mobile / App Design

Mobile is quickly taking over the world. When people pick up their phones, they would like to resolve their problems via mobile app, and they want to get something done.

In Rondesign, more than 73% of projects include mobile app design services. All of our clients want to have a mobile app that helps their customers to reach their goals as fast as possible.

Rondesign, as a full-service app design company, provides such services following its work process; it helps avoid any misunderstanding, speeds up the process, and covers all brand needs.

Application design services – is a usual request, for example, for location-based services in London, New-York, or San Francisco. Our clients would like to cover their business goals with the apps and attract new customers.

In our agency, we like to create Apps where the flow is presented as several steps logically connected; it helps avoid miscommunication between new users and app – our client’s support service could have a day off!


The project budget often goes beyond the planned scope, because of the corrections that can take a lot of time on the project.

It often happens that during the project everything goes well, but when the executor can meet corrections, the project begins an uncontrollable fall from which it is very difficult to get out.


Our process saves up to 40% of the project’s time compared with estimations from other full-service agencies.

In Rondesign, all processes for mobile apps are clearly structured and lined up so that the client and executor don’t go beyond the time frames for the specified tasks.

We help our clients to create the right scope of work for their mobile app, and provide them with the list of flows, screens, scenarios, patterns, and timeline at the Estimation stage, even before we start the project.

The Main Stages for
Such Project

Planning, Design, Development, Testing, Support – we pay maximum attention to each phase of app design services.

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Full Cycle
Development of the

Full Cycle Development of the Task
Task Readiness Task Deadlines
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Some of Our
Services and Forces

  • Prototype

    As well as full UX and Ui services, we could provide our clients with Low or high fidelity prototypes.The prototype is the best decision when it is necessary to define how the product should look like.

    The prototype, especially the clickable one, could give a comprehensive understanding of the idea and show all future functionality and flows.

    The primary profit that the prototype gives is a clear structure and forecast for the next steps.
    As a particular service, we also provide the prototype that could be used with the Pitch deck, at the for the obtaining investment stage.

  • Look and Feel

    Our team could combine the usual steps from our Work process to cover different client’s requests. Look and feel this is a stage that can occur at any phase of the project when the team thinks or feels necessary to determine the style.

    It is also necessary when the client would like to know that we fit for his project and can realize it in that way that he wants. Look and feel this is design without binding to the functionality of the app. At this stage, we help our clients to make the right choice of style for the application, with the best emotional response to the artistic side.

  • Animations for Mobile App

    As known, users respond better to a dynamically changing picture. Good animations significantly increase the usability of the mobile application.

    At the Rondesign, we create the animations for the already existing projects. Also, we animate the application at the stage of its creation. It is also essential to use the perfect number of animations at the project because many such elements can overload and confuse users.

  • Mobile App Development

    Rondesign could use all the options available in the market today. Our developers could provide you with consultation for any of your development needs. Our team helps our clients to determine what is best for their app needs.

    Mobile app for your business could cover new business goals; for example, your customers could operate with all necessary documentation or content by themselves; you or your team could plan, request and schedule tasks and events.

    The app will put your business at the next level, and help grab new users, cause sometimes even the guys from the target audience could be mobile-only.

    Our developers always help clients navigate all technologies and advise the best one for the long-term forecast and size scaling, for example, for the target audience in big cities, such as London or New-York.

Your idea realization is only one click away. Let’s Talk

At the Bottom Line
You Will Have

  1. Detailed Estimation
  2. Beneficial Research
  3. Project strategy
  4. User flows
  5. Sitemap
  6. Wireframes
  7. Intergration with your team
  8. Creative concept and ideas
  9. Design directions
  10. Storytelling
  11. Web and mobile UI
  12. Live prototype
  13. Style guides
  14. Design system
  15. Promo materials
  16. Pitch for your project
  17. Custom development
  18. Project managment
  19. Customer supprot
  20. Time reports
  21. Customer support