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How to get
more followers
on Instagram

In this article, you’ll find an answer to the question of how to get more followers on Instagram. You’ll get some tips and if you follow these tips you’ll definitely get the best result. 

  • Rondesignlab Team

Obviously, if you’re reading this text you want to learn some tricks that help you to get more Instagram followers without engaging in shady tactics. Don’t even think about these tactics because it only looks like it really helps. In reality, you can find a lot of examples when people lose their followers with incredible speed after that.

Here you’ll focus only on the right ways to achieve this goal. It means you don’t need to buy followers or pay for bots. All of these methods are not as good as its sellers say us, trying to promote their services. Even Instagram has created its way to stop the inauthentic activity. So, if you really think about buying followers, you should know that your account can be banned. Is it worth it? Only you can decide. 

Just imagine that you have bought a few thousand followers. What are you going to do with them? They don’t like your posts. They don’t share it with others. They don’t comment on you and if they do, it’s usually spam messages. Why do you need them at all? 

Your target should be to find a real audience. By ‘real’ you should understand users who actively maintain their own account, comment on and like the accounts of others, etc. Such followers are your goal and each real follower should be valuable for you. 

You don’t need empty profiles, without any photos, signed on you. You want to seem more attractive, but if too many empty accounts follow you, then it’ll inspire distrust of you.

But what to do in this situation? Where to find real Instagram followers? In this article, you will find answers to these questions, get a lot of thoughts to think about, learn how to look for moves yourself that will lead to the desired result. Let’s get started now.


Tip 1. You should know your target audience


If you have a goal to get more followers on Instagram, you need to define who your followers are. You should be pretty accurate in it because a lot of things depend on it. 

You need to know about your target audience:

  • Age;
  • Gender;
  • Location;
  • The level of income;
  • What is their occupation;
  • When they use Instagram more actively;

When you get such data, you’ll have a big opportunity to interact with your audience, get the right feedback and, of course, followers. 


Tip 2. The consistent brand story is the key 


Build your brand step by step. Constancy is the key to success. You do not need to exert extra effort now, you need to do a little, but constantly. These conditions will definitely lead you to success.

You need to constantly work to ensure that your brand becomes more and more close to your subscribers. They will share your posts, perceiving them as their own. When you get new followers this way, they stay with you for a long time. But for this, you need to humanize your account. You need to maintain a consistent brand story. It isn’t easy but it’s possible. So, why don’t you try to work on it?


Tip 3. Do you think your bio is good? 

Make sure your bio is well filled. It’s especially important for business accounts. According to statistics, the percentage of users who decide not to follow your account depends on how the bio is filled. This means that the part that we call bio is taken by many users more serious than it seemed.

Make sure your name is spelled correctly. As a nickname, write the same nickname that you use in other social networks so that you can be easily found. Leave clickable links, and especially if you have a website.


Tip 4. Does your content engagement? 

Of course, engaging content is what you need to get as many followers as possible. No matter how you advertise your account, but if your content is boring and uninteresting, then you are unlikely to have many Instagram followers.

Keep track of the quality of your content. Do you like it yourself? Ask yourself all the time, what’s new you can add to your account? How can you improve it? How will the new post differ from the previous ones? Surprise subscribers and be surprised yourself. The more interesting it is for you to create content, the more interesting it is for users to spend time in your account, and this is a guarantee of a large number of followers.


Tip 5. Other social networks


What social networks do you use? 

Does it indicate on your other social networks that you have an Instagram account? If not, then you urgently need to do this. 

Traffic from other social networks is quite a large percentage. Don’t miss this chance to get more followers. Post a link to your profile on FB and on Twitter, share it in your favorite community. Let as many people as possible know that you have an Instagram account. It really works, and definitely brings you new Instagram followers, although it doesn’t require much effort.


Tip 6. Do you still use hashtags?

Hashtags used to be very popular. They were popular because they were very effective. If you use the hashtags correctly, it’s trivial even now to attract new followers.

A couple of years ago, you could often find hashtags at the end of the post. Now hashtags are also found, but in much smaller numbers. Use only really appropriate hashtags. It means you don’t need to put your favorite hashtag if it isn’t suiting your post. A large number of hashtags these days can scare off potential followers. Use them wisely. 


Tip 7. Don’t forget about your location

If you want to get more followers, you need to remember that in your posts you need to tag location. Yes, the place where you live is definitely important and especially if you use Instagram accounts to sell products without delivery. 

Users often search for products and services by tags and location. Tag yourself and your brand on the map. It’ll bring you many new followers. 

Once a tag can turn into a generous client.


Tip 8. Follow relevant users

When you follow relevant users on Instagram, you need to remember that this is displayed in his feed. Therefore, this user will probably see your profile. If your profile seems interesting enough to him, then you have a chance that he’ll follow you back. But how to increase the chances of it?

In order to increase your chances of mutual following, you need to follow accounts with which you definitely have something in common. Always keep an eye on the quality of your content. Is your bio filled? Excellent. You are ready for mutual followings. Just make sure that you don’t follow too many people, because this is not a good sign. Everything should be in moderation.


Tip 9. Do you tag relevant users?

What users should tag in your Instagram account? Choose users thoughtfully and not without reason. Such users should have the same number of followers as yours, but it is better that they have more followers. Pay attention to how often they post. How popular are they? How often do they mark them on the posts of other users? Check out this person’s page. Analyze it to see what it can bring to you?

Tags can be not only in posts, but also in stories. Remember that when you tag someone on Instagram Stories, they can share it in their story with just a few taps. This is a very handy feature that can also bring you new followers. Everyone who views the story will see your username and will be able to go to your account. By going to your account, if it seems interesting to the user, he will subscribe. But here is another matter. First you need to get the user to visit your profile. And such tags will help you with that.


Tip 10. Friends of your followers


Make a post in which you ask your followers to tag your friends in the comments. It could be a message or just a joke. Users love this kind of entertainment. However, for them it is entertainment, but for you it’s a chance to get new followers.

Don’t do this too often, because then users will suspect something is wrong. Come up with a playful reason for these posts. Let a lot of fun remain in this than account promotion schemes. When users notice this, they will stop tagging their friends. In this case, it will seem to them that they are doing a favor, that they are being forced to. Try to play a game with them, and if they like this game, then an increase in the number of followers is provided to you.


Tip 11. Interactivity features are always cool 

As you know, Instagram Stories has many interactive features that help you get the attention of your users. For example, such features include stickers for polls, questions, etc.

The more users are involved, the more likely they are to spend more time in your account, leave more vampires, etc.

Interactive is always interesting and fun. Have fun with your followers.


Tip 12. Live collaborations

Did you create a live video on Instagram? Such a video is a great feature that always finds a lot of viewers. Your followers see you, hear, can write you a question and all this in real time. This is liked by a large number of people, and therefore it must be used to attract as many followers as possible.

But to expand your reach even further, you can create a broadcast to someone else. Thus, you are as if exchanging followers. Interacting with the audience, you are as if re-creating your reputation. For those who see you for the first time, you will begin with this broadcast. The opinion is formed in the first 7 seconds, well, your broadcast may last longer, and in return bring more followers to your account.


Now you know… 

…how much effort you need to make to get new followers. Of course, buying followers would be a mistake. Do not even try to do this. It will not bring anything good. Instead, make sure that your content remains high quality, interact with those who already follow you. The user is satisfied while he is entertaining, so try to post new posts regularly, it is extremely important for the perception of your brand.

Now you know that buying ads is not enough for users to notice your account and love. To do this, the content must be different from others. You have to carry your unique message. To make your account more attractive on this side, you need to humanize your account. Fill bio. Write the texts under the photo, but do not copy other people’s quotes, be alive and you will succeed.

If you follow these tips, then you will gradually get new followers. Let this knowledge be your strategy. Use it to achieve your goal. Set real goals and analyze what is stopping you from achieving them. Strive to be better, and be sure to write about it in your Instagram account.

Save your strength and time. Contact our experts to help you get more followers as soon as possible. These will be live profiles. No fee for bots. Only honest marketing, which will help to attract the attention of a large number of people to your brand on Instagram. Is it worth it to do right now or can you think about it later? If you can put off your success for later, then the answer is obvious, but who really wants it? Write to us right now. Reach out to a happy future.


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