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How Much Does a Logo Cost in 2020?

How much does a logo cost in 2020? Does this question haunt you? Here you will finally find the answer. In this article you will find all the necessary information about this. Your logo is… what? A logo is much more than just words, an icon, a color. A good logo tells the story of […]

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How much does a logo cost in 2020? Does this question haunt you? Here you will finally find the answer. In this article you will find all the necessary information about this.

Your logo is… what?

A logo is much more than just words, an icon, a color. A good logo tells the story of your company: who you are, what you do and what you stand for. Logo is the story of your brand. This is your company’s vibe. This logo is your company in the eyes of thousands of consumers.

Creating a logo is not an easy task. There are many nuances that need to be considered when developing it. The cost of your logo depends on these nuances. Of course, we all want to have all the best. Therefore, in this article we will tell you about what you need to pay special attention to when creating a logo in order to achieve the best option possible. If you don’t have a goal to create the best logo, then maybe it’s not worth it to start? This article is written for those who are confident in their abilities. Here we share our invaluable experience with you. Experience is a new currency. We are ready to give you some useful tips, but the question is, are you ready to hear them?


What is the logo for?

What is the logo

Do you know that every day we constantly see logos? But this is really so, you just have to leave the house. For example, an average US resident sees 16,000 advertisements, logos, and labels per day. Madness as it is. If you look around, you will probably also notice dozens of logos around you. Do it right now. Even if you do not have time to leave the house, there are still packages around you that adorn a variety of logos. Even if you are in the office, there is still a lot of logo around you. Perhaps there are even more logos around you than the names of your colleagues.

Why is there so much logo and why do many companies spend thousands, hundreds, or even millions of dollars to create this small element? Want to know the answers to these questions? Then read on.


What do we primarily understand by the word ‘logo’?

A logo is a symbol or emblem that is used to identify services, a product and the company itself. The logo expresses the main direction, features of the company, its difference from others. The logo represents the company. The logo gives the consumer a picture with which the consumer can associate your product or service. Thanks to this association, your brand becomes more recognizable, which means that your company receives more income than before. That is why you need a logo. And if you still haven’t created a logo, maybe it’s time to do it.


Why are logos important?

logo cost value

Designing logo is a big deal. So, let’s highlight a few reasons and consider them below.

  • Logo enhances company recognition

Do you know that the strength of a logo lies in the strength of its visual nature? Some reliable studies show that people perceive images better than text. Analyze your own experience. Do you agree with this statement? But if this is so, then by creating a good logo, you help customers better understand what your company is doing, and thus you will save time and money on promoting your business. Amazing, right?

  • Logo as part of your company’s brand

Logos are the main visual component of a company’s brand. It is with him that the corporate identity begins. And this is another reason why the logo is so important. Too much depends on this to be dismissive of this task.

  • High-quality logo improves marketing efficiency

A marketing logo is a cherry on top of a cake. Here, the logo is not just a graphic symbol: it is the essence of the company, as well as its image. Many famous companies spend millions of dollars to create their brand, and the logo helps translate everything that marketers wanted to say into the minds of customers. This is a difficult task, but quite doable. For this reason, a well-designed logo can contribute to business success, while a poor-quality logo can hurt, show you an amateur. For this reason, you need to be careful and be aware of what you are doing and why. A good logo should express the value of the company. Look at your logo. Does this express your company’s value?

  • Your logo is a good way to increase customer loyalty

If you create a positive image of your business, then every time you see a logo, your customers will experience pleasant emotions related to your company. And this strengthens the affection and customer loyalty. Thus, you will receive an asset that will work for you day and night.

  • Your logo is a unique opportunity to stand out among competitors

Surprised? If you do not have a logo, this deprives you of the ability to compete in the market, as you simply will not be recognized. A company without a logo is like a person without a face. Do you want to become a faceless company?


So how much does the logo cost?


Finally, it’s time to discuss the cost of the logo. Here we describe different ways of creating a logo and their prices. Choose the one that suits you the most and act. Remember, if you have any questions, you can always ask our experts by sending an email. 


The logo cost depends on such parameters as:

  • Logo package or full brand design (as you understand the logo cost of your logo package or full brand design will vary)
  • Who creates the logo: DIY, logo design software, freelance logo maker, designer, agency?
  • Dates of creation.
  • DIY

The most obvious option is when you yourself create a logo for yourself, without involving any outside help. In this case, the cost of the logo will be equal to $ 0, but there is time, software. Time is expensive now, and software is not cheap. Therefore, it is not clear whether you will save on this option or not. In addition, no one guarantees you a good result. Try it if you think it is necessary. But do not underestimate people who are professionally engaged in creating a logo. They have knowledge of marketing, customer psychology, color psychology in marketing, or a special program that not only facilitate the work, but also make it possible to do it better. And if you do not have this knowledge, maybe you should not try to do the logo on your own in an attempt to save? Can you sketch a few variants of your logo just right now? You can’t save on what you are going to earn.

  • Competitive sites or crowdsourcing

As you probably know, competitive sites or crowdsourcing on average cost an approximate price, from 5 to 500 dollars. It is affordable and cheap. Try to create your logo online if you are not afraid to take risks. This is a great way for those who want to try their luck. This option brings excellent results from time to time. Why don’t you take advantage of this?

  • Templates

Logo templates or generators cost from 5 to 100 dollars. The professional costs of logo design can vary greatly depending on your needs, market, size and experience of the person or agency that you hire. Specifically, in this case, you must understand that no one will guarantee your uniqueness. Templates consist of many repeating parts and the entire logo is more or less similar. Would you like to take that risk?

  • Hire a freelancer

It is no secret that most large organizations or companies send a request for proposals on obtaining logos and prices from groups before embarking on such a project. But a business of any size can do it.

Thus, you know exactly what you get and how much it will cost, before the start of the project. While this may add some time to your overall schedule, this is the perfect place to start.


Here is a list of approximate prices for 2020:

Beginner freelancer: from 200 to 1000 dollars

Experienced freelancer: from 1,500 to 10,000 dollars

Small Agency: $ 5,000 to $ 35,000

Regional Agency: $ 7,500 to $ 50,000

National Agency: $ 25,000 +


But these prices depend on the region of residence and can vary greatly. Keep this in mind.


Your logo and your audience

Before creating a logo design, study your audience. Who is interested in your offer? Make a personas card for an ideal client:


  • Who is he?
  • How old is he?
  • What does he do?
  • What does he like?
  • In what area does he live?
  • What income does he have?


What for? Different types of logos are suitable for different audiences, as well as for different categories of products. For example, if you sell sweets for parents with children, choose a fun logo design. If you sell electronics, you should choose an image that will resemble something technical in calm colors. For the expensive category of goods that businessmen will buy, choose the colors and textures that are associated with reliability. This is how it works. And now that you know about it, try experimenting by drawing a couple of logo design drafts for your company.


Some tips on creating the perfect logo for your brand:


  • Look for inspiration on competitors’ sites, but in no case do not copy or even customize their logo design. Why? All the negative experience that the client received from a competitor, he can transfer to your brand. Why do you need this? Start building your reputation from the start! There are many advantages to this.
  • Create a durable logo design. Yes, over time you will have to make changes. But if you understand that they will need to be done in a month, then you have created a bad logo design.
  • Avoid outdated ideas. For example, a light bulb that means an idea. Or a thumb raised as a sign of approval. People see these symbols so often that it no longer catches attention, and such a logo design is poorly remembered. Remember this. You need something else.
  • Start creating your logo in black and white. This will give you a wider field for creativity. You can add colors at any time.
  • Keep the previous versions of your logo design. Maybe there is a perfect one among them, you just didn’t understand this right away? This often happens. It takes a lot of time to find a good idea.
  • Save the logo as a vector image. Use Adobe Illustrator for this purpose. This will help to scale your logo to different surfaces and sizes, without loss of quality and proportions. Use this as a rule.
  • Avoid standard fonts like Times Roman and Calibri. They do not attract attention and are not very interesting to consumers.

Don’t save on the logo, even if you have a very limited budget. Logo is the face of your company. Better to do it once well than redo dozens of times.


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