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Guide to Instagram

Want to make your Instagram look more attractive? Then it’s time to learn more about Instagram Stories templates. You will be surprised how much you didn’t know!

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Instagram features

Instagram has many interesting features. And it is important to be able to use these functions in order to use the power of Instagram at full capacity.

The purpose of this article is to show all the features of Instagram Templates. This is exciting. It is beautiful. And most importantly, it effectively draws the attention of users to the account.


What Are Instagram Stories Templates?

Instagram Stories are very popular on Instagram. Now users are more likely to watch Instagram stories than profile photos, even the best photo you have ever made. And that is a fact.

Since we know about this, we need to use the knowledge we have gained in our favor. Any information can be profitable, in this article you’ll learn how to make Instagram Stories your big advantage.

To make your advantages you should use it wisely. But how can you do it? Let’s see. After this article, you’ll know how to do it in the best possible way!


Time is Currency

Time is valuable. This is known not only to businessmen but also to ordinary inhabitants. And especially time is valuable these days when the pace of life has accelerated to such an extent that everyone risks falling out of the discourse very simply.

The Instagram story lasts only 15 seconds. It may seem to many that this is not enough, but is it really so?


What fits in 15 seconds?

In fact, in 15 seconds you can fit a lot of things. See the Instagram Story of other users. You will see many examples of rational use of this time.

Advertising is the engine of Instagram. Many users manage to record a full-fledged commercial in 15 seconds. During this time, you can catch time and talk about the useful aspects of any product, and show it and even demonstrate how to use it. And many are coping with this goal. The main thing is to stock up with good examples.


Is uniqueness important?

Many profiles look lonely. Many profiles are too similar to each other for a typical user to find the difference in them. But pay attention to the fact that the most popular profiles always have something unique.

It doesn’t have to be a unique product or brand history. Sometimes a catchy phrase that is associated with subscribers only with this profile is enough. More often, design plays a large role. And here Instagram Stories Templates will help you a lot. Don’t believe? Let’s check it out!


How to look professional?

Does your brand have a voice on social media? If no, it’s high time to create it! Social media waits for you!

Make sure your Instagram Stories are in the same style. To do this, you need to choose the right font and even the font size plays a big role here. You can prepare for this special framework in which you will place photos. Take care of the text boxes.


If all your Instagram Stories look in the same style, then the user will immediately recognize you in the stream of endless Instagram Stories. Use this knowledge to create the impression of a professional in your field. If you are selling a good product, its design should also be good and attractive to most of your subscribers.

This is a good practice. A lot of good Instagram profiles use this approach. You’ll find a ton of examples. And if you do, don’t afraid to copy some of these ideas. It takes time but then you’ll probably find a good way to develop your own style.

Fake it till you make it. Use this approach to promoting your Instagram account and sooner or later you’ll be an owner the best Instagram channel. Just don’t stop to look for new approaches. Till you are in this way everything will be amazing. But when you decided that you actually found the best approach you will lose your popularity. The way is better than the catch.


Save your money

You probably know that Instagram Stories disappear after 24 hours. That’s why you shouldn’t spend a lot of time and money in making them look better than they are. 

24 hours of existence and 15 seconds of duration – this is not so much. Instagram Stories should be regular. So, you better take care of the good Instagram Templates, and not about one separate story.

Don’t carefully photoshop all the photos that you intend to use in Stories. That makes no sense. Let your Stories be a little bit non-professional. Show people the real face of your brand. People will really appreciate it.


Remember about your competition

Always keep track of what your competitors are doing. This is very important, because someone may be able to find a better approach in order to convey to the user the same idea that you bring.

Sound competition is always good. Do not take your competitors as opponents. Your competitors are your comrades, from whom you can always learn something. Use it to your advantage. And then your account will become even more interesting for users.

By making your profile more interesting, this way you show concern for your subscribers. It is also very important and should always be kept in mind.


Don’t forget about your personal style

If at the very beginning you have decided on your corporate identity, then you do not need to step back from it later. People don’t like change. Perhaps a sudden change will only harm your brand.

Think over your every step, even if it touches on trifles and subtle details. Some users remain loyal to one brand for a very long time, you shouldn’t play with their trust.

Always ask yourself the same question. Would you like such changes if you were a typical follower? If so, ask your colleagues. Check their reaction and only then try to change something. But be sure that your changes are not too radical.

Anyway, from time to time you have to make something new. In spite of people who don’t like changes they also don’t like watching the same stuff over and over again. In this case, your main goal is to keep a balance between these two points.


The right way to use Instagram Stories Templates


So, now you have a template pack. When you download Instagram templates most often the fonts you find separately. Moreover, it’s fashionable to change them, but for this, you need to have a designer look at this or hire a designer whom himself can develop Instagram templates.

Again, do not spend too much time and money on Instagram Story. After 24 hours, they will disappear. Will have to do new ones. And this work should not be routine. Instagram Story template is fun and interesting, but if you are not fun and not interested in working on them, then the user will feel it. But who wants to achieve a negative user reaction?

Story templates make your account looks more creative and interesting. Put a video in your Instagram Story is always a good idea.


Photoshop is a must-have

The resulting files must be opened in Photoshop. It gives you many opportunities to improve Instagram Templates. Use these features correctly.

Change the color. Does your brand have a corporate identity? Does it associate with your brand? Do not be afraid to experiment. Now is the time to dare to experiment. Now you are the creator of the atmosphere of your brand. Change everything that can be changed. Move the elements. Add something of your own. Your task is to fit the personality of your brand into a rectangle that will soon become your Instagram story.


Save your time with special apps

Use such apps as Design Kit, Adobe Spark, Canva, Unfold. Using these applications, you’ll no need to spend a lot of time in Photoshop. You can find these apps on Play Market or AppStore.


These applications, though not as good as Photoshop, but they also have many useful functions. In order to create an attractive image this is enough. The main thing is to get acquainted with the capabilities of each application. In many ways, they are similar to each other, but also each has its own advantages that you need to know about in order to achieve an excellent result that will satisfy your subscribers and bring new ones.

These applications are convenient in that they are easier to use, right, it can be easy. Good graphic designs are not the whole goal, remember about it. You will spend less time than if you used Photoshop. Try each of these apps. Find out which one is more convenient for you personally. Act!

Create Instagram templates easier than you think. Great Instagram templates are not such that they were made in the best difficult way. Great Instagram templates are templates that people like more. It doesn’t matter what app you use for this target. What’s really matters is a result.


When Instagram templates are ready

What to do then? The answer is simple, go on! Having created Instagram templates all you need is to continue to create the same Stories and beyond. Over time, this will turn into your corporate identity, for which your potential users will love you. Try to be within the framework of the created concept. Beware of sudden changes. Connect through your Stories with subscribers. Everything depends only on you.


What is important on Instagram?

It is important not only the quality of the content but also the constancy of its appearance.

A good brand won’t allow itself to disappear for a long time from the public field of vision. Unless it’s a marketing plan or special tactic of developing your social channels. Keep reminding yourself of your followers. Surprise them. Develop with them. Make them feel part of your team because in fact, it is true.


Your users expect a steady stream of content from you. They do not jute design from you, it is important for them to get the content. It is worth emphasizing this and following this idea, no matter what difficulties you may encounter along the way.

Simplicity is fashionable. Simplicity also saves you time and money. Not always you need to contact the designers and spend a lot of money on it. You need to think through your strategy and try it out. Wait for the results. Look at the reaction of users. If the reaction is positive, and more and more people are subscribing to you, then you are doing everything right.


How to satisfy your subscribers?

Subscribers expect emotions from you. Ultimately, any brand comes down to emotion. It is important not to forget about it and give the user what he expects from you. Today, any brand has many competitors. Your task is to stand out, to be better than others, to be more attractive.

How to achieve this? This largely depends on the specifics of the brand, its targeting audience, and other things. In order to answer this question, you need an individual approach. Our experts will be happy to advise you on this topic. Do not be afraid to contact. The most valuable thing you can get is experience. And our specialists have enough of it.


An Instagram Story is the soul of your Instagram account

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks. Know you know how Instagram story important for this social network. 

Stories could be even more popular than the most popular post of your account. Use this knowledge wisely. Make your Instagram’s story even better than it could be. Find your best template or create it!

Create beautiful, stylish, simple stories. Your subscribers will appreciate it. Use the secrets you learned from this article. This will make your Instagram only more interesting and visited.

Make it simple. Make it more attractive than Instagram posts. Just make it!


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