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Any doubts, the digital marketing strategy is worth your attention, because it has a number of advantages. In this article, you’ll learn how to use it in the most effective way.    What is a digital marketing strategy?   It seemed that we all understood what this term means but still it’s not so easy […]

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Any doubts, the digital marketing strategy is worth your attention, because it has a number of advantages. In this article, you’ll learn how to use it in the most effective way. 


What is a digital marketing strategy?

What is a digital marketing strategy


It seemed that we all understood what this term means but still it’s not so easy to put it in words. But let’s try to do it!

A digital marketing strategy is a list of digital opportunities that will provide your company with certain advantages. 

A digital marketing strategy is a plan for achieving goals with digital tools. 

A digital marketing strategy is an answer to the question, what are the benefits of business using digital technology. 

It doesn’t matter which of these definitions you’ll use. The important thing is what plan you follow and in what way you do it. 

Rely on the facts, analyze competitors, develop the ability to analyze. This article will help you build your own digital marketing strategy, but how you use it depends only on you.


How to build your buyer personas

buyer personas


If your goal is to create an excellent digital marketing strategy, then, first of all, you need to focus on who your customer is.

As you know, all the most effective digital marketing campaigns are built on detailed customers. You should start with this.

If you need help, contact our experts who’ll share the experience with you. In this article, you’ll also find a large number of useful tips that you can put into practice. Let’s start.

Ask yourself, who is your perfect customer? Try to answer it. Then do a survey, do a little research, chat with your potential audience. 

Your goal is to collect as much material as possible. It’s pretty important that this information isn’t based on guesswork, but on real data. After all, the way we represent the perfect buyer and what he really is are different things. And this must be considered.

What kind of information do you need? It depends on which product or service you sell. It also depends on whether you are B2B or B2C. The price of your product also affects the type of information you need. In this area, a lot depends on the characteristics of your business, so an expert consultation would be a great idea.


Types of information for digital marketing strategies

Types of digital marketing strategies


Here we’ll talk about the most basic types of information for digital marketing campaigns that are useful in most cases. If your target is lead generation this data will be as useful for you as a mic for a singer. 


Demographic information

This type of information includes such points as location, age, education, job title, income, nationality, family status, etc. 

  • Location

This type of information includes the location of your potential customers. Are they located around the world or is your product geographically limited? To get answers to these questions, you need to use web analytics tools such as Google Analytics.

  • Age

Sometimes age matters a lot. Each product has its own category and its potential buyer. For example, there are products for teenagers, products for men and women, products for athletes, health products, etc. With a purpose to most effectively advertise different types of products, you need to know the age of your buyer. The tone that you can use to promote your products depends on it.

  • Job title

This information will be useful for B2B. You can get sample data from an existing customer base. Alternatively, polls are also suitable in this case.

  •  Income

Even towels have different prices and categories. This suggests that any product can be both economy class and luxury. To know whom you’re targeting, you need to have information about your customer’s income. You can get this data during personal interviews, conducting surveys, offering to fill out tables on the website, etc.


In addition to demographic information, it’s also worth paying special attention to psychological information. Here you’ll also find many useful things. It’ll help make your marketing strategy even more effective.


Psychological information

This type of information includes such points as goals, hobbies, personal preferences, priorities, challenges, etc. 

  • Goals

Answer a few questions. Why was your product created? How does it help the buyer? What goals can a potential buyer pursue? 

The most reliable option is to interview several potential buyers. So, in this way, you’ll check whether you understand your potential audience correctly. You’ll find out if your goals match. And this information will become the basis for your next actions.

  • Challenges

This is all about problems your customers have and your ability to solve them in the best possible way. If your product or service really meets their needs you are on the right way.

How can you check it? Again, a few interviews will help you to do it. 

  • Priorities

 Your target is to figure out what is more important to your customers. It’s not a secret that people buy food more often than clothes but they buy clothes more often than furniture. What is the place of your product in the list of your customers’ priorities? 


Use the information gathered to create the exact image of the perfect customer. Make this information the foundation for your digital marketing strategy. Don’t forget that any information becomes outdated and needs to be updated from time to time.

With accurate knowledge of who your ideal customer is, you can overtake competitors in your niche. Every customer has a problem. What to wear on a date? What refrigerator to put in the kitchen? Which mug to drink tea from? Which website has the best articles that consist of really useful tips? Solve these problems in the best way and the casual buyer will turn into a regular. Such a tactic will be a great advantage of your marketing strategy.


Your goal and the tools you need to achieve it

Should digital marketing goals differ from the main ones? No, they should always be relevant. 

The increase in sales is related to the traffic of your website, and if you try to increase it, you’ll notice how these things are related. Always remember that digital marketing is a tool that really works, and don’t be afraid that you need to invest your time and effort now to get the result later. Don’t pursue easy profits. Everything in the world works on the same principle, from investing in your own education to the financial market.

Let’s say you already have a goal that includes an item like a marketing strategy. But in what way you can measure how successfully you are moving towards this goal? 

Fortunately, there is a large amount of software that helps to do this. Learn some statistics. Study the behavior of visitors on your website, how often they buy your product, during what periods it happens better, and compare these indicators with the figures for the past year. These data will become your compass in the world of digital marketing and trade.


Your digital channels and assets

digital channels


What digital marketing channels can you use for your marketing strategy? Now we’ll try to give an answer to this question, and it’ll show you the vector on which you can develop your own marketing strategy.

  • Do you have your own media?

If your brand has its own website, profiles on social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) or a blog, then it will be your channel, the development of which is worth considering. You can also publish information about your brand on third-party resources. For example, you keep a column on one of the popular websites.

  • What about earned media?

Earned media includes guest posts. This is the kind of posts that you posted on third-party channels. It also includes work on public relations. You can earn such media by receiving press references or positive reviews. 

  • Let’s talk about paid media

When we talk about paid media, it seems the name speaks for itself. 

Paid media includes all the tools and channels that you pay for posting information about your own brand. This includes things like Google AdWords and, of course, paid publications on social networks. This also includes native advertising for which you pay directly in exchange for visibility.


Analyze which channels you use and which one is the most effective. Think about how it can be improved, how can you increase the effectiveness of each of them? Plan to gradually increase efficiency. This plan should become a part of your digital marketing strategy. 


Creating a content plan

It’s very important to devote enough time to creating content. Analyze the content that you already have. Find out what type of content your users enjoy the most. Focus on this type of content. Combine it with other types. The main goal of your content plan is to create content that is most effective.

Divide your plan into priority levels. Find your style in headlines, images, videos. Make your brand recognizable. You need all of this in order to get the best result.

But what should the content plan look like? Should it be a large and vibrant presentation? In fact, a simple table is enough. Be sure to include budget information in this table. Audit your existing content. Calculate how much you are willing to spend on each type of content. You shouldn’t save on this, because the content is what creates the image of your brand. If you find it difficult to name the amount, then contact the experts who will advise you on this topic. Strive for excellence. And don’t be afraid to ask for help from others until you get enough experience. 


SEO. Why is it so important?



Everyone wants their website to become popular and everyone wants to create a perfect web page. Also, everyone wants articles to appear on their site and users to read, comment, share and discuss them. But how to achieve this?

Unfortunately, just writing good text isn’t enough. It still needs to attract attention. It’s difficult to find a topic on the Internet on which no one would write at least a couple of articles. Therefore, your task is to highlight your articles as much as possible. Make them more attractive to the user. Make them visible in the search engine. Of course, successful design can also make your articles more attractive, but you still need to attract attention to the articles. Let’s talk about how this can be done with SEO.

  • Qualitatively articles

First of all, you need to focus on the quality of the texts. Do you write about what really excites your users? If this isn’t the case, then any ad can’t keep users on your website.

You should know what problems your users have, and in your articles talk about how you propose to solve them using your product or service. But at the same time do it not intrusively. It’s not necessary to place a link to the goods in each paragraph. No need to constantly persuade the user to order. Let your users do it themselves. Then they will experience a range of pleasant emotions and is more likely to return to your website to make another purchase.

  • The choice of topics

Do you think the next post about the new award will be at least interesting to anyone? Instead, you should write about other victories you have made. For example, you are selling books, tell us that thanks to the new technique, the covers of your books have become stronger. Or that you achieved lower prices for books by a popular author. 

These victories your user will be much more interesting. You’ll get a response. You’ll see how the audience comes to life when you write about those things that relate to these people.

  • Keywords

Pay attention to the importance of keywords. This item is often underestimated but in vain. You need to collect keywords on your topic and use them in your texts. It’ll increase the probability that users will see your article while searching for information on the Internet. 

You can find a list of the most common keywords using special applications. For example, you can use such a program as Ahrefs Keywords Explorer, Keywords Helper, Keyword finder, etc. Most of them are easy-to-use and in many cases free of charge.


Video marketing

Video marketing


Everyone knows that YouTube can be called a search engine. And if so, then YouTube is considered the third largest search engine. It’s important to know if you have a goal to promote your product or service.

Not surprisingly, Google shows video results for a large number of queries. The description of your videos is now even more important than before. Descriptions should always be given attention because a lot depends on them.

The same goes for titles. Regardless of whether it is the title of a video or article. No need to come up with long titles, even if it sounds beautiful. Don’t try to come up with a unique name, because then you reduce the chances for a regular user to find your video. Instead, insert a keyword in the title. Strive to do this in the most acceptable way.

But how to find the most popular queries for YouTube? Ahrefs Keywords Explorer will help you with this. You just need to configure the system on YouTube and you’ll see a list of other keywords. 

This will definitely work. But to bring a good result, you need to not only attract the attention of users but also create high-quality content for them. These two conditions are the key to the success of any digital marketing strategy.





This area can also become quite effective in your digital marketing strategy. But it depends on your product and how you present it. It depends on it because each marketing campaign is unique. In any case, you have 2 ways to make your brand more profitable and recognizable through podcasting. You can create your own podcast, or you can arrange that you’ll be allocated time as a guest in someone else’s podcast.

Of course, the first option looks more attractive, but you should understand that creating a podcast takes a lot of time and effort. Are you ready for it? Do you really need your own podcast? It can be one of your digital marketing tools but don’t hurry. 

If your goal is to use the podcast only as advertising of your own brand, then you should turn to an existing podcast for help. Then you won’t need to think about how to promote this. You can find your place in someone else’s podcast as an advertisement. Perhaps you’ll arrange an interview or give a speech there as an expert. You don’t have to be a celebrity to be interviewed. To do this, you just need to have experience in your field, and a desire to share this experience with others. 

There are many options for digital marketing, but only you know which one may suit you.


Email Marketing

Email Marketing


This tool still shows effective results. Email your users every time a new article appears on your site or blog. Inform them by email about discounts. 

With the help of special programs, sending emails to thousands of people takes just a minute. 

It’s fast and efficient. This way you remind your brand to users.


Bottom line

Of course, the digital marketing strategy includes many more tools than those described in this article. But even this information is enough for you to create your first digital marketing strategy.

If you follow the tips described in this article, then your digital marketing strategy will show good results. But most importantly, do it all with care for users, and then users will surely turn into a loyal customer. 

Don’t you still hesitate? Just try to create your first strategy and you’ll see that your doubts aren’t so strong. Check out different marketing campaigns and you’ll find an inspiration to make your own. 


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