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Branding Trends
for 2020

At the peak of luck with our trending tips  2020 has just begun and is already full of events. This, of course, cannot affect the world. Moreover, now everything around is changing rapidly, absolutely any industry. The same goes for branding trends. Add high competition to the significant changes, fears associated with the new crisis, […]

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At the peak of luck with our trending tips 

trending tips 

2020 has just begun and is already full of events. This, of course, cannot affect the world. Moreover, now everything around is changing rapidly, absolutely any industry. The same goes for branding trends. Add high competition to the significant changes, fears associated with the new crisis, the changing tastes of the audience, the advancement of technology. 

All this has its effect. That’s why it’s so important to monitor new trends in order to constantly know what to strive for. A large range of characteristics depends on this, including the level of your income. For those who want this indicator to be consistently high and even increase, this article was written. Here you’ll find many facts and predictions that can be regarded as useful tips. Remember them to always be a leader, no matter what you do.

Creating a brand isn’t easy, but making your brand stably popular is even more difficult. How to make your brand always have a lot of loyal fans? To do this, you need to follow branding trends. Read about our branding trends to compare this with your predictions about it. You may be surprised at this difference.

  • Personalize your brand

Personalize your brand

It is no secret that most global brands have their own personality.

Marketers personalize the brand, endowing it with some human features, but it is important to know exactly what features your brand needs to be endowed with. This is a large industry, which is not so simple as it might seem at first glance. If the brand has traits of personality traits, then this will greatly help in its promotion on the market. Of course, such nuances have a good effect on the level of sales. People will be much more loyal to such a brand and over time this loyalty will turn into media capital. For this reason, it is important to personalize the brand. And for this reason, brand personalization is one of the main branding trends.

However, do not confuse brand personalization with its image. Individuality is primarily the entire sphere of emotions, and the image is determined by the functional and physical attributes of the brand. An ideal brand has its own face and character, communicating with its audience in a language that it understands. And this is a great advantage. That is why you need to work on personalizing the brand from the very beginning and try to find strong features that are likely to appeal to the target audience. This creates long-term relationships with customers and builds loyalty. It seems that further explanation why this is one of the branding trends is not worth it, right?

  • Use chatbots


Chatbots are expected to move from simple user \ customer queries to more advanced predictive analytic conversations in real-time. it will happen pretty soon. This will be a convenient solution that will save large resources. Artificial intelligence will be the main investment in customer service over the next couple of years. It is important to use modern technology to develop your brand today. Did you know that approximately 43% of organizations will use chatbots for customer service? You will probably be surprised by the fact that 38% will develop virtual assistants. Will you be part of this 38%?

It is expected that in the near future chatbots will change the way companies communicate with their customers. Some of the common use cases are customer service, potential customer generation, customer interaction, messaging applications, personnel management. Stay on top of new technologies; your audience will appreciate it. An advanced brand is a key to success. But to be like this you need to know what new technologies you can use. However, our top branding trends will help you.

  • Mobile-first


Let’s talk about one of the branding trends. You can call it mobile-first.

Mobile-first is the principle according to which the site’s UI / UX interface is initially developed for extensions that are installed on smartphones. Subsequently, design layouts are scaled to tablet and desktop devices. This approach allows you to qualitatively work out the convenience of the mobile version of the site, and not by the residual principle, as with the standard approach, when work on layouts begins with desktop. 

This approach is becoming a trend. An increasing number of users are using mobile instead of laptops or PCs. When developing the site’s interface with this principle in mind, the mobile version will be given enough attention. This is important, given current trends when more than half of the traffic is mobile traffic, which means that most customers will interact with the mobile version of your site. Convinced of the importance of this approach? This trend isn’t only a whim of desperate marketers, it is an obvious benefit.

How can I get the most out of mobile-first? This is a good question that requires an accurate answer. Let’s think, what can help you get the most benefit?

Remember, you need to make the most of your space on the SERP page. This is very important because on the mobile version the place is very limited. Do not save on the services of a designer. After all, only a professional with great experience will be able to perfectly cope with this task.

Keep in mind that the content on different versions of the site must be completely identical. If this is not the case, then the user will feel cheated and leave your site. Thus, you can lose a potential buyer.

Use structured data. This will increase traffic growth. It is also important to do everything to minimize the loading time of the site. Modern users will not wait long. No one has time. And by offering a quick resource, you can attract new users.

  • Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a way to promote products and services through opinion leaders. And this is one of the branding trends. In fact, anyone can be an influencer, from a popular pop star to a young mother who blogs about her child, which the entire mom community believes in for a particular baby forum. This is completely unpredictable and depends on many factors. So, anyone can become an influencer. Look around, maybe your office already has a couple of influencers, and you don’t even know about it.

Also, influencers can be not only a person but also any group, brand, company that people trust in certain issues. Working with bloggers has recently become almost ubiquitous in the world of brands. And this is just the beginning. The level of cooperation will increase and will be one of the branding trends.

The secret weapon of this kind of marketing is that it does not look like advertising. People tend to believe beloved bloggers more than TV commercials or YouTube ad screens. 92% of buyers believe other people’s recommendations, even if they are not personally acquainted with them. Then why not give it a try?

  • Useful Content

Useful Content

Many online marketers believe that there is nothing more effective than content that the audience considers useful to themselves. This is what increases sales. But in order to create useful content, you first need to understand what kind of content your audience considers useful. It is not always easy. But let’s take this time because there is nothing trendier for any business than useful content.

Useful content is content that focuses solely on your target audience. If you write for everyone, it means that you write for no one. It’s better not to accept such tactics because it’s easier to start correctly than to look for errors and fix them. Do not think that your target audience is 100% of humanity. Determine exactly who your target audience is and create content specifically for this part of the people because it is they who are more likely to make the purchase of your product or service.

Useful content should solve people’s problems. Understand the urgent problems of the representatives of your target audience, and propose solutions. This is what an audience expects from you. If you do not offer a solution, then you quickly lose interest.

Also, useful content should be catchy on an emotional level. Many decisions a modern person makes under the influence of emotions. Arouse the right emotions in people, and get returns in the form of increased sales and increased traffic.

Useful content is content in which complex things are explained simply. This is a special rule that any entrepreneur should always remember.

All this is included in the concept of useful content. All of this is one of the branding trends that will be useful to you this year.

Branding trends and your benefits


In this article, we examined branding trends that will be most relevant. Use these branding trends wisely. Of course, depending on what type of brand you are promoting, such trends will seem more attractive to you. But in this article, we have provided basic information that may be useful to a large number of entrepreneurs. If you want to treat more information, then write to us and our specialist will immediately contact you.

If you think that the word brand means the process of creating a logo or slogan, then you are mistaken. Everything is much more global than it seems. Also, if you think that a brand is a pathos and a huge amount of money for image advertising, then you should definitely familiarize yourself with our other articles.

In fact, the word brand hides much more: customer focus, company values, digital marketing, recognition among consumers, a strategy of social media promotion, etc. All this is part of why the customer decides to purchase the goods and services from you. In this article, we talked about what you need to pay attention to when creating and promoting a brand. The rest is up to you.

Bottom line

When choosing a contractor, you need to pay attention to a large list of characteristics. This list includes work experience, portfolio, ease of communication, understanding of the project, the desire to work on it, motivation, and much more.

Finding a good contractor is not always easy. But if you listen to the tips that you read in this article, then you shouldn’t have any special problems.

If you have an idea, then a good contractor is the hands that will bring this idea to life.


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