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Basic principles of
graphic design

Do you want to produce high-quality design? In this article, you’ll find some tips that help you to do it in the best possible way. So, are you ready to get a few principles of graphic design?

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Graphic design is…

…more than just a few lines, unusual texture, bright colors, some shapes, etc. Graphic design is a successful combination of these elements, which together create a striking effect. From this article you’ll know how to archive this magic effect. All you need to know for this purpose is a few basic principles. But first let’s talk a little about some basic elements of graphic design.


Basic elements of graphic design


Of course, you know that lines can be straight, curved, solid, thin or thick. Lines not only connect several points but can also separate sections. Lines are often used in graphic design, but the main thing is to always remember that less is more.

Lines can be either a separation of something, or they can connect elements. A line is so simple, but in such simplicity something else is always hidden. And a good designer knows that.



What do you think about when you talk about texture? The main goal of creating a texture isn’t to draw attention to the texture itself but to highlight elements on its background.

Design should help convey information. And the more discreet the design, the better. But this isn’t about minimalism, it is about the skill of caring for both the product and the interaction of the end user with it.



Marketers know that each color has its meaning.


You can read a long list of associations and use it in your design. Also, good design is a design where each element has its own purpose. Don’t use anything extra. Everything has its own measure, and this measure has a purpose.


Basic principles of graphic design

Graphic design is a powerful tool that can help you to build a brand. But you should know how to use all of these lines, textures, colors and shapes to archive this goal. The basic principles of graphic design are the experience of many designers, embodied in a list of useful tips and tricks. Guided by these tips, it’ll become easier for you to analyze examples, easier to create your own design, but most importantly you’ll see what to strive for in this area.



The importance of balance at first glance is obvious. But how exactly can we achieve this balance?

Each item has its own weight. It’s important to be able to evenly and harmoniously distribute this weight of the elements. In this case, you get the perfect design that will emphasize the content, and at the same time complement it, perfectly visualizing.



Let’s talk about repetition. You should pay special attention to this point because repetition is more important than you can think about it.

Repetition helps you to create a good structure of your design. Repeating the same elements several times, you get the structure, which is always the basis of any good design.

Repetition of one element is a point that help others to navigate in what you’ve created. And it’s very important not to forget about it, because a good design isn’t only a beautiful design, but also convenient.



Does alignment important? Of course, it is! The perception of texts and elements depends not only on how they look, but also on how they are arranged. Therefore, alignment is a very important point in graphic design. Often this item is underestimated, and in vain.

Alignment is a possible way to emphasize a specific element. Text becomes visually cleaner. Use align in order to improve your design, because there are only 3 quality criteria in design: yes, no and wow. But we all want our work to be rated only as wow, right?



If you know how to use space you’ll necessary create a good design. Searching for some websites dedicated to fashion, you could notice that they use a lot of space between elements. This space is one of key points of any amazing design.

You shouldn’t be afraid to left some parts of your design blank. Instead of it you need to learn how to use it. Turn it to your advantages. Work with space can show the level of your skills.

You can use space to highlight the most important parts of your design. Also, you can use it as a line or border. Negative space isn’t only a blank part of any design or emptiness, it’s your powerful tool to work with.



Contrast is one of the most important principles of graphic design. But anyway, you should remember about all of these principles. Keep them in mind when you work on your new design to make it better.


Contrast is a combination of completely different elements in form, color, texture. Thanks to this, you can emphasize something important? Something that really should be emphasized.  

Contrast is another design technique used by those who want to be a professional designer. So, if this is your target, you should always try to look for new approaches. Using contrast can be one of them.


What should you do next?

Frankly, there is more than enough information about graphic design principles to start practicing it. Of course, you can read a lot of articles about this topic but much better just try to create something. Only this way you’ll really get the main point and understand how it works. So, now you are ready to practice. It’s about time to create a few examples of you own design.



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