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The main competitor to the IOS is also the big one Android. The number of devices that run on Android are much larger and requires a specific approach, because of differences. Android also has several rules and guidelines that are important to follow. Android – which is a fast and furious system for smartphone devices has been famous for its every update. Its many-sided, user affable applications & flexibility has made it more favorable. Our answer to the requests with the “Android” is pretty similar for all of the others – a clear work process, that helps us to avoid any errors. Thanks to our experience we know how to design Android apps better than others. No matter where you are, in Dubai, New-York or London, our design agency is still in touch with you.


The project budget often goes beyond the planned scope, because of the corrections that can take a lot of time on the project.

It often happens that during the project everything goes well, but when the executor can meet corrections, the project begins an uncontrollable fall from which it is very difficult to get out.


Our processes save up to 40% of clients’ time.

A well-structured process relieving pressure off the team, reducing misunderstanding and making the results predictable.

In Rondesign, all processes are clearly structured and aligned in such a way that the client and the performer don’t go beyond the timelines for the specified tasks.

The Main Stages for
Such Project

Planning, Design, Development, Testing, Support – we pay maximum attention to each phase.

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Full Cycle
Development of the

Full Cycle Development of the Task
Task Readiness Task Deadlines
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Some of Our
Services and Forces

  • Cross-device Compatibility

    It means that your App will work on different platforms or devices. It is the best decision if the client prefers to have one answer for a few questions at one time. Our team creates cross-platform apps in accordance with the requests for the target audience of our clients. It helps to avoid any errors in the future.

  • B2C Design

    Design is a problem-solving tool for our clients, the strategic use of design is making a difference in achieving business goals. Our team makes designs that are focused on our client’s customers. B2C customers should be completely in the converting funnel. B2C customers have a variety of options available and Android app design is the main element for making your product stand out.

  • Animation for Mobile

    Animations are a great tool to map the user. Branded and well-designed animations – create a striking difference from competitors, they help the user to understand where he came from, what to do on a particular screen or page, and what his step will be. As you know, users respond better to a dynamically changing picture. Good animations greatly increase the usability of a mobile application. At the Rondesign we create the new animations for the already existing projects and also we animate the application at the stage of its creation. It is also important to use the perfect amount of animations at the project because the big quantity of such elements can overload and confuse users.

  • Design Integration

    At our team we provide the client with and a product where you will have 99% the same look Design after the development, it will match all the descriptions, animations, Design systems, and other requirements. When our client would like to create the development team, our android app design agency provides all necessary documentation, guides, animations information and description and try to work as close as possible with the development team to make the Android app design match to the original idea. Our company appreciates such cooperation and really like to have workshops with the Development team from our client’s companies.

Your idea realization is only one click away. Let’s Talk

At the Bottom Line
You Will Have

  1. Detailed Estimation
  2. Beneficial Research
  3. Project strategy
  4. User flows
  5. Sitemap
  6. Wireframes
  7. Intergration with your team
  8. Creative concept and ideas
  9. Design directions
  10. Storytelling
  11. Web and mobile UI
  12. Live prototype
  13. Style guides
  14. Design system
  15. Promo materials
  16. Pitch for your project
  17. Custom development
  18. Project managment
  19. Customer supprot
  20. Time reports
  21. Customer support