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There is no big company without a logo. Because a logo is a big part of any brand. This article not only answers how to design a logo but also explains to you how to make your logo outstanding.

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How many types of logo design do you know?

There are so many types of logos and that is why not so hard to get confused. But how to understand which logo fits your company? How do you pick the right colors and at what stage should you choose them? What are the nuances of logo design? Can anyone create a logo or do you need to be a specialist for this purpose?

This article will destroy many myths that you have already believed. You will understand what you need to create a logo. You will know what to do for this purpose. You will be able to choose rationally a logo for your company. And all this will be possible after you read this article.


The power of a logo

Ask yourself why do you need a logo design?

Simple questions are always difficult to answer. It seems that the answer is obvious, but not everyone will answer right away.

First of all, a logo design is what your company will associate with for a potential buyer. Thanks to the logo, you can emphasize some characteristics of your company. For example, you can highlight that your company is reliable or that you do everything quickly. Anyway, the right quality will become your symbol. And this quality can be shown differently. For example, through the color.

A great logo communicates with people. An excellent logo turns them into a target audience or says that your product or service isn’t for them. The potential audience becomes a loyal custom. This is a goal, and logo design will help to achieve it. Frankly speaking to achieve this goal you need not only a logo, but a logo along with a competent marketing strategy. And a logo design, of course, is at its top.


Find the core of your brand

To create a great logo, you need to determine what makes your company unique. How is it better than other companies? What advantages does it have and why should a potential buyer use your services, but not the services of your competitors?

By answering these questions, it will be easier for you to choose the right way of making awesome logos. When you formulate the strengths of your company, then you no longer have to think about what your logo design might be. Ideas will start coming one after another. But for this, you need to create a solid basis.


Where to look for inspiration?

Of course, the first thing you need to do is look at the logos of your competitors. Analyze them. See what they have in common and what the differences are. Select the features you would like to see in your logo design.


Look through some tops of the greatest logos. Read why they are considered the greatest. What made them so? Perhaps your future logo design will be one of them.

Think as your target audience would do. It could be the key to the creation of a successful logo. You should know your audience. Collect some data about them. Customer care will make you rich. But for this, you need to learn how to identify their needs.

When you go out, the inspiration will find you. Pay attention to shop signs. How are they made? What colors are chosen and what fonts are used? Do you like them? You also need to determine what you dislike. This knowledge will also help in creating the logo. You don’t want to get a logo, created by all the rules, but which you don’t like, right? It is very important that you like your logo. So, creating such a logo is our goal. And, of course, if you are a visual person, create a mood board. It will reflect what logo style is better for you. This thing will help you make the process more pleasant.


How to choose the right color?

Look at McDonald’s logo. Do you know that the colors of their logo design have been chosen for a purpose? So, let’s analyze it.

The main colors of McDonald’s are yellow and red. Such gigantic companies as Coca-Cola, Lego, CNN, Lace, AVIS also used red as their main color. So, what do we know about these colors?


Red is a color of desire. Yellow is a color of happiness. But yellow is also a very special color. It special because our eyes catch it faster than other colors. It happens because yellow very bright. Marketers know about it. And they use it in their marketing strategies.

If you know how to use colors, you can attract this way more customers. And this reason worth to be one of your goals, designing logos.

Except for the food industry yellow used for sport and travel logos. Red is also a common color for entertainment. But what about other colors? There is a short to the point list of color psychology meanings.



This is an optimistic color. It is the embodiment of joy, fun and adventurous. You can use this color if you want to draw attention to your product or express freedom as a part of your brand. The most common industries for this color are food, sport, transportation, art, and entertainment.



This color stands for freedom but also it can embody wisdom. Usually, this color used for children’s products and aerospace advertisements. Also, blue and especially sky blue can stimulate productivity. Royal blue used for creating calmness. That is why this hue is common for health care, technology, and finance industries.



Gray is pretty neutral and practical. This color creates a sense of composure. That is why gray mostly used in combinations with other colors.



This color stands for reliability, stability, honesty, and comfort. Brown can create warmth. Usually, it used for the agriculture industry.



Black is a color of authority. It stands for power, control, discipline. Also, it has a hidden side. Black embodies luxury products. That is why this color is very popular in all industries. And as gray, this color mostly used in combination with other colors.


Anyway, you can and even should experiment with the colors of your logo design. Now you know that black color stands for authority, but if you want to use it in the food logo, feel free to do it. Just remember that everything should have a reason. The same thing about logos and their colors.

Even motion can be depicted as static. But, of course, to break rules you first should learn them. A good proportion isn’t one that is built according to the rules, but one that is needed in this particular case.


The importance of the right typography

There are only 4 types of typography. Serif and sans serif fonts, script and display fonts. Do you know the difference between them? It’s high time to find it out!

Sans serif fonts look simpler and sleeker than serif ones. It gifts them a modern look. But serif fonts are pretty good for vintage or classic design. This is the main difference between them. But what about another two types of fonts?

Script fonts look like handwriting. This type of font for the logos is very popular because it makes or at least could make your logo design more unique.

A display font is the type of fonts that catch the eye. Usually, there are some decorative, stylized fonts. You will always recognize this type of font because of its attractiveness.

But don’t hurry up to choose only one of these font types for your company name. The best way to go is to combine some of them. Mix them. Experiment with them. You don’t need to be a professional to do it.


Are you ready?

Now you know all the basic information you need to start creating your awesome logo design. Try it, because nobody knows better than you what result do you want to get. It’s easier to make it by yourself than explain to someone your idea. But if you feel a lack of confidence or skills then I suggest you go one of these ways.


Hire the best designer you can find

But make sure he likes your idea as much as you. Because if someone makes a logo without liking it people will feel it. Don’t try to fool your target audience and don’t make it smaller than it could be.

You can go to a graphic design agency or look through freelance websites. When you will explain your vision of the logo, don’t talk only but listen to people you communicate with. When you can hear what do they respond to your concept, their questions and answers will help you to check how good they understand you.


The logo contests

Another way to get a logo without hiring a designer is a logo contest. This way could be more productive because at the same time about one hundred clever designers can send you their variants of your logo.

You can create such an event yourself, or you can find popular websites that do this. Depending on the budget, you can choose the number of designers who will work on your logo.

It doesn’t take much time to get some quality logos. You don’t have to wait for logos for too long. But for sure it will take a long time to choose the only one who will win. This way will bring you the desired logo that will highlight the best aspects of your brand.


Don’t do these things designing logos:

  • Starting ahead with creating logo on computer;

  • Thinking that there is only one right version;

  • Add too many colors.



Every serious business needs its logo. And soon you will become the owner of your own.

When your awesome logo is ready, you just have to integrate it into your brand.

Now you have the feature that potential buyers will associate with you and your product. Use it to achieve big goals.


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