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We are glad to welcome you on our website! We are sure, here you will find everything you need for your project: design, web development, marketing. We create great products that work flawlessly!
You Can Everything With Us
First impression is a first step of a sale. Beautiful design and convenient usability of your project will make a little miracle: turn the visitor into a customer. We will help you make the best first impression on customers!

A gifted designer will create a memorable and comfortable design of your project. A professional developer will ensure high speed and reliability of its software. An experienced marketer will attract interested visitors to your site - potential clients, with minimal expenses.
Our Services

We will create for you a "turn-key" project, from concept development to its launch, or implement any stage of your project. The experience
and skills of our team allow us solving problems of any complexity in the shortest terms.
Dynamic web applications are the present and the future of Internet projects. Entrust its development and design to our professionals.
At your service - development of applications for iOS. By contacting our company, you will receive an application that works perfectly on all Apple devices.
Here you can order development of any Android applications. Android devices' owners will highly appreciate that you turning to our company developers.
Full cycle

Project realization from "A" to "Z" is a popular service. The work is organized in a way that lets customer easily realize a stage at which his project is being implemented.
Cool UX/UI Design

Friendly interface and minimum user's efforts to get the desired result with the background of recognizable, steep and exclusive award-winning design is a recognizable sign of our specialists.

Social networks and search engines are thoroughly familiar to us . Advertising campaigns, promotion on key requests- maximum efficiency with minimum expenses!
Your idea realization is only one click away.
Yes, We Worked With Them

These brands are familiar to everyone - join the excellent company of successful entrepreneurs! We work with projects of different directions, with novice entrepreneurs and international corporations and equally appreciate all our clients!
Latest Works

We propose you to evaluate latest works done by us. Totally, since 2010 our company has implemented more than 150 projects, and we will be pleased if you ask manager about them.
MroSupply E-commerce Site
Online store of industrial equipment in Los Angeles. The list of works includes following services:

— Research
— Strategy
— User Experience (UX)
— Wireframing
— User Interface (UI)
— Visual Design
— Prototyping
— Guides
— Front End Development
HelloHome (Tinder UI App)
The application for searching for neighbors, made by the model Tinder UI. The list of works includes following services:

— Research
— Strategy
— User Experience (UX)
— Wireframing
— User Interface (UI)
— Visual Design
— Prototyping
— Guides
— iOS Development
—Press-materials for application
Your idea realization is only one click away.
How We Work

We offer you to see key stages of work on your project. Interaction of our team members among themselves and with you is arranged in such a way that you do not waste time on little things and at the same time always know at what stage tasks are being performed.
1. Collect brief from a client

At this stage we get acquainted with a customer and his/her project. Usually, this is a two-way interview between a customer and our representative
2. Compose a portrait of a target audience
2.1 Archetype construction

2.2 Formation of a person

2.3 Composing hypotheses

2.4 Checking hypotheses

2.5 Invent user's scenarios
3. We make a preliminary analysis
3.1 Looking for all competitors

3.2 Creation of competitors' comparative spreadsheet with functions and details

3.3 We check all the competitors' users feedback

3.4 We look at all the updates of competitors

3.5 Looking for solutions in related areas
4. Develop a structure of a project
4.1 We compose the matrix of functions

4.2 Drawing up a website map

4.3 Creating a Framework

4.4 Creating the project's mood-board

4.5 Create Look & feel design language
5. Create UX and Design
5.1 Basing on previously collected files, we make wireframes of all pages of the project

5.2 Discuss wireframes within our team

5.3 Show wireframes to the client or suggest new ideas for implementation

5.4 Make a prototype in invisionapp to check web pages logic

5.5 Show the completed prototype to the customer in Invisionapp and edit it till the final result

5.6 Basing on the prototype, we design the first page and animation, approve them with a customer

5.7 After the customer approves the first page, we do all other pages

5.8 The final design is packed into the prototype, maximally similar to end result (as a rule, it is done in Flinto)

5.9 We are searching for the target audience to test the product or we give the prototype to the customer to tests it on the audience by himself (usually SurveyMonkey.com or the target audience of the customer)

5.10 We collect the feedback and iterate design according to it (this step can be repeated many times, depending on the budget and the customer's desire)
6. Transmit the project to developers
6.1 Preparing materials for development

6.2 We compile source files, organize layers, create guidelines

6.3 Provide prototypes

6.4 Making additional animations for programmers

6.5 We answer developers' questions
7. We are involved in developing
7.1 Finishing details

7.2 Testing an application

7.3 Give bugs feedback

7.4 Recommend improvements
8. Making releases
8.1 We prepare press-kits

8.2 We create presentations and previews for the markets

8.3 Create presentations and previews for social networks and websites
Your idea realization is only one click away.
We Know How To Reach Your Target Audience

Investing money in your project, you invest in yourself and your future, and you do it most efficiently dealing with us. Our specialists will solve any problems: they will improve attendance of your project, increase number of secondary sales, reduce number of refusals, and reduce advertising expenses.
Teamwork provides all necessary instruments for that. Designer and marketer, working together, will increase a recognition of the brand faster and cheaper, than each of them working alone. The programmer and marketer, together, will achieve better interaction of the project with users than working separately. The designer and the programmer in a team will create the most convenient usability, and they will do it faster. Responsibility, quality, speed are three main advantages of cooperation with our company.
We will make your project even more convenient
We will make your project even more famous
We will increase number of potential customers
We will reduce expenses for attracting visitors
We will increase the conversion of Visitors into Customers
We will increase the profitability of your Project
Your idea realization is only one click away.
You Will End With

Organization of our cooperation with a customer varies depending on organization of his business processes. We propose to your attention main working schemes used by our company.
For startups
For private customers
For business
For Corporations
Run in-depth Research

As startups usually work in new niches, there is no statistics on product sales - only assumptions and hypotheses. Due to this reason, we provide an in-depth research of your hypotheses and assumptions, to correct and adjust the strategy for promoting your product.
Product design
Our experience shows that the outlook of a new product - the design - is very important in its promotion. We are developing a selling product design, that leads to increasing of conversion and number of sales.
Working MVP and product development strategy

We create MVP for your product or modify an existing product, working out on a strategy for its progress considering all possible users' demands.
We help to test the market

We provide market research for your product: identify possible customers, analyze proposals of competitors, search for additional, not obvious areas of activity where your product will be in demand.
Set up a business model

We carry out extensive and thorough testing of your product before leading it out to the market, including practicing all possible ways of using a product by customers.
Prompt Product Support

The launch of a new product requires prompt reaction to users' feedback, a quick solution of possible technical problems. Flawless feedback is an important part of promotion of your startup, and we will provide it.

The proposed scheme of work is the most convenient and effective for launching startups.
Run in-depth Research

As a rule, the new product occupies new niches of the market, therefore there is no statistics about its promotion - only assumptions and hypotheses. We conduct an in-depth research of your hypotheses and assumptions, to make promotion strategy of the product most efficient.

We can take on all the work on a project

We will provide a full cycle of creating your product, from concept development to its promotion on the market.
Check hypotheses

We check the viability of your idea, on the basis of which the product will be created. To complete this, we examine the market, determine the segments where the product will be in demand, analyze your competitors.
Business Model Testing
We carry out extensive and thorough testing of your product before leading it out to the market, including practicing all possible ways of using a product by customers.
You will have a personal manager

The management of your project is handled by a personal manager, that simplifies an interaction with our specialists. You work with one person who answers your questions and composes assignments for developers based on your wishes.
Marketing and product development strategy

We provide the fastest coming-out of your product to the market, after that we quickly correct a strategy of its promotion and development, eliminate flaws and add new opportunities.

The proposed scheme of work is the most convenient and effective for private customers.
Checking the project with minimal time waste

Cooperation with you will be organized in such a way that you can control the implementation of the project without spending a lot of time on it.
Identifying and solving business problems

Working on the project, we recognize and solve problems of your business. So, updating design and text materials will increase the number of sales, the analysis of advertising costs will allow to achieve better results with same expenses.
Turning your needs into solutions

We analyze the selling cycle of goods and services, from the visiting the website by the customer till making payment for the purchase. The analysis allows us to identify weaknesses and determine stages of the cycle when customers are leaving. So, our client can think that the problem is in poor design, and orders its updating, whereas the problem is in deficiently elaborated script of conversation between manager and customer.
Working together with your team

While creating a product, we can cooperate closely with your team or take everything upon ourselves, from concept development to launching it on a market.
Prompt support
Client's support service is responsive and prompt. We do our best for you to get exhaustive answers to your questions as soon as possible.

Work for results

Working with your project, we aim to make a quality product. Our goal is not just to report about completing of contract points, but to achieve the desired result.
Project Maintenance after its completion
Maintenance of the project after it is completed - support, corrections, improvement of the existing or adding new features - is an integral part of our work. You can always rely on us!

The proposed scheme of work is the most convenient and effective for business.
Studying the corporate style and culture of the company
For full understanding specifics of the project and company's corporate culture, we closely interact with your team.
Working together with your team
While creating a product, we can work closely with your team or take everything upon ourselves, from concept development to launching to the market.
Comprehensive project presentation

A complete package of comments, presentations and Style Guide will be provided with the released product. This allows a manager provide all complete information about the project to executives of any level in shortest possible time and with minimum efforts.
Payment is convenient for you
You can choose a convenient method of payment from ones, offered by us or offer your own way
Accurate accomplishment of obligations

All tasks of the project are carried out in full accordance to requirements specified in provided documentation. Also we precisely respect terms of delivery, not admitting delays or breaking of deadlines.

The proposed scheme of work is the most convenient and effective for corporate clients.
Your idea realization is only one click away.
Rely On Us - We Will Implement Your Project

Our designer will make your project original, memorable and convenient. Customers will remember you - and their loyalty will provide new, secondary sales of services and goods.

Our developer will create a programming part of the project, that will provide fast and faultless operation of its functionality. The absence of calls to the technical support service is the best feedback about programmer's professional skills.

Our marketer and SEO specialist will reduce expenses and increase sales. Enlarging of the target audience that is interested in purchasing, reducing cost for its attraction and increasing sales efficiency are main goals of his work. If the profit grows up and expenses go down, then marketer works efficiently.
Your idea realization is only one click away.
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